Predictions for 2015 – Weather

This is going to be a short prediction, because what I see is that we’re not going to have a winter like 2014, at all.  For most of the nation – “most” – the winter will be a lot milder than 2014.  The areas that will be extremely cold again in 2015, will be around the Great Lakes including west of Lake Michigan, and the northern New England states and cities.

The rest of the nation, including all the areas I haven’t mentioned and won’t be going into detail about, because there’s no need to – will be milder.  This is it.  There’s nothing dramatic and amazing about a mild winter.  That’s what most of the nation will have – mild.  There will be some cold weather in the central US, around Nebraska, but once again, not anywhere like 2014.

And if you don’t yet know what kind of winter it’s going to be in your area of the nation after reading the above prediction, the answer is “Milder.”

How does the famous catch phrase go that we’ve all heard over and over and over and over (and now here)???

“What part of “Milder” don’t you understand?”

Yeah, that’s it.  Imagine a winter designed by Disney – a little action and adventure, but a whole lot of “mildness”.  Rated PG because of the Great Lakes and the New England states.

My suggestion:  Plant a winter garden and tend it throughout. (I mention this because of what I blogged about food prices.)


“We are alive, now, and we are alive, now, for eternity.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2014, Jodie Senkyrik)



6 thoughts on “Predictions for 2015 – Weather

    • I wouldn’t say ‘worse’, but rather similar to 2014, but winter will have a shorter duration. You’ll get a lot of Arctic fronts. You’re going to have some low temperatures. I see Michigan and the Great Lakes areas having a shorter winter than the one of 2014.


  1. With all of the school shootings happening. I can’t help but to think that one day there won’t be anymore schools. What are you seeing of schools in the future?


    • As long as it’s okay for someone to kill for special reasons, there will be killing for any reason.
      I see schools leaning more in the ‘protective’ mode, but this won’t stop killing.


  2. I would love the password. I have a feeling I kind of know what your August 2015 prediction might be. I’ve been reading an interesting book and hundreds of people are experiencing the same type of vision. Is this involving some sort of gathering into the mountains or wilderness before a bunch of really bad things happen?


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