Texas floods

Living in the Texas Hill Country, I’ve been right in the middle of the current flooding that has happened.  I write about a lot of it on Facebook, so look up my name on Facebook.  I hope you can reach it.

Still, I’m seeing this as a small portion of what is still possible in August.  With each small event happening worldwide, I see the energy of August’s event slightly diminishing.  Is it really possible that August’s event can be so devastating and destructive that we need “pressure release” events to help us?  and the August event possibly being even up to 10 times worse than what we’ve seen anywhere else so far?

I do believe it’s possible.  While I’m seeing portions of the energy set to manifest in August be diminished by events such as this flooding, I’m not seeing August’s event diminishing much.  This is an indicator of that level of “destructive” energy yet coming in to manifest.

June, the 1st month of signs, begins tomorrow.  I do feel the flooding in Oklahoma and Texas are connected to the August event, but not via the Earth – only as a “conduit” to allow energy seeking manifestation to find an avenue to manifest.   If we have earthquakes or rumblings deep within the Earth in the next two to three weeks, consider these to be the first signs.

There is a toast that goes, “May you live in interesting times.”  I think that is happening.


“If a person considers their community as part of themselves and themselves as part of their community, one cannot separate themselves from the challenges of that community, just so one can be free from the community’s suffering.”  (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

“If we consider ourselves to be part of this Earth, and the Earth to be part of us, we cannot separate ourselves from the challenges of this Earth, just so we can be free from the suffering going on in the Earth.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

6 thoughts on “Texas floods

  1. Hope, You´ll be fine, mister. I will say my prayers for people and animals living in dangerous areas. Also for the mother nature to be spared from disaster(s) in august and on. Bless You all.


  2. Thanks Jodi, look forward to your posts.
    Question: how does Australia fare in this event in August?
    I live 300 metres from the beach


    • I don’t see Australia being affected by this 2nd event. It’s on the opposite side of the planet. But, the Earth is a “single entity” and like human bodies, what impacts one part of the body directly does have indirect affects on other parts of the body.
      But, I see no direct impacting events happening to Australia caused by the August event. For more information on the location, select the Category “2015” and you’ll get lots of articles written on the different aspects of this event.


  3. Jodie, Thanks for these world wide postings bringing in prayers for us here in the Wimberley Valley. The devastation is unbelievable and very unsettling when we get close to its intensity. Some said the raging river, usually a quiet and free flowing one, sounded lie Niagara Falls, or a roaring freight train……

    Some one has said, Scott Price, that this is a big cleansing for Wimberley.

    We have just been declared a FEDERAL Disaster area, as of today. Since some house insurance has already been denied (see my Facebook) that is important.

    I hope that some wisely will NOT be rebuilding in the NEWLY DEFINED flood plane and will turn their properties over as public parks, if FEMA buys them out……… FEMA money IS tax payer money……

    For years the very wealthy have been building mansions, on the river, with big walls around them along the river roads, so that even wildlife cannot get to the river anymore…….. This is especially a problem during droughts………

    We shall see what we shall see?

    What a summer this promises to be. Been another 4.4 earthquake in Nepal, where the two biggest techtonic plates on Earth are pushing up against one another, sub-Indian continent up against Asian Contnent..possilbe raising the Himalyas a bit? The peiso-electric energy of that friction was felt on a subtle level by all geo-sensitives for weeks now…

    May we all develop our Earth-awareness and move to higher ground as we are quietly urged to so… … Listen to the messages our Home Planet is sending us……

    Trust the intuition of your subtle energetic body.

    Thanks for the prayers…….

    Namaste,… Roberta


  4. Jodie, do you have any more information on what may happen in Washington state and the west coast?


    • Not at this time, but if you have a question about something specific to the region, you can add it here. When I have the opportunity to address it further, I will.


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