Wisdom in Life

Every person has wisdom within them.  Every. Single. Person.  And yet, we have questions and struggles, and confusion, and problems, destructive behavior, hatred, violence, rage, etc.

All wisdom is within us.  We keep our wisdom within our inner refrigerator/freezer.  Sooner or later, in this life or the next, or the next after that, we will dig into our freezer, pull out some wisdom, thaw it out, devour it, digest it, integrate it into our cells, and thus putting it to use, it will be part of us.

Obviously, it will never be part of us – our muscles, our organs, our brain, our heart – if we only look at it and study it.  It must be put to use – like vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, etc.  In addition, none of this wisdom will help us while it is still being kept frozen deep within us, not sought after and not considered.

Sometimes a willingness to learn helps to motivate us to dig into our freezer of wisdom.  Sometimes pain and suffering helps motivate us to venture into our freezer.  Obviously, a willingness to open our minds and hearts – a willingness or desire to learn – feels a lot better than the pain and suffering experiences.  That’s been my experience, having gone through both.

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