Freewill vs. Predestination

“…then everything in life is predestined, is this true?” Z.


God gave everyone freewill and this means we can choose, and then change our minds, at any time. No one can take away what God has given us.

A basic simple beginning of understanding prediction can be as follows:

Prediction can  be like having the ability to see that A leads to B, which leads to C, which leads to D, which leads to E, which leads to F, which leads to G, which leads to H, which leads to I, which leads to J, etc., etc.  For example, I can predict that Spring will come after Winter, because that’s our planetary design.

Prediction with individuals comes from the ability to see that if a person went to work 5 days a week for many years, then they are on the path to go to work again.  However, it is still a person’s freewill to quit their job today, and do something else.  Each individual has millions of patterns like this.

Prediction also comes from seeing that if a person is going down a path, and they make certain choices, then certain factors will come into play depending on the decision they make.  For example, if a person chooses to go to college, certain factors and life situations will come into this person’s life.  If they choose not to go to college, different life situations will come into this person’s life.

Prediction also comes from seeing that if we’re going down a certain road of life, to reach a destination in life, and there are warnings on that road of life, saying something like, “Bridge Out Ahead”, and the warnings are ignored because they’re not believed or not understood, certain things (sometimes harmful things) will happen because the road taken has not been changed.  Choosing to smoke cigarettes is an example of the last statement.

Predestination can be a part of life, but only in presenting choices for a person to decide – to act respectfully or disrespectfully, to forgive or not forgive, to be patient or to be impatient, to judge and criticize others, or to be kind and understanding, to cooperate with others or to fight against others, to make someone else’s or one’s own life heaven or to make someone else’s or one’s own life hell, to be selfish or to be unselfish, to choose life or to choose death.  Life situations happen, circumstances happen, but how we respond to them comes from our own freewill.

See, we make decisions everyday and these decisions lead us down different paths.  Interestingly, we’ve made decisions 10,000 years ago that are affecting our life, today.  We’re making decisions today that will affect our life 10,000 years in the future.


“In any moment, we can choose to understand or we can choose to misunderstand.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1989-2014, Jodie Senkyrik)

“The path that usually leads to ‘learning things the hard way’, so many times, is the ‘easy way’ to choose, isn’t it?” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1989-2014, Jodie Senkyrik)

“God said ‘Let there be Light,’ and so He created brains.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1989-2014, Jodie Senkyrik)

3 thoughts on “Freewill vs. Predestination

  1. This free will topic is more complex than this article might suggest. To be understood a description of what free will is would be prudent. Without a basleine benchmark of understanding opinion is worthless.
    If all our lives paths and circumstance were decided prior to birth THAT could have been when our free will was deployed. All so called choices during conscious life then are not free will accurately deployed but destiny unravelling.
    Our lives are greatly influenced by our DNA, social economic status, intelligence, geography then social influences etc. Our daily choices then are limited by all these influencers thereby greatly reducing ones free will. There are many preconditions to create a life circumstance and potential outcomes that far exceeds conscious free will. I may want to play in the NFL or NBA however being born sans the physical attributes makes it a nonchoice right off the bat.
    It is said that free will is limited to only 1 choice daily being, is doing this inline with my life direction or not? This decision is often not even made consciously.
    A reading of the 2 books regarding Dr. FREDERIC Meyer would be of some help to those looking to understand free will. He authored 2 books after dieing through a multitude of international psychics over decades to proof life after death. Aside from Cayce I can find no comparable qualified source to compare.
    I have experimented with 6 psychics over 15 years and have learned that not 1 is right all the time and often the readings are miss spoke or missunderstood until much later when new information is released. Sometime they are simply just incorrect or see things in muted influences.
    If life was all about free will then psychics would be worthless and the book of revalations would be fantasy.
    There is a plan.
    We choose it before we came here in connection with God and our spirit family. Everyday we work on implementing that plan. Everybody, thing, place and event was prechosen by us, for us,
    We are living out that plan and that is what a gifted psychic sees.
    “What’s for you will never pass you”


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