Hydrogen Fueled Cars

The prototypes for hydrogen fueled cars are already being seen.  But…

This direction for vehicles is not going to be the direction that manufacturers go.  Hydrogen will get a lot of support for the next 15 years before it starts to lose its support and resources.  By 2030, hydrogen fueled cars will be a novelty and not seen often.

Electric cars are the future – especially in the U.S.  This is the technology that will be supported and pursued by the public and by manufacturers.  So, if you’re a hydrogen fuel fan, go ahead and buy one if they ever come out at all, but plan on putting it on display or parking it when the technology although touted, falls way short of what Madison Avenue says.

By 2030, 1/3 to 1/2 the new cars on the roads will be electric and electric hybrids.  Since this is only 17 years away, expect gasoline powered vehicles to still be around (1/2 to 2/3rds.)   Why will they still be around?  Because the economy will be such that most people won’t be able afford to buy new vehicles.

As the decade of the 2030’s closes, the economy will get better.  Before then, though, I see a slow decline for the economy.


Whether the future has good times or bad, the most important time for doing something helpful is Now.

9 thoughts on “Hydrogen Fueled Cars

  1. No. What we have now – where everyone falls in to a category all their own or rather, a class of their own, is what will continue. Everyone is in a different place in their lives, from others. The terms “rich” and “poor” are in the eyes of the beholder.
    Do you see people as only rich or poor? or do you also see people everywhere in between? Rich and poor in what? Money, wisdom, … Spirit?


    • Jodie – Rich and poor as those who have an easier life and those who do not regardless of sage, spirit, and accomplishment. A fiat government places one into such categories one does not belong, as does a large corporations, or social clicks in a high school environment or any category for that matter. One must have the ability to act on their visions. I was only asking you a question because your depict on autos of the future indicated two answers. I thank you for sharing your vision, and please keep up the good work.


  2. Thank you for your comments and points. It makes for more discussion.

    “Rich and poor” – “an easier life” is a matter of perspective and usually not called that about one’s own personal life regardless of the financial level and circumstances. Remember, every single soul on the planet comes with a burden/challenge to face if not more. Each soul is given the opportunity and situation to face/deal with this burden/challenge. Many of these burdens are seen by others and many are not. Some face it and grow, others stumble and lose. Every category of life situation has souls who do both. We are all in life circumstances that come with their own challenges. Not just a “rich” person, but even those called “poor” can have hatred in their heart, act selfishly and serve no one but themselves. Not just a “poor” person, but even those called “rich” can act unselfishly, seek to help and work towards goodwill. Many times both are kept well hidden to the public.

    Obviously, money is not the Savior of our life even though some want it to be. Money isn’t evil, but is a tool for serving a purpose. God has many resources and tools, money is only one of an infinite number of resources and tools. The bottom line will always be the health of the soul, which comes from aligning with the Love Spirit – the Spirit of God. “What does it benefit a person to acquire anything or everything if they lose their soul in the process?” (The Rainbow Cards)

    The economy over the next 20 years will have some cycles but the peaks and valleys will average out to be less as times goes on. The 2030’s will be the 21st century’s version of the 1930’s for so many. This won’t create a two-class society. Everyone will still have their own private level of economic ability based on so many individual factors. Someone living in the Midwest will have a different situation than someone living in New York City, even though they may have the same income level. See? Individual situations place one in individual classes all by themselves. These lead to individual choices facing one’s individual life challenges.

    Thank you, again for comments. Please continue.


  3. Lisa – I live in New Zealand and our Prime Minister is currently negotiating a trade agenda using the Yuan and dropping the USA dollar altogether. Western Australia is currently using the Yuan and not using the dollar and from what I read other countries in this block are following suit. Bonehead Ben’s policies are killing the value of the dollar each and every month, and no one wants to use a currency that devalues every thirty days. Australia and NZ both are doing more trading with the Asian block as the USA is over regulated, and their manufacturing base has almost ceased to exist. The USA dollar will soon fall and the Euro will follow. By April or sooner this will all take place.


  4. What I see is what I would call an “equalization”, of sorts, rather than “falling”. This means that the economic powerhouses of the past – including the U.S. – will lessen where economic influence is concerned – lessen to come more in line with the level of other nations. Each nation will be closer to having an equal influence on the world economy. As Harold mentions, nations around the globe will begin using other currencies as their trade basis. To some degree, this equalizes the economic power.
    No nation of peoples will be spared difficulties. An example of this is in 2008, when the entire citizenry of the globe was affected by economic woes. Each nation was a domino contributing to the overall economic “coming to our knees”. No nation could not be affected, because this Earth is now small enough in perspective, so much so that what affects one nation and people, affects almost all other nations and all other people – regardless of what nations they are.
    We are even now having started in the times that will slowly diminish in economic ability and strength. While there are pockets of good news economically affecting some groups, the effects overall will diminish.
    To some degree, the policies by those in political office that are hoped to help, are almost useless because the forces in place that are moving us into the next 2 decades of difficult overall economic times, are so overwhelming that no one nation or government can set policy that would stem the tide of this down turn.
    As 7 billion people, we are all experiencing this down turn, and we will all continue to experience it.
    Europe, even though struggling right now, will strengthen more into the decade of the 2020’s. The people of Asia, as a whole, will see more schism in the “have’s and have-nots”. Asia will also have a growing “middle class”. Meaning there will be some few that “think” they’ve got it made, and many that will be suffering without, while others experience individual stability. This isn’t saying much because this happens normally anyway, but the noticeable schisms will be more noticeable.

    Help will come in the form of individuals joining with other individuals in smaller communities to offer more in local, personal support and self-sustainability. This is in place in some ways in our world, but not in place for everyone. Not everyone will take part in this, also. Many will still think their help will come from big political sources even all the while that they are helped by local support – but don’t see it.

    So, look around. It helps if we continually ask ourselves, what am I willing to do to contribute to my local area community? What does my local community offer now that I am willing to start supporting?

    The answer WILL ALWAYS BE: What am I willing to do? and not What can I do? Because what we are willing to do comes from our hearts, lingers and grows. What we think we can or can’t do, only comes from our minds and can be easily dismissed. Our hearts are infinitely greater at being the source of creating a better world than our minds. The mind then can build what the heart wants to be a part of.

    I’m ready for questions.


    • Hello Jodie, Hello Harold,

      I agree with you, Harold, on the continued isolation of the US dollar. It seems that everyone is preparing for a crash and are trying to shield themselves against holding a worthless fiat currency.

      My question, Jodie, is about US involvement in Syria and it’s push to use it as a stepping stone for war with Iran. I am very afraid of what I see is a growing escalation of rhetoric.

      Will an economic crash in the US (a la the crack up of the Soviet Union) stop an escalation of war in Syria/Iran? Will the US experience a crash and then a slow but steady decline for decades? Will this make the world safer? I see a crash in 2015 after more desperate attempts by the US govt to avert economic disaster create an even more unsustainable debt level. Are there places in the world where things will be relatively stable?

      Thanks for answering my questions.


  5. Jodie 1 said :
    “Electric cars are the future – especially in the U.S. This is the technology that will be supported and pursued by the public and by manufacturers.”

    In France and Europe, Renault sells 4 models for electrics cars :
    you can rent Bluecar electric cars at Paris and its suburb for little journey/run at Autolib’ Stations :
    The BlueCar in Autolib project for Bolloré company is to prove that its lithium polymer (LMP) battery is good and to sell it to other car manufacturers.


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