External vs. Internal

Trump has removed Bannon from the NSC, and Nunes has recused himself from the investigation into possible collusion between Trump and Russia. What do you think? N.F.

The question for me isn’t what are those other people doing. The question I ask myself each day is “What can I do today, to help?” Whether it’s pray and meditate, act with respect and kindness towards others, consider my role of supporting groups I believe help, recycling, or doing that one thing that only one person can do, I ask myself, what can I, one person, do today? This is what each individual has the capacity for, because all things that are accomplished are accomplished by individuals doing that which they can do as an individual – with individuals cooperating with each other – to bring about large events.

Sitting in the silence of this question, when put out to the Infinite Consciousness of God, I can get many answers – not all at once – and certainly not coming through the “lightening and thunder.” But, for me, my main answer is be true to myself – to my own heart, what I value, what I care about, what concerns me, what I try to affect by being one person adding my effort to other “one persons”.

We can contribute to the change in the world, in our nation, in our community and in our own family, by changing ourselves, by putting forth effort, and by recognizing that we can affect our own life and maybe the life of someone we contact.  Like the story of the boy who kept throwing beached starfish back in the water, when another person pointed out there were hundreds and thousands out of the water – “My effort matters to the one that is helped by that one act.”

From what I see psychically, everything is happening for a reason, but the big picture and understanding of why it happens this way, is as big as the Universe and all of Evolution through all time. Our prayers and meditation help to bring about higher guidance, and higher levels of healing. The effort we put forth is an act of creation of a new world – one built with what we do as an individual, today.

Finally, with regards to all the destruction that also happens – this too shall pass. Hence why the specific maneuvering in the government and external world doesn’t matter as much as the changes we make happen within our own hearts and minds.

If we want focus on the people in government to help bring about a better world, first, we need to look to the Spirit of God that lives within our own hearts and within our own efforts.  God’s help and guidance is stronger for those we pray for, but God will never take away a soul’s freewill to choose their actions for themselves.  If we see people’s actions as being harmful, then instead of judging, condemning and criticizing, be a person who instead prays for those who are lost in their desire to harm.  Remember, if all we are is a person who condemns and criticizes, but doesn’t pray to do something to help bring real change, then all we are is an empty noisemaker.

Thank you for contributing to this blog.  God bless you.


“If we could fully realize that every experience we create for ourselves and others is experienced not just by our immediate surroundings, but by all life in our area, in our planet, in this universe and in all the infinite universes, as well, would it affect what we decided to create for others to experience?” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2014, by Jodie Senkyrik)

8 thoughts on “External vs. Internal

    • Added :- I meant that being static is not one of world’s features. If we do not concentrate in ourselves then it is a big loss. Because, events will still happen, society-politics will change. It us who will lose big way becoming unchangable in a changable world.


      • Nothing is ever lost. When we choose dead-ends, we will have future days to come back around and choose again. This dimension is a school, not a win or lose scenario. We can learn by “winning”. We can learn by “losing”. In the story of the prodigal son, didn’t both sons receive and realize their inheritance from their father? God can take all our choices and make them into learning events.


  1. Donald Trump just committed treachery against his supporters. He broke his promise to be tough on China. What do you think?


    • I cannot take God’s place in being judge over his decisions. I do know that others do believe they can take God’s place.
      Don’t look at the surface of a lake and think you see the depths. Don’t look at the surface of events and think you know what is really going on.
      I know the aggravation of seeing these actions and the emotions related to living in a nation and world where these and more harmful actions take place. But, within these feelings and thoughts are where our real work is – within ourselves with our own reactions, feelings and thoughts.
      We can do this work, if each time we feel these feelings, we catch ourselves and return to what we learn spiritually. We don’t need to automatically respond to these events. With God’s help, we can step back from taking the stance that “this is right” or “this is wrong”. With God’s help, we can take a look at when we ourselves take actions which bring harmful effects on other people and use these experiences to understand the human challenges that everyone faces. With God, it is possible to make real change in our world by first changing our own self within, so that our walk in this world is not one of an automatic emotional response over and over and over.
      We are called to be in the world but not of the world. Being in the world does mean that we are aware of what happens in the world. Not being of the world, though, can mean that we don’t have to participate and contribute to the animosity, name-calling, condemnation and more which so many seem to want to add more into this world. It is more true that when our judgement of others stops, the healing of ourselves and others begins. It takes effort on our part to remember this – especially when we’re so riled up because of what we see other people do – with some of them in positions of great responsibility.
      Don’t let judgment be your last impact on these moments. With God, and only with God, can we bring something better into the world than what our automatic response might be. In those moments of self-observation, and self-remembering, pray for this family of Mankind, and pray for all life on this planet.
      The good news is that this too shall pass in time.

      God bless you and thank you for your contribution to this blog.


  2. What do you see for Puerto Rico in the future? Like Greece, it seems to me that PR is a ‘testing ground’ to see how to handle municipal debts and bankrupt states (yes, I know PR isn’t a state). What do you think?


    • Puerto Rico has difficult years ahead. It will be the middle of the next decade before things get better. However, the people of Puerto Rico have determination, persistence and courage to face difficult times. It is these and more qualities within them plus a great spirit which will help them through difficult times.


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