Dolphins and Tuna

I like tuna, but….

Each time I purchased a can of tuna at the grocery store, even though the cans had the “Dolphin Safe” logo on them, I continued to feel something – a nudge or a zap or an odd feeling, like tin foil on the teeth or a lightly dragged fork across a black board – something not quite right, and slightly but persistantly irritating.  After much soul searching and continuous experiencing of this odd “telling me” sign, I decided to take a look psychically at the tuna industry.  What I see psychically has led me to stop having tuna as part of my regular diet, even though I like it.

As of Spring, 2008, psychically, I see about 45% of the tuna fleets that present themselves as “Dolphin Safe”, in fact, are not dolphin safe.   Psychically, I see “hiding of the evidence” and that with 45% of the fleets, dolphins are just as much killed now as they ever have been.   Even though the label is on the can, and there is some checking, there are too few regulators checking and so the killing of dolphins continues.   In “reading” the level of killing involved with the cans on the shelves at the local supermarkets, psychically, I see about 40% of the tuna has been netted with a fleet that kills dolphins.  Some of the 45%, spoken of earlier, goes to other nations besides the US.  Also looking psychically, I see Mexico has fewer concerns about dolphins and see about 80% of their canned tuna coming from fleets that kill dolphins.

It amazed me how clear the “hiding of the evidence” aspect was to the reading.  In looking psychically, it also appears that 50% of the crews of the industry have no qualms with deceiving the regulators.  It appears to be quite a regular effort and an easy thing to do.

For those who want tuna, but want to also address the dolphin issue, I would suggest doing research on the specific companies, the type of tuna fish they catch, their record for violations, and alternatives to tuna.  I suspect there are some companies that may try harder than others to buy from fleets that minimize their dolphin kill but I don’t see much difference among the well-known brands on the shelves now.   They all buy from a mixture of sources, and blend all the tuna together at the processing plants.

I’m switching to salmon for right now.  I don’t get any negative psychic hits off salmon.  In the very rare times that I may yet select tuna, I will select the Albacore.

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