Heat in Texas, June 2011

For Central Texas during the summer of 2011:  We just got a rain here in central Texas (June 20, 2011).  This does NOT herald more rain for this area or for Texas.  As soon as June is over, the chance for rain will be extremely low.  I’m seeing July have some clouds in Central Texas, but also temperatures reaching 110 and August going over 110 degrees for this area.  This will be two of the hottest months on record.  You’ll hear this on tv a lot.

We got a little rain in May, 2011 in Central Texas, and one rain in June.  July will be dry and hot.  August will be dryer and hotter.  September will cool some, but still no significant rainfall.  October, I do see some amounts of rain for Central Texas.  Some but not a lot, though.  November, 2011 will have colder temperatures, of course, but again, not a lot of rain.  If it were a normal year, October and November, 2011 would be considered normal, but people are hoping the Autumn months will bring relief from the draught.  It won’t replenish, but it will bring some rain… just not what people hope.

If you believe in prayer, pray for healing of our weather patterns.  The prayers of a few will save many.   In cases like this, praying is like rowing a boat.  The more rowing the boat, the more power and speed it has to reach the destination.  But even if only three are rowing a boat of 10 million souls, the three will eventually after a long, long, long time, help all get to the destination.

And who are the three?  For where two or more are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.  (Matthew 18:20)

8 thoughts on “Heat in Texas, June 2011

  1. Count me in as ‘one of the three’! I am praying! Thank you for your post, Jodie! Your reflections and insights help keep me ‘on track’!


  2. East Texas, where my brother lives. A lot o the summer weather will be just like Central Texas, but the temperatures will be slightly cooler. Not much, but slightly. I see a very small amount of rain, or rather sprinkling during July for a minority of area in East Texas, mostly middle/central East Texas. But, it won’t be enough to offer any relief for anything. Just enough to make the dirt roads muddy for a day or 2. August will continue with the usual hot, dry August. Expect relief in mid-September from the high temperatures. I don’t see any hurricanes for East Texas during July or August. I see a possible hurricane going into Alabama/Florida later in October and that could spread out to include E.Texas. So far, I do see rain in East Texas starting the end of September, through October and November, but it won’t be a deluge or a lot. It will get the ground wet, though. It will not catch up for the year, but it will be almost a normal amount for that time of the year. I see a mild winter for East Texas, this year. The coldest sustaining temperatures will be in February, – just like always. Dec – normal Dec weather, Jan starting off cold but up and down. Then Feb with sustaining cold. I sound like a weatherman.
    We’ll see if that actually plays itself out.


  3. I’m now seeing the temperatures coming down for August – 107 as a high. I attribute this to the effect that prayer and meditation has, because I believe strongly in prayer and meditation for healing and changing things.


  4. Do you see the weather cooling off by the middle of Sept. or before? We so need relief from the heat even if we can’t get any rain. Here in Palestine, like elsewhere, this summer has been brutal.

    Betty Boedeker
    Palestine, TX


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