The Edgar Cayce Readings’ Predictions

From the comment: “As a long time student of the Readings of Edgar Cayce I do not feel it is your place to reinterpret his Readings, adding your own feelings to them and then saying they are changed and manifesting in a different way. You have no right to do this. If you want to say you have visions of this or that then say that but leave Cayce out of it. You are like so many others at this time, all reinterpreting Cayce but all that you say and do it based on his work. This is bad karma for you and I advise you to stop. This is the true feeling of Edgar Cayce at this moment and not as you describe it. If you feel yu have something new and fresh t add with your predictions, then say it. If it’s just another rip of Cayce then stop and find out who YOU are. THis is not the way and it is messing with His Message. Stop.”

Let’s take a look at this comment.  First of all, I’m not going to shy away of these types of comments or delete them.  There are comments here made by someone who has the right to comment according to their belief, and I’m going to respect that right.  However, there are topics here to address.

Reinterpretation the Old vs.  a New Reading

Point 1:  I disagree with you.  My reading was not a reinterpretation of any of Edgar Cayce’s readings.  It was an independent reading (several independent readings) done by myself in which I was allowed/given/seeing Akashic record information about Edgar Cayce, about his reading the Akashic record information and then included more information to be added to his information.  I did not go to the written readings and reinterpret what has been written down and recorded by the A.R.E.

All information is available in the Akashic records – including different possibilities about the information and alternate time lines.  The E.C. readings even say so.  I wasn’t personally interpreting the Edgar Cayce readings’ information (which Cayce read) based on my own feelings.  I was directly reading the Akashic records myself.  When I see “Edgar Cayce” and his doing his work, in the information of my reading, I’m going to put it in these written statements.  (It is possible to see in the Akashic records – my doing a reading seeing Edgar Cayce doing a reading.  And if someone seeks this information, then in the Akashic Records will be “that person seeing me doing a reading on Edgar Cayce doing a reading.”)

A Different Direction

I say that the predictions are manifesting in a different way, because the information I “read” showed that E.C.’s predictions had manifested in a different way than he originally foresaw.  The information I psychically saw included Edgar Cayce, his doing his readings, his information, what he was looking at, the forces at work when he read the future, the forces that have brought about changes, and the final manifestation of that which he had foreseen happening.  I then relayed to others the information I was able to get.

When the information I read contains Edgar Cayce, Edgar’s acting on his gift, the information brought forth from his gift, and the changes that have occurred affecting the manifestation of the information, as well as the forces that brought about the changes to the form of manifestation from his gift, it is appropriate, necessary and helpful to report this information.

I think Edgar Cayce was very accurate – including what he said about the earth changes.  He also said that mankind can change it’s own future.  For myself, what I present is a confirmation that Edgar Cayce was right.  And that his predictions would have happened verbatim, if we had not done what his readings said to do – to develop spiritually bringing forth the spiritual energy and higher consciousness needed to bring more healing to the planet and consciousness of the human race.  Edgar was very accurate about more than people think – even in those things that people don’t believe he was.  In this case here, the forms (which the energies and forces destined to manifest) have been influenced and changed through the freewill of mankind.  The readings speak very clearly about freewill.

I know that he was accurate in the earth changes predictions.  I’ve seen the psychic information saying that all of what he said indeed would have come true, if we had not taken steps towards healing human consciousness beginning with our own individual consciousnesses.  I’ve now seen the forces at work that have changed the final manifested form of the energies which he foresaw (which would otherwise have brought forth the events of which he spoke.)

I am happy that we’ve changed the forms of the destined energies.  I applaud the efforts so many millions have brought forth in order to heal what could be healed.  I would not have applauded the earth changes as they had been first foreseen.  Mankind doesn’t need suffering and horror to grow, even though some seem to seek it, because of their own issues.

Not A Religion

Point #2: Unfortunately, in my opinion, Edgar Cayce’s and the reading’s directive to “Research” hasn’t been adhered to as much as needed.  Many take the readings as Gospel and consider this almost to be a religion.  The readings themselves say to not turn this into a religion.  All the information is to be tried, to be investigated, to be researched, but not to be held onto through any kind of “blind” faith or to be revered and put up on a pedestal – nor is Edgar Cayce to be put on a pedestal or be deified.

