Covid – a Vaccine Timetable

This spring the vaccine will be available – not quickly, but not slowly either, and the vast majority will take the vaccine over the duration of the spring months and going into summer. We will see a vast dropping of people infected and businesses will Slowly open up and build up business again, waiting for people to earn money to spend it. Jobs will increase, again, slowly over months’ time … in the spring, and like the flowers, life will start up anew as if it had been waiting for just the right timing.


And our prayers and meditations, like spring rains feeding the flowers, will bring nourishment and comfort for the hope and longing within the hearts and minds of many.
Yet, recovery will be slow, and we will be challenged by, still, many other problems we have on the Earth, right now. The best sources of help are the local help-lines we create for each other in our own communities and neighborhoods. Local suffering which we aren’t fully aware of, will still happen, even with the person next door, that we haven’t yet checked on.
Sadly, there will be no cooperation in D.C. leading to major help, because the elected officials represent the people, and the attitudes of the people. And on the federal level, the people of the country do not give forth cooperation, but rather give forth conflict. This conflict starts with the people and is then reflected by the actions of the elected officials. This is how it works.
But, even during these experiences, our prayers and meditations, like spring rains feeding the flowers, will bring forth nourishment and comfort for any open to receive it and share it, – for bringing hope, and fulfilling the longing for better communities, a better nation and better lives for all. May God bless our efforts for help for all people.

10 thoughts on “Covid – a Vaccine Timetable

  1. Will the vaccine be safe? The history of the many unsuccessful attempts to create a corona virus vaccine over the years is nightmarish. Historically, the fastest a vaccine was ever created was for mumps. That took four years. They’re taking shortcuts with this new vaccine. As things stand now I wouldn’t touch it with a 25 foot pole.


    • As safe as possible, right now. This means yes, but no vaccine or medicine is 100% without problems for a few. But, for the vast, vast majority, it will be safe, and useful.
      I am seeing a large outbreak of “something” happening in 2023. I have yet to identify it as something new, or see if it is a loss of effectiveness of the vaccine.
      I will repeat what I’ve been saying for years – We are in a time period from 2020-2026 that is a darkened time. This will be a time of suffering and loss for the whole planet. It is a dark time. Our prayers and meditations can help heal some of this. We are called to be persistent with our efforts, patient with others and events in our lives, and merciful to all life that we interact with. We are being challenged to continue walking the path of kindness to all, and mercy to all. It is how we follow the path which Christ leads us on, and helps us stay on – the path of Loving kindness and mercy. It is the path of recognizing that even those we think are the most difficult people are still our family members in the human race, and deserve us showing our best and our highest. How? By remembering that with God, all things are possible – even the path of kindness and mercy.


  2. Covid numbers are spiking in Ohio. Do you see DeWine doing another shutdown? Why about schools… as a teacher, I’m very concerned as those numbers are starting to creep up too with students. Thank you, in advance, for relaying information to us!


    • Right now, there is much discussion and deliberation about another shutdown and the effects. Ultimately, I’m seeing another short shutdown because currently there is no light at the end of the tunnel and there is spiking happening. I’m seeing schools going into partial shutdowns or more quarantining, but not completely for everyone. It is like walking on a razor’s edge.


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