Praying for Those Who Have Passed

There’s a story that describes a child in prayer and the child is simply saying the alphabet over and over.  An adult asks why the child is simply saying the alphabet.  The child replies, “God already knows what I’m  praying for, so the words don’t matter.”

First thing to consider, as many of us know, the act of praying is not the act of reciting words.  Even though words are used and reciting can occur, as in saying The Rosary, anyone who prays, knows that it isn’t the words that are the most important part.  It is the feelings, determination, effort and “meaning it” within our hearts which are the most important parts – not for trying to “reach” God, but rather to open ourselves up to God.

Second thing to consider, God does not make barriers to love.  That’s the same as thinking God makes barriers to God.  This is not the purpose, desire or essence of The Infinite Consciousness of Infinite Love who tells us, “Come unto me, and I will come unto you.”

This also means that Death is not a barrier to love or rather Nothing is a barrier to love.  It is our own mind and heart that establish barriers to love, and hence the barriers to our loved ones who pass away.  It is our beliefs that establish barriers.  From our beliefs, we get our motivation.  So, the question is, “Are we motivated to pray for our loves ones who have passed away?”

Our Guides and Angels

Each of us has a host of beings on the other side of the veil of death who want to help us in our life here on Earth.  But, we can help them, as well.

If we are willing to allow the belief that “with God, all things are possible”, then it is possible to send our love to those who have passed on.  And it is possible that they will receive it.  In fact, for those who have been able to develop their intuition or psychic ability, we can see the benefit that is made for those on the other side, when we continue to send them our love, throughout our life.  They receive the energy of this love and they are helped and strengthened by the love – in similar ways that we are while we are in the Earth.  Sending them our love, buoys them, helps them to acclimate to their new surroundings, helps them to further their ability to learn while on the other side, helps them to greater recognize the connection and oneness which we have with each other, and much more.

At the same time, our prayers for them are like for them to stick a finger in an electric prayer plug and absorb the prayer energy which is for them to receive.  Prayers for those who have passed, can help them to open their own consciousness to the omnipresent consciousness of the higher forces.  This can bring a spiritual healing and consciousness healing in the same way that it would if they were in the Earth when prayers were given for them.

Whether in the Earth or no longer in the Earth, our love sent to another (or others) and our prayers sent for another (or others), are worthwhile and brings forth the “Living Food” which each of us are starved for, to our body, mind, and soul.

“The prayers of a few will save many,”  and these many can be anywhere in the Infinite realm of the Infinite Consciousness of God.  We can choose to open our minds and our hearts to realms even beyond death, or we can choose to believe that death is too great a barrier – it’s always up to us to decide which beliefs we will select.  If we put ourselves in our loved ones shoes, would we want to be on the receiving end of them sending their love beyond death’s illusionary veil?  If we were on the other side, would we hope that others care for us enough to pray for us?

Our love and our prayers for those who have passed on, can accomplish a great deal for the well-being of those we still love even though they are no longer with us.


“We select our beliefs from all the beliefs presented to us throughout our life.”  (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2019, by Jodie Senkyrik)

“Pray for All Life.” Christ

“Where there is willingness, there are ways. Where there is no willingness, there are no ways.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2019, Jodie Senkyrik)

To Be Healthy or Not to Be Healthy

It behooves us as humans to do the best we can to maintain a body of good health, regardless of which stage of life we’re in.  Yet, when we near the end of our lives, many people stop trying to keep their health.  It can be for many reasons.  One reason is that the time and effort to keep one’s best health is now used to finish up remaining soul work within the soul’s relationships.  In other words, the health the soul is seeking is “relationship health” rather than bodily health.

Another reason, though, is that the soul simply doesn’t seek to bother.  There may be  half-hearted attempts to look like they’re wanting to be healthy, but those attempts are not grounded in a true desire to be healthy.  The soul takes what comes.

Unfortunately, there is a difference.  One is based on the soul consciousness making best use of it’s time and energy, and the other is the soul’s not bothering with much effort, including effort towards “relationship health”.

But, what isn’t realized is that we are alive, still, even when nearing the end of our lives, for real soul reasons.  We have soul work to do (or rather opportunities to do the soul work) even at the end of our lives, and at the soul level, want to accomplish specific things in the remaining time of our life.  In almost all cases, our remaining work has to do with relationships with the people who have been in our lives.  For the most part, in reality, all of our soul work throughout our entire life has to do with relationships.  Our remaining years, months, days or minutes are no different.

In general, we can accomplish these things with a healthy body and move on quickly, without lengthening the dying process because of unfinished soul work.  However, we can let our bodies become unhealthy during the process, and spend our last few years in a long illness or a nursing home being cared for, and thus stretching out the dying process into several years, because we can only accomplish our relationship work in rare times that visits happen.


There was once a man who supported running as a way of staying fit and healthy.  He was healthy, and he accomplished a lot during those years of touting the benefits of running.  He died of a heart-attack and was gone immediately.  He finished his soul work, and left immediately at what we consider a young age.

I mention this to show a point.  As surprising as this is to say, death doesn’t occur just because the body can no longer function.  More often than not, it occurs because the spirit/person is finished with their soul work, and they choose to leave.  Regardless of whether the body is healthy or not healthy, when the spirit decides to leave the Earth – and the body – the body stops working.  Immediately.

However, with a neglected body or unhealthy body, many times, the spirit must hang around – for many years, sometimes – in order to finish their work – but living in circumstances and surroundings that must keep the body functioning until the spirit is finished – in long illnesses, or even nursing homes.

Even if we keep an unhealthy body, we still have work that we’re trying to accomplish.  If  it’s possible to accomplish this work only within the arena of the relationships, we’ll hang on with long illnesses or in nursing homes to do it.  Again, in general, the soul’s work – relationship work – is paramount to anything else, because relationships are what life, love and spiritual growth are all about.

Coming from the other direction, if we keep a healthy body, when we’re finished with the soul work we want to accomplish, nothing will keep the body functioning when the soul consciousness decides it’s time to go.  This is again true, because the soul’s work is paramount to anything else and central to the decision.

The bottom line and the real question are not whether we go quickly or go slowly, but if we go with the relationships as our primary focus.  When we decide as a soul, at the soul consciousness level, to leave this world for the next, will those that we leave behind know, through our actions and not just words, from within our relationship with them,  that they were loved?