The Economy in 2018

Are you publishing your predictions for 2018? I live several states away and was unable to attend your 2018 retreat. I am particularly interested in what you are seeing economically for the US in the next few years. Are you seeing any kind of Government crash or will the problems be more in the private sector?… L.B.

I have now published the audio files of the “2018: Looking Ahead and Going Within”. It covers the efforts of enhancing how prayer and meditation can change the future, in addition to many predictions. The files cover the use of prayer and the use of meditation.  These both can help in working to change the future.

For many years, I’ve been seeing a very difficult and dark time coming for the Earth – not just the U.S. alone.  I’ve been seeing 2018 as the year things begin to take the “downward” turn. This is why I offered a retreat and the audio files on how to change the future. I’ve seen prayer and meditation (by multiples of millions of people around the world) help to change the future predicted to one where there is less destruction and economic problems.

Currently, I still see the next 8 years as being the worst of times for the planet – this year, 2018, as the year this starts. I’m seeing 2026 as being the year things begin to climb out of the worst of times – with that climb taking another 8-12 years. Again – this is why I’ve been offering presentations and articles about prayer and meditation – because they are effective in helping the future.  (Also because of the continuation of prayer and meditation – I’m seeing the darkness be less.  This shows our efforts are helping.)

This won’t happen by itself.  There are many factors that will contribute to this – including natural disasters, social and governmental acts, and climate change, among others.

One final point – the future is not a light switch – on or off – and flicked on or off by one prayer. The future is a huge ship that is steered and propelled by the effort of many billions of people. This ship either goes it’s course or through great effort by many people, changes course. 1 person praying and meditating helps.  Joined with others, then 1,000,000 people praying and meditating helps, also. Right now, there are people praying and meditating somewhere in the world in such a way that someone or many someones are praying or meditating all the time 24/7. We can join with them and help at any time.


“It’s okay to ask Jesus to pray with us, since He also asks us to pray with Him.”  (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1998-2018, Jodie Senkyrik)

“God’s answer to a problem has Never been ‘Don’t pray. Don’t trust.  Don’t have faith.’ ”  (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2006-2018, Jodie Senkyrik)


5 thoughts on “The Economy in 2018

  1. Best response ever, to any question my heart wants to ask. Blessed be the Name of the Lord, and may I remember my own holiness and utilize it.


  2. I paid the $18 through PayPal (Thursday night) but haven’t received the password for the audio file. Is there something else I need to do? Thank you!



  3. I wonder if the destruction needs to occur in order for things to get better. For example, does a terrible economic crash need to happen in order for us to finally stop creating these wars of choice which are so destructive to millions of people? Do things need to fall apart in order for Americans (and others) to look within and ask themselves what was the purpose of what are government was doing? Is there a way for things to get better after the corruption is revealed?


    • From a Spiritual perspective, technically, of its own accord, the manifestation of low energy (destruction) doesn’t NEED to happen. The manifestation occurs because “Like attracts Like”. This means that the level of energy we are active at and put out into the world – is the level of energy which we attract to manifest. We human beings are still creating low energy (destructive) events and so this energy coming in “finds its mate” metaphorically speaking.
      Now, prayers, meditation, Loving God, and loving one’s neighbor as oneself – these things raise the vibrations in the Earth and when the low energy comes forth to be manifest in the Earth, some parts of it are dissolved/rebalanced/diminished/healed by that available higher energy.

      Now, looking at it from a human perspective – think of it like a family with an addict. The addict can at any time choose rehab, 12-step programs, anything which can help healing. But, many times the addict (all of us with some issue) doesn’t choose healing. We/they choose to continue on the path downward, until we/they “hit bottom”.
      Each person’s “bottom” is different. All the people in the world can at any time choose to Love when we/they had chosen hate before. So, it is a personal choice for all of us as to how much destruction happens in the Earth. The choice, however, is not made at the day-to-day consciousness level for all people. It is made at the deeper consciousness levels and based on all our emotions, issues, thoughts, beliefs, pains, sorrows, and on and on.
      As for the last question, God, the Light of the World and the bringers of Light are and have been at work for many millennia. Evolution of the soul is happening for all souls. The process includes all that is dark being brought to the light. This process is done “one hair at a time”, so that every single soul is brought along in the spiritual evolution in the Earth – so that no one is left behind. God’s will is that no soul shall perish but that all will be brought to the light. This process will take much time. On the micro-scale at which you perceive and ask your question- as any doctor would tell you, for an illness to heal, it must be brought to the forefront, exposed and treated.


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