As of June 2, 2015: The 2nd of 3 World Events

During the time which remains between our current time and the time in August which I’ve been seeing this event, I continue to look for potential changes to the event. After having seen that it’s possible for me to be inaccurate because of “seeing” the wrong timeline, (my article of 2006’s hurricane season) I psychically look for the timeline as it goes forward from the current moment I’m in. I do this because I have psychically seen the strength and ability of prayer and meditation to change the future. Because freewill is paramount in people’s choice to pray or not to pray and to meditate or not to meditate, the future can fluctuate.

At this time, with minor events happening around the globe, and prayers being prayed for the area which is predicted, I’m seeing a change of some of the force which is foreseen to manifest.

I’m seeing the volcanic activity force now changing from focusing it’s power southward onto Venezuela. I see the force being focused more upward into the atmosphere and slightly pointing almost directly eastward from the volcanic “ground zero” site. I believe I’m seeing that this means that most of the force will be directed over the Atlantic.

I believe I’m seeing this happening because of minor events happening around the globe and these having an impact on the movement of the depths of the Earth in the “north of Venezuela” area. In other words, events happening around the world are changing the land underneath this particular part of the planet.

I still see tsunamis happening in the surrounding islands of this Caribbean area as well as the South American continent – for the most part, all the areas I’ve already written about. One cannot have this powerful a volcano happen without other simultaneous events happening as a result.

I believe I’m seeing that less damage will happen as a result of this change in the direction of the force. Since it won’t be focused directly southward as much, as I was seeing it before, it now is focusing more eastward. Those islands that are in the range of eastward to south southeastward will still be hit by the volcano’s residue.

In presenting this, I also sense that I’m not able to give the whole picture of what will finally happen or rather manifest into physical existence. I’m only able to give some specific portions – some main portions – of the total event. This sense comes from being aware of limitations to my perspective of what I’m interpreting of what I’m seeing and sensing.

Without it being obvious, we are witnessing higher spiritual forces helping the Earth. With the energy that is the source and core of the 2nd Event set to manifest, the higher spiritual forces are in effect, “splitting the energy up, so that no one area of land will take the whole brunt of it.” This is mercy at its greatest. The Higher Consciousness forces have no motivation to punish or ring destruction onto anyone. This event is not punishment. (We ring it down upon ourselves.) It is natural Earth/planet activities brought about by energy which I’m only seeing partially where its source is from and have written some about.

Higher Consciousness forces can affect lower consciousness forces, but only to the degree that peoples’ efforts to raise consciousness in that plane (the Earth) works to bring forth higher consciousness. In other words, only to the degree of the effort towards prayer, meditation, love, forgiveness, patience, etc bringing forth the Spirit of the Infinite and all the fruits of this Spirit.

As a side note, the Higher Spirit Forces I speak of above are not just coming from a non-Earth/non-physical Universe source.  The Higher Spiritual Forces are also coming from life on Earth – those that strive to connect to Higher Spirit Consciousness and bring it into our planet at the physical level.


For anyone coming into these forecasts recently, in the columns to the right of this webpage, are specific categories of articles.  Select “2015” and you’ll get all the articles (and some extras) that pertain to the 2nd of 3 world wide events on which I’ve been seeing and reporting.  You’ll read that the Japanese event in 2011 was the 1st of the 3 events.  I see each event getting worse than the previous event.


“Whether we succeed or not, when we try to do our best, we are supported by forces beyond our imagination and comprehension. ” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2006-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

13 thoughts on “As of June 2, 2015: The 2nd of 3 World Events

  1. Hi Jodie – I have a couple of questions. What was the 1st of the 3 events (9-11?) and what is the 3rd? Also, will the Gulf coast of Florida (specifically the Sarasota area) be affected? It’s comforting to know NYC is out of harms way. Thanks.


    • The 1st of the 3 events was the Japanese Tsunami/Nuclear disaster of 2011.
      The Gulf Coast will see it’s share of changes, as the whole of the Gulf of Mexico will see over many decades time passes. There is no avoiding a slow and gradual raising of the coastline waters now that the ice in the arctic and antarctic regions are melting and will continue to melt. This will happen over this century.


  2. What are you seeing in terms of the impact on Florida ….. Is it in the Tsunami’s path ? I need to know if I should go to higher ground …. North of Florida ?
    Also, are you picking up anything regarding the 3rd and Final event having veto do with an EMP attack on the U.S. By Russia ?


    • The impact on Florida won’t be dramatic.
      The 3rd event is not an EMP attack. I’m not seeing any drastic altercations between Russia and the US like you’re asking about.


      • Hi Jodi,
        I’ve been checking the USGS earthquake map over the last few months and there has been a lot of activity near PR & the VI. Nothing major, anything btwn a 2 and a 4. Also, seen some large ones (over 5) near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (which is east of Brazil in the middle of the Atlantic). When volcanos rise from the ocean floor (and those active on land too) are not earthquakes common? Maybe these earthquakes are a precursor to what you anticipate in the Caribbean. just thought I would share.


    • Mother Earth is connected to herself through many ways. What happens in one part of the planet can be very impacting towards other parts of the planet.


  3. Hi jodi, I love reading your predictions and comments. Now that we are in July can you please give us an update of what you are seeing regarding sept 2015 events. Thank you


    • The time is close that the predictions can come true. I’m still seeing a very low vibration, “dark” energy manifesting in the Venezuelan area and off their coast in the Caribbean. The only man-made event that could equal this amount of low vibration, “dark” energy is if they have an “all out” war with massive numbers being involved and dying. But, I’ve been seeing this come from Earth events and not man-made. While I’m seeing some of it spread out in time, I’m still seeing it happen. God be with everyone it touches.


        • WW3 in our lifetime? Only if we’re willing to and want to and plenty of people are willing to and want to, especially in the U.S. More people work for war than work for peace.
          Any more terrorist attacks on US soil? With Americans attacking Americans, who needs terrorists?


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