Food Price Predictions

I’m a big supporter of personal gardening and purchasing local vegetables and fruits.  This is because as time goes on, we’re not going to see food prices go down.  We’re going to be seeing food prices going up.  I’m seeing noticeable price increases in 2013 from where they are in 2012.  While many are predicting fall 2012 prices to go up with food,  I am not seeing considerable price increases way above what we’re used to, until the impact of the 2012 problems hits the markets in 2013.

The food price increase of 2013 will be the result of the problems they’re having in the midwest this year.  This years crops or difficulties with  them will affect next years prices more than the current prices except for the impact of speculating and hording.

In the summer of 2014, I see food prices come down some but not a lot.  The winter (Jan & Feb) of 2014 will be very bad and will then contribute to more food problems for many people who don’t grow their own food or don’t purchase locally.  The factory farm /large producers will be the ones whose crops will be affected by the winter and whose products will drive the prices the most.

PS.  I have my own garden and cover it with a plastic structure during the winter to keep the garden producing.