What I See Happening in the R/U war

First of all, the current timeline I see us on is this:

I’m seeing it lasting into about 6 weeks with a gradual de-escalation slowly happening after 7 to 10 days from now. In April (3rd week), I’m seeing successful “sitting down at the table to talk over the end”. In May, different situations will be happening, if we stay on this timeline. We can’t de-evolve onto a worse timeline, but we can send Light, Love, Prayers, to all involved to work to create a better timeline. The Russians will occupy until they slowly finish leaving in June.

During the next 6 weeks, fighting will continue, but the amount of it will slow down. Occupation will continue after that with a gradual removal of troops leading through May and into June.

Putin likes being king.

I do NOT see a use of nuclear weapons.

I DO see a great call sent out for praying for peace and for the people involved.

You may ask questions related to this by putting the question in the comments section.


17 thoughts on “What I See Happening in the R/U war

    • What I see about Yemen” This has been a tribal war, not of months and years, but of centuries in that the same causes come and go with generations. I see it more as an ancient succession of generations of war, rather than a nationally associated war. Yemen as a nation, has been on the receiving end of Saudi Arabia’s boot for a while. While the current problems are visible on the surface, war is not new to this area. This is the “same song, different players” kind of war – especially around “who gets to rule this area”. There is more to it than this, but it is not taking a front seat in the news, because it is more an internal Arab region war than a world war. This fact, more than others, causes other nations to want to not get in the middle of internal Arab conflicts.


      • While that is the intention, and the great desire of the people, as well as what the European nations would like, there will be some concessions when they sit down to talk at the end of April (at the earliest) or mid-May (at the latest).


    • This is a very difficult question to answer. I see neither side getting what they want – more a compromise than anything else. Putin does not get what he wants, and the Ukraine nation does not get what they want. But there will be a cease fire. I see efforts for it in March and it finally happening in April.


  1. Wow I just checked the site about an hour or 2 ago wondering if you had insight. Didn’t see anything and then I just saw an email notification that there was a new post.

    How quickly can these things change course when it comes to different timelines? And what do you see in the far future regarding energy use in Europe in relation to Russia? Will Europe continue to be buyers or will it some how expedite alternative energy research?

    What will the consequences of the current global economic sanctions be on the Russian government and it’s citizens for the rest of the year?


    • 1. These things change course – to a new timeline – if people change their minds – freewill – and bring in prayers, higher energy, meditations, higher minded actions, and the like. If all things stay the same, and people don’t change much from their current course of choosing, then these predictions will come to pass as seen on the date the predictions happen. This is why Edgar Cayce’s predictions changed from his original predictions to what eventually manifested in the world.
      2. In the close future, Europe is going to try to back off some on how much they get from Russia, now knowing that Putin is willing to attack. They will continue some trade in order to keep from having an isolated non-warring Russia become unstable. It will continue to buy, but have backups and more self-reliance also. Trade is usually a war-inhibitor.
      3. For the rest of the year, the Russian people will feel the trade sanction in a big way. That’s happening now. In May, I see something changing with the people. I’m not able to offer that information right now.


    • Putin has been a king in a past life and he now thinks in that way without using the word “king”. His feeling is ownership. As with every soul, when we take a step of destruction, we are given many lifetimes and many centuries (sometimes) to heal/fix/clean up/repair/resolve the effects of our actions. As the Bible says, (somewhere) “every jot and tittle will be faced”, (even if it takes many, many lifetimes and thousands and thousands of years.)


  2. What will be the fallout for Putin? Is it possible that some generals will turn on him? And/or the people of Russia? Can you see more about his intentions for impetus for this invasion? Lastly, he is looking not good lately…his health?

    Thank you, Jodie!


    • 1. The fallout will be with the people of Russia, and Russia’s standing in all the world organizations and treaties.
      2. I do not see generals turn on him, but rather the people.
      3. We won’t hear about this because few will be able to report this or get the information out.
      4. His main impetus comes from believing that the Ukraine is part of his Russia and is not allowed to separate. His attitude is driven from his past life as king.
      5. His health is as one who is not achieving what has been expected. Stress, yes. Generally, his health is acceptable for him to continue in his role in this life. I see him continuing to be leader for years yet.


    • I see President Zelensky having a bullseye on him. He is targeted. He needs our prayers of protection as well. Pray for miracles for him and his family, as well as all the families in the Ukraine.


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