Weather Prediction for 2013-2014 (Part 1 of many)

I see a building up of energy and forces that are going to effect the weather from summer 2013 to the end of the 2014 winter.  There is a “balancing act” going on.  Or to use a different metaphor for the forces that I see affecting the weather during that time – a “seesaw effect” is in place.

There are strong forces that can potentially bring either an extreme summer in 2013 (seesaw imbalanced one way) or an extreme winter in 2014 (the seesaw imbalanced the other way.)

The forces guiding the weather are trying to balance each other.  If the summer of 2013 is an extreme summer, the winter of 2014 will be milder.  If the summer of 2013 is mild and somewhat similar to the summer of 2012, there will be an extreme winter following it. The energy that is bringing these two possibilities is going to either effect the 2013 summer or the 2014 winter.

There is a slight possibility that there will be an equal balance between the two, but the possibility is very slight.

Why is this variation possible?  Because the weather is caused by human consciousness.  Period.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Weather is caused by human consciousness.  In so many ways.  On so many dimensions.

Still, my earliest of predictions is that the winter of 2014 will be one of the hardest on record.  In the amount of time from now back to the winter of 2011, (which was one of the worse we’ve seen) is the same amount of time to the 2014 bad winter.  As of right now, if all things continue in this way, the 2014 winter will be even colder and longer than the winter of 2011.  It will be cold to the extreme.

What I see psychically is that the forces are trying to balance.  How they manifest will be determined via human consciousness.  All the time, more and more people are recognizing that human consciousness has an effect on the weather – in many ways, on many levels, in many dimensions.

32 thoughts on “Weather Prediction for 2013-2014 (Part 1 of many)

  1. Yes its going to be cold, but what i don’t agree on is how humans effect the climate…. We don’t actually really effect the climate do some real research. The clouds and sun effect 99.4% of climate change! Humans aren’t even a tenth of a percent. If you focus on such a small thing like that than your predictions will be way off. There is no such thing as global warming nor is there global cooling…. Its called cycles and phases that the sun goes through. Without these changes Earth would be inhabitable. But there is proof that we will get cooler in the near future because the sun is going through its calm stage with no sun spots… We are also going to be getting cooler in the near future because we move roughly 15cm a year away from the sun! That’s enough to change climate in a flash. All this stupid stuff about global warming is keeping us from becoming more advanced. Its a stimulant to scare people so they can get more money…. For example who would want to read an article about how things in the Arctic are normal and are doing just fine? No one that’s boring. So they spice it up a bit by saying oh polar bears are losing homes because ice is “melting” and sea level will rise leading to death of all people. Now that’s something that everyone will go out and buy right on the spot. Its how they make a profit… But point is, is that humans to such a small amount of damage and change to be able to effect the climate EVER! Just because a computer model said this or it said that doesn’t mean its going to happen. Ever heard of crap in crap out? Well you put crap into a computer your going to get crap out no matter what you do…. Now if you put real science and tested variables than a computer model could tell you something different. So if you have any questions or concerns email me and i can answer all your questions and i could possibly teach you what true and what’s not true.


  2. Yes, I can say I also get to be witness to “Crap in, Crap out.”

    For what it’s worth, I stand by what I psychically see. You, as millions through the eras – as all of us, even – we have freewill to choose to believe what we want to believe and only what we want to believe – with our choosing based on our own conscience and/or agenda. In the same way, also with freewill, we can choose to not believe what we don’t want to believe – also based on our own conscience and/or agenda.

    I stand by what I see psychically and I report it here. Human consciousness affects the weather patterns in monumental ways – sadly, one of so many things that goes unrecognized and unacknowledged by humankind. This ‘affecting’ will always be the case. This is what I see psychically.

    I encourage anyone who reads this to keep an open mind for learning more than only what we currently think for “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy” (Hamlet I.5:159–167)


  3. Jodie will the South see more Colder Weather and a Bigger chance for snow or ice and Sleet,especialy South Arkansas,North Louisiana,and Western Mississippi.would be intresting to know Thank you Jimmy


    • Yes. All the factors are lining up for it being a seriously severe winter in 2014. Because the temperatures are mild / cold right now in much of the areas I’m mentioning, this means that the temperatures in the winter of 2014 will be colder. This is not a causal factor, but rather “signs along the road” factor. This means that winter coldness is not caused by spring and summer coldness but rather that the temperatures in the spring and summer of 2013 and the temperatures in the winter of 2014 are being affected by the same things.

