For those of you following these many months who live in the area which is currently in danger of this 2nd of 3 events happening, now is the time for preparations to take place.

Now is the time for gathering water, food, medical supplies, batteries, and all manner of supplies needed to face the several weeks ahead.

Help will be slow at first to arrive and get in place.  Not because of any lack of desire to help – there is none of that.  But, because of continued dangers and difficulties in getting all supplies to where they will be needed.

The worst hit of these will need a great deal of water.  There will be many who don’t prepare because they’re not aware of the need.  This is a time to help not just self, but your family, friends, neighbors, community members and anyone in need.

No one person will be expected or asked to carry the burden, but each one who prepares can help many others in the same way that our prayers go to help many more than just ourselves.

Medical needs will be high.  For those in the areas of the volcano, in the areas where ash will be present, do include any kind of breathing help.  The ash won’t last for weeks, but for days.    Again, I see the need for medical help being great.  That means that many people will be injured.  Whatever medicinal supplies can be gotten early will be helpful.

Don’t wait until after the different parts of the event starts. That is when all the supplies will be gone from stores.

Those who arrive bringing outside help will eventually make it, but remember, for many smaller islands and desolate areas – help will be slow in getting there.  The help will arrive at the most populated areas in order to help the most people as quickly as possible.

At this  point, I can only say, don’t wait to see if I’m accurate or if I’m wrong.  On Friday, August 14th, it will be too late.  There will be a run on supplies.

Anyone who feels called to post this anywhere is welcome to.  Anyone who has an article on any updates, you’re welcome to list them here.  Remember, I said the next few days will be mostly quiet before it hits.  I’m getting no information that I’m wrong – just the opposite.  Each time I look, I see it.

Finally, those in the area, it is possible to make it through this – like one makes it through hurricanes.  Keep an open mind and be wise in preparing.  Be alert to the volcanoes in the area, earthquakes contributing to the volcanic eruptions, and tsunami’s (whether tsunami’s are believable or not.)   Call on God for guidance through every moment.


We are in this together.  We need to prepare for each other and support each other.   There are predictions and prophesies of this for a purpose.  That purpose is so that people will be helped and saved.  God is committed to life.  The well-being of each of our lives is part of this commitment. The greater awareness of God’s presence and involvement in our lives is an even greater part of this.  God seeks to help all of us in very real ways provided we answer His/Her call, open our hearts and minds, and let God indeed help.

There will be miracles – the miracles of lives being saved.  Although few can see it, the prayers we have been giving are in place helping now and continuing to help.

Don’t trust the doubt you have in yourself, others and God.  The doubt is not the truth.  Have faith in yourselves, have faith in others, and have faith in God.

For those in the closest areas, it will begin very loudly – not heard in all areas, but in the closest.  If you hear it, it has begun.  I think…. I think it will begin with a large earthquake on the 14th.  Possibly in the late afternoon or evening of the 14th.

Finally, if you feel I’m engendering fear, you’re right.  But, more important I want to engender what I believe is God’s wisdom and common sense – to engender preparation, courage, caution, openness, and willingness to help each other.  No one is alone in this.  No one.

While it may seem odd for me to say this, I see the Christ Spirit walking/working through and among/within those helping and needing help, serving to guide those helping.  Christ helps to the extent that we seek, are open to and invite Him.

I will finish this with saying, even now, our prayers can go to help lessen the impact and help people.  While I’ve seen all the different parts be spread out on the calendar in the past, there is no reason it can’t happen more.

God bless you and keep you.

9 thoughts on “Preparation

  1. Hi Jodie

    God’s blessings and thank you so much for sharing this information with us

    I am from Trinidad and have been sharing this information with others, whether they choose to believe or not.

    I am not fearful, but I do believe in being prepared , so again thank you


  2. Thank you C. B. for the links and thank you so much Jodie for all the information. I am preparing. I live in the Dominican Republic and i will keep you informed.

    And for all those who might we be affected : ” We are never alone , God is always with us . ” Blessings .


  3. Thank you Jodie, I do believe we all are blessed by you sharing this information and you are helping to save lives. It is very comforting to be informed. Please try to post updates as often as you can in the upcoming days leading up to this event, thanks again. Sending love, prayers and positive vibes….


  4. I wish everyone well and I thank Jodie for sharing and helping to save lives.

    Moreover, if the unfortunate situation of loss of life should occur among your party or someone you rescued has sustained life threatening injuries, as a Buddhist, I strongly reccommend the following course of action described in the Buddha’s Earth Store Sutra:

    “World Honored One, the bad habits of beings range from minor to major. Since all beings have such habits, their families or relatives should create blessings for them when they are on the verge of dying in order to assist them on the road ahead. That may be done by hanging banners and canopies; lighting oil lamps; reciting the sacred sutras; and making offerings before the images of Buddhas or sages. Another way to assist them is by reciting the names of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and Pratyekabuddhas so that the recitation of each name passes by the ear of the dying one and is heard in his fundamental consciousness.”

    “Suppose the evil karma created by beings were such that they ought to fall into the bad destinies. If their relatives cultivate wholesome causes on their behalf when they are close to death, then their manifold offenses can be dissolved. If relatives can further do many good deeds during the first forty-nine days after the death of such beings, then the deceased can leave the evil destinies forever, be born as humans and gods, and receive supremely wonderful bliss. Their surviving relatives will also receive limitless benefits.”

    “Throughout forty-nine days, those whose lives have ended and who have not yet been reborn will be hoping every moment that their immediate relatives will earn blessings powerful enough to rescue them. At the end of that time, the deceased will undergo retribution according to their karma.”

    Thus, if someone is near death, severely injured or is at risk of dying, it is important to recite Buddha names into their ears as the merit from hearing Buddha names will protect them and allow them to take good rebirths. Moreover, if a loved one cannot be saved, it is very important that you accumulate as much merit as possible during the first 49 days after death and dedicate it (mentally) to the benefit of the deceased relative.

    For instance, if you saved lives or gave water to the thirsty and those affected, you can dedicate that merit. If you make offerings of non meat food (i.e. vegetables or fruits), jewels or candles to images of the Buddha or Bodhisattvas, you can dedicate that as well. According to Lama Zopa Riponche: If you make offerings to just one statue of Buddha, you collect unimaginable merit, creating causes for enlightenment, liberation from Samsara and good rebirths for hundreds of thousands of lifetimes. So by dedicating such merit, the deceased will definitely benefit greatly.

    Moreover, the merit from reciting Buddha names is profound and vast. For instance, according to the same Sutra:

    “Furthermore, in the past, a Buddha named Lotus Supreme Thus Come One appeared in the world. If men or women hear this Buddha’s name or if the sound of his name merely passes by their ears, those people will be reborn one thousand times in the Six Desire Heavens. How much more will that be the case if those people sincerely recite the name of that Thus Come One.”

    “Furthermore, in the past, a Buddha named Vipashin appeared in the world. If men or women hear this Buddha’s name, those people will eternally avoid falling into the Evil Paths, will always be born among people or gods, and will abide in supremely wonderful bliss.”

    Thus, I hope that everyone’s families and property will remain safe and undamaged, and should the unfortunate situation of loss of life be met, that these teachings may help the deceased proceed to a good future rebirth.

    Namo Amitabha!


    Benefiting Both the Living and the Dead Chapter (7) of Earth Store Sutra:

    The Names of Buddhas Chapter (9) of Earth Store Sutra:


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