2nd Edgar Cayce prediction occurs: Part 1

On the Edgar Cayce tab, I describe the first prediction that Edgar Cayce made that I saw psychically being manifested.  It was Edgar Cayce’s New York prediction, but with it’s manifestation being affected by prayers and meditations through the decades, thus raising the vibrations, and diminishing the level of destruction predicted.  The prediction went through a shift, also, from the destruction of New York City via an earthquake to being manifested in the form of the WTC attack and the destruction.

For this New York prediction, I psychically saw a vision showing me Edgar Cayce, his connecting to the destruction in New York, and a white rope of light that connected him, his doing his reading, and his seeing the result in New York.  This white rope of light then connected to the WTC attack and destruction.

I’ve now seen a second prediction of Edgar Cayce’s displayed and manifested.  Again, the form which Edgar Cayce described it taking has been transformed through prayer and meditation.    Edgar Cayce made a  prediction that the Earth’s poles would wobble and eventually a pole shift would happen that could literally turn the Earth on its side, trigger a switch in the poles, or some other form of great change regarding the poles.

This is such a difficult prediction to believe, because we don’t want it to be true for all the destruction it would bring to the entire planet.   Yet, this is what he said would happen beginning in 1958 and culminating in 1998.

In March, 2008, now, what I’ve seen psychically is that the wobbling of the poles that has been documented and has been happening since 1958, is that which Edgar Cayce saw psychically and predicted would happen.  What I’ve also seen is that the prayers and meditations have served to act as stabilizers to keep the Earth’s poles from causing a tipping of the planet.  In essence, it has held the planet in place, except for the recorded wobbles that have been taking place since 1958.

Again, within this vision, I saw Edgar Cayce “seeing” this Pole Shift information.  I saw him “read” the information and it was clearly attached to the Earth wobble’s that have been occurring since 1958.  The end results have changed, because we took the steps to raise the vibrations during the past decades since Edgar’s prediction, thus again diminishing the level of destruction set to manifest otherwise.  The wobbling effect was instead spread out past the 1998 deadline to also help in the alleviation of the destructive 1998 predicted full topple.

In my psychic reading of these Edgar Cayce predictions, the vibrations of Edgar Cayce and his doing his readings to read the information and bring forth the prediction, is clear.  Like pouring and then tasting salt in water, the identification of all this Edgar Cayce presence, “seeing” and then interweaving it in my vision is unmistakable to me to the point that I bring it forth here.  Again, the light connects all this together, but this time as an everpresent identifying marker confirming this, rather than a single strand of rope of light.

There has been a clear connection and presence of Edgar Cayce’s actions connected to the pole shift, within the confines of my reading.  Therefore, I am bringing forth the information of my seeing the Earth wobble that has been occuring and identifying it as the Earth pole shifting that Edgar Cayce predicted.  From all that I see, again, and my interpreting of what I see, I consider it reliable and accurate.

11 thoughts on “2nd Edgar Cayce prediction occurs: Part 1

  1. Yes; I too read the Edgar Cayce predictions many years ago and in the book “Pole Shift” by Mr White said if the ice at the north pole melted and the south did not it would create a wobble in the earths rotation. The last I read was all the ice at the north pole will be gone in 5 years. In any csase I’m moving to Samoa to enjoy my retirement years. I will move in about 30 days so I will be able to have some sun, fishing, and swiming very soon.

    Please note before the shift happens there are 4 key eruptions. One in Italy, one in the Carribian, and the other 2 I cannot remember. You might have to re-read ” The Earthquake Generation” by Doctor Jefferey Goodman. I believe he moved to one of the safe zones 20 years ago.


  2. All is vibration and energy. Sometimes, when enough effort is made, through prayer and meditation, and any other way, the vibrations and energy are changed. This means that the manifestation of a certain event is changed.
    My suggestion is to move to where you think you want to live and to where you think you’d enjoy your life most.
    From the information I saw in the psychic reading associated with this information, the earth change will not happen as it had been put forth by Edgar Cayce during his life. But, as in New York, I saw that not all of the manifestation of this destructive energy has been healed/raised to the point of nothing happening.
    I see other less destructive events happening that fulfill the remaining energy/vibrations. The manifestation of which can be seen through other avenues – like the economy – which as we know has affected all the world – just like a pole shift would have done – but with less physically destructive results.

    Prayers change/heal things. Meditation changes/heals things. They even change/heal predicted world wide catastrophes.