In my opinion, to turn the readings into Gospel but without the appropriate exploration into an understanding – through examination, investigation and research – shows a misunderstanding of the readings’ message, and a misrepresentation of the man, Edgar Cayce and what he hoped for from the readings themselves.  We are entering into a time potentially for making quantum leaps in consciousness, but we can’t take these leaps unless we let go of the ground from which we’re leaping.  We can’t gain understanding of these forces if we’re not willing to let go of “not understanding” or “accepting things blindly and solely on faith”.  It is okay to understand the why’s and wherefore’s of who or what we have faith in.

Research to lead to Enlightenment

I do think that we can believe what the Cayce Readings say, and we must take them further than just “believing” or just having faith that they’re true.  We must follow through with efforts to examine and understand the inner workings of how, why, when and what, otherwise, we’re turning it into another religion, not doing the work which the readings call for, and not working to make the transformation real.  Taking this Quantum leap means understanding what it is on which our belief and faith are based.  Belief and Faith are important, but there’s more than that inside us in which we also have to develop.  In my opinion, the readings are the beginning of the learning and understanding of the subject material, not the end of the learning and understanding.   The readings are the beginnings of belief and faith, but beginnings which must also lead us to a deeper and more comprehensive understanding.

The Need for More Research

There has been so much that the readings didn’t tell us.  One reason they left information out, could be in order to spur us on to do the research – to do the investigation – to continue to examine and learn even beyond what the readings have so far given.  This is so we can understand and therefore practice the information even more.  Even Jesus Christ’s words need to be practiced and tried out in order to make them alive and real.  My message has been to say that Edgar Cayce was right in his predictions, and in turn, likewise in what his readings said when they spoke of the power of prayer and meditation for changing things.  His predictions are what could have happened.  What has happened are the results of adding the prayer and meditations to the equation brought about by people’s freewill choice to pray and meditate.

A Man of His Own Time

We won’t get more readings from Edgar Cayce because Edgar has passed on, but there is yet more to be added to what Edgar Cayce began.  Edgar Cayce’s readings were done at one time period in mankind’s history – the time period in which Edgar Cayce lived.  In some ways, this means that it met the level of consciousness of that time period.  Information was presented according to the consciousness of that time period.

Granted, some of it was spoken to the people of his future and met the consciousness of his future time period, too.  For example, Edgar never spoke of using Lasik Eye Surgery to help correct vision.  Yet, it works great for doing just that.  He spoke of using Glycothymoline.  He spoke of head and neck exercises.  He spoke of using other remedies.  Why?  Because Lasik method wasn’t around during his day – Glycothymoline was.  It was possible to do head and neck exercises.  It wasn’t possible to send anyone to a Lasik eye surgeon.  He responded to the time’s he lived in with what was available to the people of the time.

He also predicted the future according to the evolutionary path humanity was on at his time.  His “disclaimer” statement will always be, “With all things staying the same….”  At that time, humanity was on a particular evolutionary path.  In the decades following his death, humanity changed, through spiritual effort, the evolutionary path we were on.  This possibility, as all possibilities, was available to Edgar to see, but it wasn’t the path humanity was on.

With this premise is why it’s possible that Edgar’s predictions can change the form in which they manifest.  The predictions are still true, because the forces that brought them about still are active, but other forces and choices came into play through freewill that influenced the final form result of those same forces.  From what I’ve read psychically and that’s in the Akashic records, the form of what Edgar Cayce predicted for humanity’s future has changed.

Just wait until you see what else comes forth.  I report what I see about Edgar Cayce’s work to let people know that Cayce was right.  Even though we don’t see the Earth changes exactly as he predicted, the forces he saw still manifested, but because of all of our efforts we were able to change the final outcome.  This is a message that says prayer and meditation have a real affect on our lives and on our future.  For me, that is the message of the readings more so than earth predictions.

2 thoughts on “The Edgar Cayce Readings’ Predictions

  1. I am wondering Jodie if Edgar
    Cayce has come back for another lifetime , I know some people do and others don ‘t I have read alot about Edgar Cayce and he seems to have been a very authentic , man , and lived a very humble life considering his gifts . I cannot imagine today how he would be treated or how he would have lived with his gifts . Do you know anything about him in regard to whether he has returned or will return to be on earth ? Diane Collett Greenblatt


    • He shared a dream in which he returned, but not in this century. He will return to physical form as will you and I. We all still have some growing yet to do, and some service yet to give. Don’t you agree?


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