      The bottom line answer is ‘Yes’, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Nebraska, Colorado especially, – these states will be hit extremely hard during the winter of 2014… and over a longer duration.

      This is what I see psychically.


  4. If anyone can say with some reliable info, will the southeastern USA be a colder than past years winters and have a good chance at decent amounts of snow for 2013-2014 winter…please help….Jeffro in central NC…


    • North Carolina will be hit especially hard during the winter of 2014. Right now, I’m seeing very hard storms – meaning high winds, extra-low temperatures, more snow than average, and it lasting for longer durations. I can see one very long period of three weeks where it seems like it will NEVER end. I encourage preparations to be made.

      With regards to whether to prepare or not – don’t gamble based on whether you think I’m wrong or right. The issue isn’t whether I’m wrong or right – the issue is whether you’re prepared. It’s not a matter of “if” it happens – it’s a matter of “when” it’s going to happen. Psychically, I see it happening. I can be off some, but I have no qualms of putting that here if I am. Currently, I’m still psychically seeing what I’ve stated above. If it changes, I will put that here, also.

      Finally, praying helps more than not praying does.


    • Georgia also will be colder than average. I don’t see a lot of snow, but I see difficult driving conditions on the freeways. Currently, I don’t see Georgia or Florida being as bad as the rest of the nation. Usually Arctic Freezing Cold Fronts slow down before stretching into Georgia and Florida as much as the other more westerly states. Both states will see lower temperatures than normal but the conditions they bring will not be as severe and hard as the states west of them. Snow in Atlanta? A little – but not tons. If you want tons of snow – the northern Midwest states – some of which will have to declare states of emergency. If I’m accurate, we’ll have several states declaring states of emergency in the nation.


  5. I live in north Ga..gainsville.. just below the mountains. It is very far north from atlanta…so you said not much snow for atl…so does that hold true up here as well? hope not! i remember you saying N.C.would be hit hard in 2014.winter. i was hoping some of that might get down my way…maybe you think?… do you every change your mind on yor forcast? thx! carey


  6. Jodie you said ” winter coldness is not caused by spring and summer coldness but rather that the temperatures in the spring and summer of 2013 and the temperatures in the winter of 2014 are being affected by the same things.”

    Now what do you have to say for winter 2014 here in Utah is extremely hot temperatures. Should we expect a mild winter now?


    • The whole region of the Carolinas and the east coast will be experiencing very, very similar weather all around the area. The weather patterns won’t exclude any small areas from the vicinity they are in. The Carolinas most important weather factor is that the eastern seacoast is now and in the future, the new hurricane alley. Currently, I’m seeing that Hurricane Sandy was the first of two that will hit almost the exact same areas. I’ll keep watching for this one for updates of when.


  7. Michael, I liked your well put argument and agree completely. I have read the reports published by the government studies and they agree with you if you separate the agenda from the fact. P.S. Masters in Bio Chemistry not a redneck.


  8. As a practicing psychic who was once also awarded a full university scholarship in Physics, I would say that while the science doesn’t fully reach into the realms of completely understanding higher consciousness, and may seem to be completely opposite from what I say, here,… to me, it only means that both sides have a lot of expansion and discovery yet waiting to happen. Imagine what we’re going to learn in the realm of science over the next 200 years… or 500 years… or 10,000 years.

    Science eventually discovers what once was believed to be magic or “impossible”. The study of human consciousness and it’s related factors has basis in the, as of yet, undiscovered science. The information I contribute here may or may not be supported by today’s scientific paradigms, but only because we have not yet reached tomorrow’s scientific paradigms. Isaac Newton probably would have called Einstein feeble minded if Albert had told Isaac what he thought.

    And so, all this means that I stand behind what I said about humans and their impact on the weather. Just remember, I’m not talking about our day-to-day consciousness levels. I’m talking about eons of soul consciousness and the power of this collective whole consciousness on the earth plane – which includes weather.


    • The drastic extreme weather I’m seeing is localized in the U.S. and I’ve been posting about that to give people a “heads up” to be ready for it. I don’t see extreme weather for SW Ireland, unless a whole lot of rain is extreme. Yes, I see lots of wetness during December and January. Soggy would be a good word for it. February will see less rain.
      If you can remember to, please let me know if this manifests as I’m seeing. I’m always interested in whether I’m accurate. So far this year, I’ve been accurate with the results, and it’s still falling into place, which makes me think we’re going to have a seriously bad winter in much of the U.S. in 2014.


