Dec. 21, 2012 and Beyond

As I’ve said before, the energy associated with 2012 will come to an end near the end of February, 2013.  With regards to the effects on the human race, think of this date relating to the human race in the same way one would think of as a patient who has had cancer.  With 12/21/2012 being the day the doctor walks into the hospital room and says that the cancer is finished, healed, eradicated and gone from the body.  While that day can be compared to 12/21/2012, the recuperation process will be the days, months, and years that follow.

A cancer patient who has gotten the word that the cancer is removed, doesn’t jump out of bed and run a marathon.  There is a slow and gradual rebuilding of the body from the process just finished.  It could take a long time for the person to wake up from the sleep-induced healing process.  It can take a long time for the body to recover, and it can take a long time for the person to get their strength back.  And it can take a long time before a person returns to their home and then again to return to some type of life that was similar to before the illness took hold.

This is a long process for the human race, but the turning point is happening.  Dec 21, 2012 will not see a great destruction or cataclism.  Just a gentle, still, small, voice saying, “It is done.”

A great resting period will take place from 12/21/12 to the end of February, 2013, and it will be 4 years before we begin to see some progress towards the hope for the future.  From then on, it all depends on many factors, but the journey returning to an awareness of our spiritual identity will progress further.

In addition, the progress will be uniquely different for each soul.  Since each person is in a different place within their spiritual development, the progress will represent and display the differences.

Side note: Examples of the progress – still using the “healing cancer” metaphor – the next 190 years or so will be a time that could be thought of as a time for “strengthening the body” (again with the cancer metaphor.)  This will be a time of strengthening the awareness of spirit as a reality.  The following 300 years after that then will be “getting back into the world” (as a healed patient might do.)  This time will be noted mostly by the presence of active spiritual endeavors where the spiritual forces will be actively manifesting in the world.

Why are these times so long?  In reality, they aren’t long for the human race – they are quick.  For an individual, they would be long, but for the human race as a whole, this is short.  Consider the social development of the last 500 years.  While the next 500 will be exponential compared to the last 500, we can see that very distinct progress was made steadily and consistently.  Very distinct and famous contributary steps happened during the last 500 years to help social, intellectual, spiritual and psychological evolution.  Scientific discoveries, religious freedoms, social reforms and the like happened in very definitive ways.

Likewise, we will see many distinct changes happen during the next 500 years, with seriously distinct transitions happening around the 2200 mark.  Read some of my other predictions to see what I site.

Side note:  We will have interplanetary travel this century.  We will also begin inter-star-system travel this century (but only in small numbers at first.)  In the centuries that follow, millions will go to other star systems and colonies will be established on other planets.  This process will bring it’s own benefits and detriments.  This will not be without it’s own problems.

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