Kindness – on Purpose

Right now in the US, we face a kind of craziness.  It is brought on by the political situation in the US.  It is brought on by the stress, the fears, the concerns, the words, the actions of the people.  Very few of us are immune to all these above.  All these issues show themselves via people across the nation arguing with each other (and worse) – people who usually don’t argue (and worse) with each other.

For the people of this country, (or anyone you choose) – it’s time for those of us who pray and meditate to do so – pray and meditate for the people of this country (and anyone you choose.)  Those of us who pray – pray.  Those of us who meditate – meditate.  Anyone of us who doesn’t do either – do acts of kindness – on purpose.

Acts of kindness are not meant to be accidental, so let them be on purpose.  Look for opportunities to do a kindness for someone – on purpose.  Look for an opportunity to speak a kindness – on purpose.  Look for an opportunity to think a kind thought – on purpose.  Random kindness is no longer enough.

These acts or words or thoughts of kindness are not automatically done by us.  Kindness is not always automatic.  Kindness isn’t  always second nature.  These acts are not always our automatic response when someone does or says something that causes anger or pain in us.

Many times, the opposite is our automatic response.  Anger is our automatic response. Resentment and bitterness are our automatic response. Unkind thoughts are our automatic response.  Verbal arguments and abuse are our automatic response.

If this is the country we choose – one of anger, resentment, bitterness, abusive words, blame, etc.  we are moving towards that, now.  What we see happening in our country will only get worse.  As we continue along this road of anger, resentment, bitter arguments, and abusive words, we will move into the next decade building mountains and mountains of even greater anger and abusiveness.

Christ started a trend when He walked the roads of the Middle East.  He started a trend of looking for opportunities to offer kindness – through His healing, through His actions towards others one on one, and through His words.  It caught on with His followers because it offers something a whole lot better than what we automatically offer through anger, bitterness and abusiveness towards others.

Blessed are those who do kindness on purpose, for they are offering a medicine that we need much more of.


A word of warning:  Don’t you dare think it’s going to be easy.  Remember, kindness is rarely an automatic response.  Those times you we fail, we practice “Kindness on purpose” on yourself ourselves, as well.

By the way, the kindness we give to others, the kind acts we do for others, with regards to receiving back from them – think of all the kindness that God extends to us every moment of every day.  We aren’t even aware of His kindness, are we?  But, yet His kindness comes and comes to us without end.  Such is the gift from the Spirit of Infinite Kindness.  The question is how many times have we given an equal amount of kindness back to God?  We all know the answer to that.  So, we can let God extend the kindness through our human hearts so that the other person will have had the experience of receiving kindness from God, through us – this being the purest kind of kindness.


“Being patient towards someone is one of the most important acts of kindness there is.  You can be sure that being impatient with someone has no kindness in it whatsoever.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1996-2016, Jodie Senkyrik)

10 thoughts on “Kindness – on Purpose

  1. Howdy Jodie,
    You know I am a professional reader of faces. That has come about because of my profession and I believe now this talent is driving me insane. I really do my best to make the little world around me as pleasant as I can. I smile and greet most every one I see. The problem is I expect reciprocation and when I dont get it…. well I am disappointed and sometimes a bit angry.
    I know this is where “Howdy Damit!” comes from in signs and bumper stickers around and about Aggieland. I lot of us expect politeness in return.

    I am so thin skinned this simple thing wounds me deeply. I am having a really hard time trying to shake the negative feelings that I get from the faces of other people. I have tried my whole life to be an uplifting type of person and to have never held anyone back because of race, color, sex or whatever. Its just not me. But these days I feel I am being held accountable because I am a white male.

    This negative feeling extend to when I am on the water too. You know what I do and the vessel I am on holds 130 people from 11 different countries. So another layer of negativity gets thrown in my face. Not only am I a white male. I am a white male from the US of A and from Texas to boot.

    I will be out to sea during the election. It should be interesting to say the least.

    Your friend,
    Drowning in a turbulent political personal sea.