  9. This past summer was beyond average here in Germany and I’m wondering if the heat will continue to be extreme this year in 2014. I know you’ve been speaking of the US, but do you see anything for Germany?


  10. Ok here is my suggestion,. For all of u.. Stop listening n watchhing the news.. Quit relying on weather reports.. Ive noticed a huge difference when ive eliminated these two things out of my life.. Wanna know the weather just stick to reading ur window thermometer for the temp n look outside n there ya go thats all u need to know.. Weather reports n news media only tend to influence n confuse direct influence people .. Technology n weather models arent reliable.. Neither are media or news reports.. Go out n live ur lives n quit relying on things to dictate n control ur lives for u… Ur here to live not be at will to something that honestly holds no true relevance upon anything much less even is accurate.. Ask urself how do u feel ur day should go.. Alot of people dont even both asking this n leave it to others to decide for them.. Heres the forecast… Snow happens but u have control over what u experience within the field of ur perception.. Why put urself on autopilot n have this dictated for you.. ? Take charge of ur lives n what u experience people.. Ur either living unconciously n this fully explains why you people get the results u do.. Or u can live it conciously in awareness of what is n go from there.. So i ask? What do u want to happen n what is it u personally would like to experience.. Cuz keep in mind we reside in a contextual field or dimension.. U only affect what u see.. This is based thru the law of attraction n the law of relativity n the laws of equivelent exchange.. Physics n technology cant change or dictate it.. N have nothing to do with it.. Unless u wanna keep living in the illusion that u react to life… If not n u wanna take charge of ur life then i suggest u step out of the illusion n know that the world or contextual field around u reacts to you n what u transmit.. Again u cant do this on a planetary scale as a whole cuz everyone is within thier own contexfual field to thier own degree.. Dont believe me? Well reason for this is two things cant occupy the same space but thats just fact n is an obvious given.. So in that sense no.. It wont be an every person thing.. Cuz ud still have two seperate perceptions of what it is u both think.. So no two snow flakes alike.. No two specks of sand alike n no two people alike.. This should already be something u should know.. Its constantly being shown around u.. U need to stop being in the illusion to see it.. The universe n life is already established n cant be manipulated or changed so why not just live in it ? Its that simple or must u guys always complicate ur lives? Lol its not hard people or complicated.. Get out there n live lije u were created to n experience like u were meant to.. U were designed for this .. So what is stopping u? Just do it already..


    • Even the Boy Scouts have a motto of “Be Prepared.”
      You took a lot of time to write this, and I recognize your effort. The only thing I agree with is “Live life” adding that all of life is life, including preparation in life for what comes. Even when we buy groceries for the week ahead, in essence, we’re “preparing for the future.”


  11. Also too i wouldnt worry about predictions cuz we live n reside only in the now.. U cant predict what hasnt been created.. Nor can u state it.. Change n life are the only two constants there are..


  12. I disagree with your assumption that the future hasn’t been created. As a metaphor: Anytime a road is built, it is for future traveling down that road. The result being when we travel down a road, we are going towards a destination that we seek – an end that we want to reach. Because we have different possible roads to travel down only means that we have many goals that we want to pursue. Seeing the future is like seeing a road map – many destinations with many ways to get there and many choices to make. This also means that predictions of the future look more at the “most likely outcome given all these factors, with everything remaining the same”. Everyone has freewill choices to make, and the future can change. Everyone has inclinations, patterns, hopes, dreams and desires that lead us in certain directions consistently. With all this, predictions can be made and many of them occur as seen.


    • All of Florida will see colder temperatures but “real” snow – as in many inches of snow, I don’t see it happening. Some snow in the air, but almost none landing and staying on the ground.


  13. I hate to repeat myself but I am very interested to know what kind of summer south east Wisconsin ( Fond du lac, WI) will be having. Will it be chilly or will it be hot and beautiful? Do you see any wicked storms that head our way? Very interested!


    • As the winter of 2014 comes to an end, (April, 2014) the energy and forces will come back into a balance and in general, across the nation we will see more towards the average weather patterns of the last 5-6 years. There will be fewer extreme events for the nation as a whole for the rest of 2014. This is the general prediction for all areas, including yours. For your area, you will be back in what can be termed as “average” weather for your area. This includes all the mixes of weather that have been in your area over the last 5-6 years, yet for the remainder of 2014, I don’t see widespread extremes like happened in the winter. This can be applied to the whole state and the multistate area around there.


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