A First View of the Pacific Troubles

I apologize for not posting earlier.  Although, I’ve not looked psychically concerning this, for the first time, – the news is reporting and I’m psychically seeing POTENTIAL military conflict happening between N. K. and the U.S.  I’m also seeing that prayers can help to transform the animosity between both governments.  I see that it could be similar to the military efforts of 1990 with regards to the time of active conflict.  We can commit to help all involved, which is what so many of us were born into this world to do.  We can send prayers, send light, enter meditation sending our energy to all parties, practice our own patience, persistence, and participation.  We can also practice our faith in the One God’s presence and influence, when all those in authority on both sides choose battle instead of brotherhood.

I will add that while it appears that both governments want to go to war, I see people on both sides being mixed in the belief that it would help their own intentions.  Each side has people who support and oppose this action.


“When faced with difficulties, why not start by going to the One who has full capacity for helping and being successful.  Praying is step #1.”  (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2001-2017, Jodie Senkyrik)

3 thoughts on “A First View of the Pacific Troubles

  1. Thanks, Jodie,

    ……..for leading a prayer vigil for this potentially inflammatory situation in the Pacific.

    Oddly enough, there is a charming ole gentleman who sits at Jim’s table at Deer Creek.

    Chandler was happy that Syria was being bombed a few months a go. It meant his stock values went up!!! He was celebrating that bombing. Otherwise, a nice 97 year old guy.


    We can pray for him, as well.

    May all be well with you……..




  2. Jodie, can you also comment on the tension between China and India along the boarder? I feel there’s a likelihood that these two will go to war too…Thanks.


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