    • You mention reciprocation, but remember, there have been hundreds if not thousands of times that others have offered something to (for example) you, (true for all of us) and you were unaware or busy or whatever and, for whatever reason, were unable to or didn’t reciprocate. As an example – forgiveness. Are you aware of all the times that others have forgiven you in their hearts and minds? Of course not. None of us are. But, yet there are hundreds, if not thousands of times that others have prayed for you, had good thoughts about you, admired you or been glad that you have been their friend. Thousands if not tens or hundreds of thousands – and you’ve never known this. Nor will you.
      In truth, reciprocation is an illusion of balance and only includes what we interpret from our own “perspective” in that moment.
      Now, think of all the times you’ve given yourself a break, not beaten yourself up, and forgiven or shown mercy to yourself (like all of us could stand to do). If there aren’t that many times that you can remember, then wouldn’t this be a place to practice reciprocating to yourself (just like it is for all of us to practice this.) Don’t you deserve a break from “beating ourselves up” also, from all the frustration you have with yourself (just like all of us)? Are you reciprocating to yourself?
      Now, if we take a coin with a head and tail and split the two opposing sides from each other, we find that the head side still has a tail side that was “within the head” side. The tail side, has a head side that was “within the tail” side. We can never split that coin into any numbers of parts and not find a head and tail side on the new piece and within each and every piece. So it is with us, that which we struggle against is within us, and simply reflected in the mirror that is other people.
      Now, if you can see this inner struggle for yourself, you now can understand the inner struggle other people are experiencing within themselves – just like you and I have struggled with ourselves within ourselves.
      As for the political and cultural fighting – many people fight because they want fighting. They love the adrenaline. Many people fight, because they’re struggling against what is within themselves (and which they don’t want to exist within themselves), but express it outwardly. Since we have freewill, everyone will always get to choose for themselves that which they choose for themselves.
      Does any of this make any sense?
      PS. Thank you for writing. I’ve always been glad to have you as my friend.


      • Bill,
        I do understand to a certain extent how you feel reguarding trying to be pleasant and bringin others up with even a simple smile can make someone’s day. And yes, it would feel good to have it reciprocated for sure. I noticed that you mentioned you felt ‘thin skinned’ and I feel that way myself in many situations. If it is helpful to you, consider it one of the challenges you have been given in this lifetime to overcome. I think if you can look within and know that you are love, pure love inside and that anything another does will not harm you in the eternal sense, and that if you can keep smiling and trying to connect with people without respecting reciprocation that you will be better for it. If someone does not greet you back in a kind manner know that they are carrying fear of some sort inside of them and forgive them for it as others have forgiven us even when we didn’t know we needed it. There is much love in the world if we just look for it. Keep your heart open and it will come to you. And know you are not the only one that struggles with such a high sensitivity. For every negative has an equal positive side to it. That sensitivity likely allows you to be more in touch with the spiritual if I were to guess. Sending you loving thoughts to you today Bill 😊


    • Bill, from one friend to another, speak from your heart. Be honest about what you feel and think. And remember with all the different thoughts and feelings that abound, you know that every blind person experiences the elephant from a different “point of view” – which means everyone will be partially correct, but incomplete in the whole picture. Everyone means our self, too.
      Finally, to put the election/politics in Spiritual terms, God can take all situations that humans create and bring good from them…. but only God can do this. By this, I mean, whomever wins an election, God can bring good from it. God can.
      PS. You already know this.


  2. The problem as say Mr. Crawford, is Reciprocation.. We can be very kindly with others but often, Reciprocation is not there. We must be realistic too and not to be naïve in our search of goodness.
    Try to wear a crucifix or walk freely on the street without no restriction for womens inside muslim country. GOOD LUCK !!!! Here in the Occidental countries, we tolerate too mucht the muslim customs and habits

    We live with the Occidental habits. In Rome we must live like Romans. This is Reciprocation.

    Do we must again relive the past with Christian Croisade Wars against the Muslim people.
    Is it a problem with Reincarnation of these souls right now ??
    The solution is Live and let live but we need Reciprocation for that


    • Reciprocation is now, and always will be – at the human level – an illusion. Balance does not come from any human perspective or any human idea. Can you or any of us take God’s place in judging what is a proper balance, or what is a proper reciprocation?
      What about that which was given to us in past lives or which we gave to others in past lives and only now returns to us? How do you keep track of that? What about the treatment any of us have carried out towards others during our past life sojourns. Whether good or bad, can any of us hold it in our heads to keep track of who is balanced and reciprocating “correctly”?
      And remember, those who are Christian today, may be Muslim in future lives. Those who are Muslim today may be Christian in future lives. There-in is the balance and reciprocation – of us learning how to walk in the shoes of both “sides” – where we seek greater understanding which cannot be gained by thinking we only exist as one culture for all eternity.
      Oh, the learning that is lost if that were true. What a hell that would be to be ignorant for eternity – never knowing the Whole of our relationship with God and each other, and thinking that for eternity we only need to know what is in our head at this particular 2016 moment.


      • Sir
        If you can read the second Epistle of St-Paul to Timothy in the Holy Bible Chapter 2, 22-26, and more important Chapter 3, 1-14. This is about the signs of the end of times. Now , analyse our particular 2016 moment., check now the relationship with souls and GOD. and tell me after that ,that I am GOD and a poor ignorant for eternity


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