To Be Healthy or Not to Be Healthy

It behooves us as humans to do the best we can to maintain a body of good health, regardless of which stage of life we’re in.  Yet, when we near the end of our lives, many people stop trying to keep their health.  It can be for many reasons.  One reason is that the time and effort to keep one’s best health is now used to finish up remaining soul work within the soul’s relationships.  In other words, the health the soul is seeking is “relationship health” rather than bodily health.

Another reason, though, is that the soul simply doesn’t seek to bother.  There may be  half-hearted attempts to look like they’re wanting to be healthy, but those attempts are not grounded in a true desire to be healthy.  The soul takes what comes.

Unfortunately, there is a difference.  One is based on the soul consciousness making best use of it’s time and energy, and the other is the soul’s not bothering with much effort, including effort towards “relationship health”.

But, what isn’t realized is that we are alive, still, even when nearing the end of our lives, for real soul reasons.  We have soul work to do (or rather opportunities to do the soul work) even at the end of our lives, and at the soul level, want to accomplish specific things in the remaining time of our life.  In almost all cases, our remaining work has to do with relationships with the people who have been in our lives.  For the most part, in reality, all of our soul work throughout our entire life has to do with relationships.  Our remaining years, months, days or minutes are no different.

In general, we can accomplish these things with a healthy body and move on quickly, without lengthening the dying process because of unfinished soul work.  However, we can let our bodies become unhealthy during the process, and spend our last few years in a long illness or a nursing home being cared for, and thus stretching out the dying process into several years, because we can only accomplish our relationship work in rare times that visits happen.


There was once a man who supported running as a way of staying fit and healthy.  He was healthy, and he accomplished a lot during those years of touting the benefits of running.  He died of a heart-attack and was gone immediately.  He finished his soul work, and left immediately at what we consider a young age.

I mention this to show a point.  As surprising as this is to say, death doesn’t occur just because the body can no longer function.  More often than not, it occurs because the spirit/person is finished with their soul work, and they choose to leave.  Regardless of whether the body is healthy or not healthy, when the spirit decides to leave the Earth – and the body – the body stops working.  Immediately.

However, with a neglected body or unhealthy body, many times, the spirit must hang around – for many years, sometimes – in order to finish their work – but living in circumstances and surroundings that must keep the body functioning until the spirit is finished – in long illnesses, or even nursing homes.

Even if we keep an unhealthy body, we still have work that we’re trying to accomplish.  If  it’s possible to accomplish this work only within the arena of the relationships, we’ll hang on with long illnesses or in nursing homes to do it.  Again, in general, the soul’s work – relationship work – is paramount to anything else, because relationships are what life, love and spiritual growth are all about.

Coming from the other direction, if we keep a healthy body, when we’re finished with the soul work we want to accomplish, nothing will keep the body functioning when the soul consciousness decides it’s time to go.  This is again true, because the soul’s work is paramount to anything else and central to the decision.

The bottom line and the real question are not whether we go quickly or go slowly, but if we go with the relationships as our primary focus.  When we decide as a soul, at the soul consciousness level, to leave this world for the next, will those that we leave behind know, through our actions and not just words, from within our relationship with them,  that they were loved?

4 thoughts on “To Be Healthy or Not to Be Healthy

  1. Dear Jodie, thank you for your enlightening posts, I have learned so much from reading your blog, and it has really expanded my views. And thank you so much for including South Africa in your world predictions. I feel what you said about the social growing pains is very accurate.

    I have a strange question for you, if you’re interested in looking into this. There is well known psychic or prophet in the consciousness of Afrikaans people in South Africa who lived many decades ago, he died in 1926. He was Nicolaas van Rensburg, nicknamed “Siener” (Seer) because he used to “see” many things in visions he had about the future and current events at the time. He was a christian and apparently only read his Bible in his house. He saw Princess Diana’s death, Nelson Mandela leading South Africa, Japan being destroyed by earthquakes, and World War 3, which he allegedly said America and Germany will fight side by side against Russia and China, and by this time South Africa would became a safe haven for people from Europe. I use the term “allegedly” because there has been a lot of false information published about him, which he himself predicted.

    I remember your post about you seeing Edgar Cayce’s predictions about the future being changed by the prayers from people. My question would be, would you see any change regarding Seer’s visions / prophecies about the future? There has been a lot said about his visions of fighting / clashes between the different cultural and racial groups in South Africa, because There’s a lot of these things and “growing pains” going on in South Africa at the moment, but at the same time I also see a lot of genuine love and kindness from people. This is something I would really like to know more about because personally I feel I need to do something about these things. Kind Regards – JW


    • There’s little that can be done about false information printed about anyone. Even when defending against it, people will choose what they believe. In our world, anyone can say anything about anyone else. Someone will believe anything that is said. Those that choose to believe in the light, will choose regardless of negative information. For those, false information has no relevance. Those that choose not to believe in the light, would look for and find any reason they can to justify not believing. If it wasn’t this thing that is said, it would be something else that is said. So, what is said falsely about a person is irrelevant except for galvanizing a person on how they believe. It is the human way. Look at all the false information about Jesus Christ that has been spoken for a whole millennium. As Christ said, “My flock knows me.” He also said, “Those that are deaf, let them stay deaf. Those that are blind, let them stay blind.” This means, those that choose one way or another, let them keep their beliefs and learn whatever lessons come with having those beliefs.

      The purpose of prayer and meditation, and the purpose of love, forgiveness, kindness, mercy, is to raise vibrations and to increase God’s felt presence and the Higher Self’s options for living life. Prayer and meditation change things – even the future. War is a choice to make, not a law to be fulfilled. How we treat each other is a choice to make, and not predestined. Freewill will never be taken away and this means that if people don’t want war, they won’t go the way of war. This also means that if people do want war, then war will happen.

      When Higher Consciousness options become more readily available, many times, those options are chosen, and the future changes. Prayers and meditation change things.


  2. Hi Jodie,

    Thank you for this post. I would like to add if I may and also ask the question, what if the soul is so much attacked by others that the body becomes ill and they have no other option but to leave? I ask this because sometimes the soul is forced to leave not because they lived unhealthy or work was finished but because their cycle was cut short. Those who attack simply move on to the next victim. Therefore I would also like to ask what can be done for souls like these who have been decimated in their existence and died because of this? Thank you in advance for your reply and blessings


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