Predictions for the Winter of 2014 (Part 2 of ?)

We’re barely into the winter of 2013, but I’m going to talk about 2014 some more.  This is an addendum to the 2014 winter conditions.

Folks, I’m still seeing serious conditions for the winter of 2014.  However, I do see some potential help in the form of weather conditions during the summer of 2013 helping to alleviate the drastic 2014 winter.

Weather patterns are such that each day or week or month or year of weather is a stair step from the previous day or week or month or year.  Each weather pattern impacts the next pattern, which then impacts the next and so forth and so on.

I am seeing that if we have a very hot summer of 2013, this will help alleviate the energy contributing to the patterns leading up to the winter of 2014.  I see a reciprocal effect.  If the heat temperatures are extreme during the summer of 2013, the winter temperatures will go up.  If the summer of 2013 temperatures are mild, the winter 2014 temperatures will be lower and the conditions harsher.

With this, in Colorado especially, I see blizzards and blizzards.  I see potentially 4-5 weeks of steady blizzard storms being so bad as to cause Colorado potentially to be declared a national disaster area.

This is not a normal winter of a blizzard going through for a few days and then the sun coming out.  This is an experience of virtually no one seeing the sun for 5 weeks or so with storm after storm after storm over and over creating the effect of seeing no end in sight for a long period of time.  I see winds and snow constantly and continuously requiring people to take emergency steps to get through this.

This is why I pray for healthier weather patterns – because I see people suffering and people dying through a winter like this.  This is why I pray and meditate now, so that weather patterns can be normalized by whatever way may be available for us to help.

This that I see in Colorado will be equaled in the New England states.

Those of you who like to ski and snowboard in Colorado, there will be times for you to enjoy it, but I see it being safer earlier in the season – before mid-December or way later in the season – March.  The second half of December will be storms with some lessening in the first half of January, but not much.  Then the 2nd half of January it will hit until March and as of today, I see it hitting hard.

Remember what I saw and wrote about the Gulf of Mexico hurricane season of 2006.  There were so many millions praying across the nation to help the people hit by Katrina that they brought forth the Christ Spirit to protect the Gulf from hurricanes during the 2006 and half of the 2007 hurricane seasons.  Prayers can help now.   Prayer can change the future.  I would rather prayers come to change this than someone say, “Hey, you were right about 2014.”


“Which do you think will help more, praying or not praying?”  The Rainbow Cards (©, 2009,-2013 Jodie Senkyrik)

“Prayer can change things.  The more prayer, the more change.”  The Rainbow Cards (©, 2009,-2013 Jodie Senkyrik)

“If you’re having trouble praying, ask God to help you.”  The Rainbow Cards (©, 2009,-2013 Jodie Senkyrik)

6 thoughts on “Predictions for the Winter of 2014 (Part 2 of ?)

  1. Tonight is December 8, 2013. I live in the state capitol of Vermont. We are getting 5 inches of snow tonight and sleet. I am concerned that school might be cancelled tomorrow.


    • I’m sorry I’m getting to this after the 9th.
      In general, you’re going to have a few times that the schools will be cancelled this winter, but on the whole, while I see a very cold Vermont winter, I also see that Vermont citizens know how to handle cold weather. The closing of the schools will be of very short durations and after it’s said and done, you won’t really have noticed that much. You have the equipment and substructure in your state that will help to keep a somewhat continuing flow of ability for your businesses, organizations and families. I don’t see any winter weather in Vermont that would cause any greater damage or social stoppage than say a hurricane. The worst I see for Vermont is one storm that contributes to a 3-4 day work stoppage. I see it possibly in late January and/or early February. 1-2 of these only. The rest will be 1 day stoppages only – scattered throughout the time. This isn’t all that abnormal for the Northeastern states. Again, on the whole, you’re going to have a long cold winter, but not anything that you can’t handle.
      Vermont’s springtime will come near the end of March. This also is to be expected. So, wait until March to start planting the seeds that will go into the garden in April.


  2. Thank you, Jodi for opened my eyes why its important to keep the Rainforest to balance the weather. Its perfectly make sense.

    Silly question. Can the trees see, feel and hear us? Sometimes I sensed they can.


    • The trees experience life as trees do. Although they have no fleshly eyes, nervous systems and ears as fleshly humans, they do experience internal and external sensations and impacting forces. They are alive with consciousness at the level at which they exist. Remember, these are not “Tree Consciousnesses”, but rather Spirit Consciousnesses existing inside the physical form of the tree. Consciousness exists at all levels of life including levels of life that we are not even aware that exist.
      If anyone has the chance to experience the giant Sequoias, it’s difficult to not be aware of these beings existing in these spots for over a thousand years.


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