  3. As a long time student of the Readings of Edgar Cayce I do not feel it is your place to reinterpret his Readings, adding your own feelings to them and then saying they are changed and manifesting in a different way. You have no right to do this. If you want to say you have visions of this or that then say that but leave Cayce out of it. You are like so many others at this time, all reinterpreting Cayce but all that you say and do it based on his work. This is bad karma for you and I advise you to stop. This is the true feeling of Edgar Cayce at this moment and not as you describe it. If you feel yu have something new and fresh t add with your predictions, then say it. If it’s just another rip of Cayce then stop and find out who YOU are. THis is not the way and it is messing with His Message. Stop.


  4. If you were a true psychic, or even just a decent researcher, you’d know that the Poles did indeed shift and was documented by NASA.

    According to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, in 1998 something changed the Earth’s gravitational field which moved the magnetic poles closer together. The NASA article explained that as the ice on the poles melted, ocean currents moved water toward the equator, which factors researchers believe to be partly responsible, in conjunction with shifts in atmospheric patterns, for this ongoing shift in the Earth’s magnetic field. This NASA finding affirms Cayce’s prediction of a pole shift.


  5. You’re right. As I say above, the poles did shift or rather wobble, but not as Edgar Cayce’s prediction is believed to yet manifest. This has been measured since it started in 1958 even. Edgar Cayce’s prediction for the Earth’s axis is generally believed to be that the Earth would have a major tilt sideways on it’s axis to the extent that today’s poles would be in the tropic regions. This would in turn, cause the Earth itself to tilt on its axis and cause massive earth changes. This hasn’t happened and won’t to the extent that he predicted, and for the very reasons he mentioned that could bring about the change away from his prediction happening.
    The information I was shown was that the prayers and meditations of the many people who are actively working to help this planet and continue to work to help this planet have been bringing about the effect of helping the Earth keep from turning on its side. And I will also mention that the poles moving around did start in 1958 as Cayce mentioned, but didn’t and won’t culminate in the toppling of the Earth to the extent that Edgar mentioned. The length of time that the “wobbling” has been and will happen has been stretched out though, and so didn’t stop in 1998, as he predicted, because of the same energy that has been used to hold up the current axis.
    Examine the Akashic records and see for yourself. This information is still there, right in the same place I looked and saw it. It’s there for you to see, as well as me, or any who seek it.


  6. Predictions on earth’s tilt in relation to our sun…hmmm…so the tilt has slowly been occurring and none of the “Scientists” have not computed into their models the this tilt change…How stupid if them…this would mean their Global Warming forecasts are all wrong!

    The Radio Amateurs, the HAMs, have calculated in to their communications, so why not our scientists? Maybe it is the $$$ greed and they have been raking in the $$$.

    Edward Calyces knew about the wobble and tilting of the earth. Find and read his predictions.

    Warning: Should the earth’s tilt near the 90 degrees, the polar regions, both North and South, will experience severe Freezing and Thawing as they work there way from Winter to Summer and the Sahara and Central America’s will experience 4 seasons with possible mild summers and winters. Greenland may just be green again.


    • I’m going to disagree with your criticisms of the people you mention. It is scientific measurements, shared on the internet by researchers, which do support the understanding around the movement of the poles, which Edgar Cayce described.

      Currently, the theory is that the “wobbling” effect amount still falls into what could be considered the scale of a normal range of motion for the poles without theorizing a 90 degree shift is immanent. With no other paradigm to use as a standard, this theory is the most likely paradigm to hold to. We don’t have direct, in-person measurements of times when the poles shifted drastically on their side – the manner in which is commonly believed to be what Edgar Cayce had meant in his predictions.

      In the gathering and understanding of any data, it will always take a very large team to build any unique and comprehendable paradigm related to that data. A team made of scientists, non-scientists, spiritual believers, the general public, and all other people to come to a point where we form a recognized and commonly-shared belief about any unique event like the one we’re writing about here. No one person can form the species-wide paradigm by themselves. Others must confirm and then become involved in the development of the paradigm. It is this way with the shifting of the poles, also. My contribution to the paradigm is what I write here.

      I can recommend another website that I find interesting to follow.
      Hutton Commentaries


  7. 1st off I wanna thank yu for your prayers and sharing your knowledge for our beautiful earth…my concerns over the loud sounds that are now being pinned as “sky trumphets “, and the mysterious spreading sinkholes popping up everywere. Do you have any knowledge about these?


    • Sinkholes are a reality of the structure of the Earth’s mantle. In addition, they are helped along by the extraction of drinking water, gas, oil as well as so many other things. There are holes underneath us in places you wouldn’t even guess. Pockets exist deep underground. Check out Youtube for videos of sinkholes happening.


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