Elections Results

Regardless of whether our candidates won or lost, it’s helpful to remember that it’s not who is in political power who will save or destroy our lives, our country, our anything.

It is who is in spiritual power that will have the greatest and most lasting effect on our lives.

Many people think political power is the ultimate power, because they think it is connected to the power over people’s lives and the power of controlling money, but this power is an illusion compared to real power.  Real power is so far beyond anything called “political power.”

Political power can affect a small section of a person’s life, but Spiritual power affects a soul’s life after life after life, staying with the soul for all eternity.

This is the power that lasts.  Political power is like playing with Legos during an afternoon.  Spiritual power is the thing that the foundation of eternity is built upon.  No politician playing with money and people’s lives can build a foundation of eternity.

Politicians can affect one life, for sure, but God affects the entire evolution of that person and their soul growth in ways that are beyond what many people can even imagination.

Do not look to politicians to bring good for all the world.  God does more good than any politician ever could.  Now, this doesn’t mean that there are no people elected that help others.  There are a few “Public Servants” who are elected, but they are a small minority.  Fortunately, they have what it takes to help some.

Sadly, we haven’t seen too many politicians who have made good public servants.

Me? I vote for Christ, because I believe He can help us more than anyone else can.


“What would you want heaven to be like?  Are you creating that in your heart & in your mind, right now?  Are you helping to create that for others in the world?”  (From The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2000-2014, Jodie Senkyrik)

“What we pray for others, we equally pray for ourselves.” (From The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2001-2014, Jodie Senkyrik)

“For us to release ourselves from prison, we must release everyone else, as well.
For us to release ourselves from this cycle of karma, we must release everyone else from their karma, as well. Mercy and Forgiveness are the keys.” (From The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2001-2014, Jodie Senkyrik)

5 thoughts on “Elections Results

  1. Jodie, thank you so much for all these wonderful revelations, you are opening my understanding of these things. I have a question regarding the soul’s spiritual power, if the soul has learned lessons in the past will it use that power of lessons learned if it returns in a next life or is it possible for the soul to make the same mistakes over again?


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