My August 3, 2015 Input

At this time, I’m seeing Friday, August 14th, to be the beginning of the many parts that make up this 2nd of 3 world events.  Friday, 8/14/15, we’ll see a significant event.  It will be a major part – significant in size and impact.  Then Saturday, August 15th, I see that day not contributing a large significant part, but having many small parts of the event.  Then Sunday morning will begin a time of activity building up to what will happen in the evening/night, which I see being the very worst of what will happen in August.  This will happen during the night of Sunday, August16, and the early morning of Monday, August 17, 2015.

I’m still seeing the whole of the event having been spread out with another major part happening in mid-September.   All that will be left after this mid-Sept. part will be aftershocks.  The whole event which I refer to as an “event” technically will last from mid-August to mid-September.  This doesn’t mean the ‘in-between’ times will  have major parts still happening, just that all the major parts will be finished by mid-September.   There will not be 30 days of major parts, but there will be continued activity – aftershocks, ash, and the like.

I know many of us are a bit weary from watching, waiting and praying.   But, it is for us also to take it one day at a time and keep at it.  Please, if you’re willing, add your prayers to all those who pray on whichever particular days you may pick.


“There are prayers and meditations happening every minute of every day, by someone, somewhere.  No matter when we pray or meditate, there are two or more “gathering” together – with each one being somewhere on Earth.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

15 thoughts on “My August 3, 2015 Input

  1. Hello! There was a meteor impact in Iran yesterday or Saturday that was comparable to the Russian one. I know that’s outside of the watch zone. But it could be a sign to be aware of?


  2. I wanna send my prayers out to and im really worried this whole thing with jade helm got me scared are they doing that exercise in preperation of martial law or takeover or economic collapse or natural disaster i hear a comet suppose to hit could that be sorry all random questions just worried about future


    • It can help to learn about human nature. We can do this by studying ourselves. What motivates us? What moves us to think or feel a certain way? We may think something will happen, but many times, that “thought” comes not from listening to guidance within, but rather from a personal agenda which we feed. Personally, we do this quite often and it is a very good idea to study ourselves, so we know what is worth paying attention to, and what is just more noise. Ask yourself this question, “How does it serve me to think this way?” It’s always a good idea to pray that God help us then be honest with ourselves in answering.
      It is very true that if we avoid doing the inner work, the dramatic/dangerous events we hear about and fear will eventually cause us to paralyze ourselves to the point that we choose not even to get out of bed. Belief in God is not meant as a hobby or to pick up or set down as one would a book. It is a call to let that faith and trust, move us to live out our lives ever more fully regardless of the behaviors and beliefs of others.


  3. If anyone is interested in Buddhism, we recite Guan Shi Yin Pusa ( Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva) during emergencies. In the Lotus Sutra (and other sutras), the Buddha has said that anyone who recites this name when confronted by danger, illness, bandits, fire, water, disasters and calamity etc. will be bestowed with instant relief.

    In fact, my own grandmother overcame smallpox by reciting Guan Yin’s name.

    Lastly, I recommend everyone read how Diann Sommers escaped both a raging wildfire and later a falling tree (due to storm) because of her pious recitation of Guan Yin Pusa:


    More importantly, she recites while circumambulating her home and property, this act helped secure the land:

    “……There was no time to evacuate. The fire consumed everything in the surrounding area except a circular perimeter around her house. When interviewed by a reporter from CBS, who asked her how she had survived the fire unscathed, Diann expressed her feeling of awe at why she was spared by the fire.”

    I hope this helps.

    Namo Amitabha.


  4. Thank you Jodie for putting this out there and your for hope and light, staying committed through all of this. Here in South Africa I’ve prayed calmly with my family in Desember when we read your first blog post. I’ve been praying regularly since then. I ask God for mercy and grace in people’s lives, and that his love will be present all over. Also for these things to be in the hearts and minds of people who would come to help, just like you said, Jodie. I’m bot sure what more I should do, should I post this on facebook for my friends to see? I feel like I could do more to help, to get more prayers for the people who would be affected by this event, what would you suggest Jodie? What more can we do?


  5. Hi Jodie, I live in Northeast FL a half mile from the beach. I think in a previous post you said there wouldn’t be much of anything coming up this far in both water/tsunami or ash cloud. Do you still see that and do you see any help being needed in South FL? I’ll be making a Home Depot run this weekend and wondered if there are things I should stock up on now to send to our neighbors in South FL in addition to things that will be needed in other countries/islands. Thanks for responding to our many queries! Peace be with you and with everyone.


    • If it happens as I’ve been seeing it, the impact on Florida will be minor compared to the Caribbean. I’m seeing ash in the air over Florida – not at dangerous levels for the general public and at a higher elevation than would be dangerous, but a problem for those with respiratory problems – like the elderly, who may have breathing issues. I’m seeing relief agencies going into the areas to help. These relief agencies are helped by donations. Radios will be the reliable source of communication. Cell phone service will be hindered in many areas, because of everyone trying to call in and out at the same time. Most cell phone service will be out in directly hit areas.


  6. Jodie
    What a strange felling to be on a stand-by mode,waiting the worst to come for the carabeans region.what a sad time for people,and at the same time this will be an opportunity to help our brothers and sisters who will be in great need..because now, into the distress we are ONE
    and with your warnings Jodie,you will save a lot of people.You are a good soldier of GOD
    and God bless you.


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