Another update with questions 5-14-15

I would like to ask you specifically about the Dominican Republic and Haiti , two different countries sharing a small island, one poorer than the other.
How do you see the effects in this area ? How to prepare if they have nothing ? C.

Both Dominican Republic and Haiti are in the region and the two will be affected.  I had a flash about them both and the flash was that the previous devastating earthquake was a sign of things to come.

This is dire news to be sure.  However, even with the flash, the information was that it would be less than what happened several years ago.  The main force that I continue to see moves southward and this bodes well for both countries.  In addition, the two events in Nepal and one that may happen in the Northern part of the North American continent could help diminish what I’m seeing for the Venezuelan region.

And if you’re wondering “Where is God in this?”  God is in the prayers, the warnings, the practical preparations, the prudence, the alertness.  God is in the medical teams and the sources of water and food.  God is in the acts of help one gives to another.  God is in the volunteers, the blood drives, the canned goods drives, and the donations.  God is in the emergency response teams and the organizations ready to hit the ground running when this happens.  God is in the readiness, the courage, and the willingness to help.  That is where God is.

There is a volcano in that area “Kick ‘Em Jenny,” could be this one to erupt? C.

That has been my thought, too.  It could be, because it’s in the right area, but if it isn’t, it will be near there.  I also saw what looked like, a new area opening up rather than a well-known volcano.  But, this could simply be an “extension” of the volcano – extending outward from the volcano as in additional land being the full area of the event.

Do you know if anything is going to happen to New York City? What impressions do you have about the 2016 presidential election? G.A.

The worst of what could have happened to New York City, has already happened in 2001.  What New York City now has to face is only hurricanes in New York State and the regional states around there.  The climate change will be experienced this way and other ways in New York.


“God also takes care of us in very ordinary ways.” (The Rainbow Cards, 1995-2015, ©, Jodie Senkyrik)

6 thoughts on “Another update with questions 5-14-15

  1. When you stated the northern part of North America, are you picturing the Pacific Northwest such as Washington state /Oregon areas or in Canada?


  2. Thank you for your response about NYC. I have 2 more questions: 1) Does the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant (38 miles north of NYC) pose a danger to NYC? 2) What are your thoughts about the visions at Fatima and how do they connect to what you’re seeing?


    • #1. I see no danger from the Nuclear Power Plant, in fact, just the opposite – much cleaner than other power plants.
      #2. I see them to be very connected. And I’ll add that the future can be changed depending on the people. The more prayer and meditation, the more change. This is why the messages of all the visions and appearances call for prayer from people.


  3. Hi Jodie, I love reading your posts. They truly get me thinking and into prayer and meditation when I need it most. I have a question for you as well, if you would be so kind to tell what you see… I live on Long Island. There are so many out there that say we need to be ready for one of the canary islands, La Palma, to crash into the Atlantic and send a huge tsunami this way… Do you see Long Island having any issues with this? Anything at all even unrelated you may have had seen for us here on this little island?


    • I don’t see Long Island having Tsunami problems. Nor do I see any island “crashing” into the Atlantic. I do see natural disasters like what we’ve had – mostly hurricanes and storms, the likes of which we’ve already seen. The last few years are what we can expect in general, to be the new normal. There will be a regularity to the new weather we’ve been experiencing.


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