The Hawaiian Volcano

Any thoughts on the volcanoes in Hawaii and Wyoming? S.

In Hawaii – I’m seeing the volcano activity continuing at the pace it is now to near the end of July – even increasing some.  I then see the pace slow down from then to the end of August, but not stopping. I see it from August, coming to a greater ‘slow down’ through October, but still being active in a small way.   I see it reactivating in December and this will make everyone nervous, but I don’t see it being anything like it is now. The Dec. activity will be small and slowly come to an end near the end of December.  There will be a very small amount of activity through to the end of Feb. 2019. Then it will be quiet again for about 5-7 years.
Wyoming – The big one IS NOT ABOUT TO BLOW ! A small, little, tiny amount of activity is happening there, but it is minimal and will not increase to dangerous levels.

5 thoughts on “The Hawaiian Volcano

    • Oh, yes. When we reach out with our sensing, we can feel much movement within the Earth right now. A bit of it is even hugely deep and will change some of the nature of the planet.


  1. Hi Jodie,
    I was reading over your 2009 and 2014-2015 predictions of the 2nd of 3rd events you were predicting. The terrible twin hurricanes – Irma and Maria – basically destroyed certain islands in the Caribbean and many places are still trying to recover from the damage. By your descriptions, it sure sounds like THAT was the 2nd of the 3rd events. I’ve been worrying about Puerto Rico since you made that prediction; now, I see why.

    The 3rd of the 3rd events, completing the “book” as you phrased it, is supposed to be economic in nature. If it is as drastic as the earth calamities, it will be something far reaching and devastating. My questions: The disasters in Aceh and Japan as well as Haiti and the Caribbean seem to have a depopulating factor. Will the population of the US decrease due to this economic crisis? I don’t necessarily mean that people will die, but will they migrate from the US (much like Puerto Ricans are leaving the PR)? If so, where will they go? Does this have anything to do with the eclipses that could be seen across America?


    • What I saw and still see is that the 2nd of three “chapters” of this book has been focused on the area around Venezuela and because of the change from physical destruction to social destruction – ‘external to humans’ to ‘internal to humans’, I would still consider the hurricanes to be part of the 3rd and last chapter of this book of change. There is such a massive energy level associated with the 3rd chapter that no single or few events could manifest all of it- therefore, many events both physical/Earth/economic (external to humans), and social/human (internal to humans) will be a part of this.
      Currently, I’m not seeing a drop in the population of the US, but I do see a slower rate of increase. This will affect the decision by many to have or not have children.
      I don’t see a significant migration out of the US. I see more an investment in this “experiment” called democracy and so most want to stick it out. However, there will be a small, small number that will choose to move onto Canada, some to Europe. But, these numbers are hardly noticeable and only slightly higher than regular years.
      I’m not seeing a connection to the eclipses directly, but I’d welcome any comments from Astrologers who have investigated this.
      Thank you for your comments and questions. They are always welcome.


  2. Several science and technology journals have warned about the expectations of giant solar flares and sunspots during the 2010 through 2015 period. Supposedly, they are cyclical in nature. Even satellite magazines wrote of this. However, they didn’t seem to occur as expected.

    Now, we are supposed to be entering a solar minimum. This is also cyclical and is supposed to herald in much colder winters in the Northern Hemisphere. My question: Is this climate time period similar to the ‘dust bowl days’ of the Great Depression? Will we see similar consequences with cold as we did with dust during this 11 year period? There is also a theory that the earth is expanding – what was once the Pangea has broken apart due to the expansion of the earth from the inside out. Is that what we are experiencing now? Is the volcanic activity due to an expansion process that the earth is going through? Do you think that major faults all over the world will begin to shudder – such as the giant and overdue San Andreas fault line? Do you ever see the lower part of California breaking up into islands, like I am told that Edgar Cayce foresaw?


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