California – 1. Southern Cal.

There was a great deal of information that came out in the 1960’s through the 1980’s and then in the 1990’s about possible land shifts and earth changes related to California.  In the Edgar Cayce readings, California is spoken about also.

But, while many people are speaking about Cayce’s predictions, few are speaking about what he said about his own predictions.  He said first that these things will happen “if all things stay the same.”  This means if humanity continues along its path of behavior, thought and feelings, the predictions based on these behaviors, thoughts and feelings will come to pass.  If humanity changes its behavior, thought and feelings, the predictions (the future) will be changed, also.

Change is what humanity has done.  Many millions have heard the call of Spirit and acted in line with the healing that comes with, “Love God above all else and love you’re neighbor as yourself.”  So, why does it surprise so many people when the earth changes don’t happen exactly as predicted?  Probably because so little is understood about the real way that spirituality and the energy of spirituality through prayer and meditation have an effect on humanity and human life, as well as how the act of predicting and the psychic mechanism work within the individual.

First, to make it short, prayer and meditation do impact the energy of manifestation guiding the form and scenario of  how circumstantial events play out.  It is the energy of the individual and group consciousnesses being sent out influencing energy that has been sent out previously and now returning.

Secondly, decades of misunderstanding of psychic ability and principles are both behind us as well as still ahead of us.  It won’t be until the last decade of this century that psychic ability and predicting is more readily understood – 80 years away.


Looking at the land itself from today on, if all things stay the same and if mankind continues on the time-line we are on………

The actual borders of California will not change in major ways.  There will be minor, minor changes related to some increased erosion of small amounts of cliff areas along the coast line in the central Cal area.  This small amounts of erosion of small areas of cliff-lines comes from weakening land structure of hundreds of small earthquakes eventually taking it’s toll on parts of the underground, deep foundation structure.  The shaking of central California over time creates a type of characteristic that I can only call “looseness” of the substructure underground.

With regards to earthquakes, in southern California, I’m not seeing a super major earthquake in California for several years and that could change to be longer.
a. I see a possible 4.3-4.4 in the middle of October, 2009.  It could be as small as a 3.3 or 3.4.
b. Many small ones through 2009 less than 4.0
c. The largest in Nov, 2009, will be 3.5, if it reaches that high.
d. In Jan, 2010, a 4.5 as the largest possible.  But, I think it will come in around 3.7 or 3.8.
e.  One more before July, 2010
f.  August -Dec, 2010, rather quiet unless…
g.  If a 5.0 happens in 2010, it will happen in Aug/Sept time period
h. No 6 or 7 pointers in 2010.
i.  in 2011, I see a possible reaching up to 6.0 to 6.3 in the winter/spring months – Feb, or Mar.  This will be extremely deep and may not be very destructive.  It could be as small as another 4.0 though.  I think it will come in at around 4.8.
j. In 2012, besides the fear of drastic events, I don’t see a lot happening.  Very similar to 2009 and 2010.  I do see one possibility, though, for a 6.5 occurring close to the surface and spreading throughout southern California, north of Pasadena and San Bernadino.  While it could potentially reach a 6.5, I think it will come in at 4.5 to 5.5.
k.  The sizes of these depends a lot on the sizes of many of the others that precede them.  With small earthquakes, some pressure is released that avoids large earthquakes.
l.  I see a potential 7.0 in 2013.  Ask me again about this before we get there.

Again, I’m not seeing a super earthquake in southern Cal in the next 4 years.  Just many, mostly small, (like normally happens) and a few of them larger than normal.


Fires will be like they have been before, and every year for the next 10 years.  Around 2017/2018, there will be “something” that causes an extremely low number of fires.  I think it will be a super amount of rain throughout the southern 75% of the state.  Rain – all the time in that year.

During the 2017 and 2018, there will also be better ways of fighting fires and keeping fires from starting (beginning in 2015) – some procedures and technology that work to protect the land and trees as a preventative measure. (This could either be the rain or it could be a widespread effort to try new “technology”.)


Water for southern Cal will be one of the serious issues that officials will have to deal with. Weather is more affected by humans than realized.
a. Steps are in place to ensure water for SoCal for the next 4 years, but after 2013, it will become more difficult to get for the southern part of the state.
b. A deal with Nevada to happen in 2013 will help So.  Cal., but it will cost Cal more than ever before.
c. 2010 will be below normal rainfall level
d. 2011 will start off appearing to be a rainy year but will not provide enough to equal the deficit.
e. Rainfall can be helped through prayer for healthier weather patterns.
f. 2012 will actually be a very rainy winter and spring.  Some rain at the beginning of the summer.
g. Each year’s weather is affected or influenced by the previous years weather.
h.  Nevada’s weather will not be like California’s and their desire to hold onto their water will be why the cost to Cal will be higher.
i.  2013 is looking like a drought year at the moment.


Southern Cal’s economy will steadily continue okay with little slow down.
a.  2009 has seen some tough troubles, but 2010 will be the time that SoCal climbs out of the hole with effort and struggle.
b.  2011 will be better than 2010, because there will be some noticeable changes in the business  of doing business in Southern California.  This will take the form of new innovations in industry and new businesses that weren’t developed much until the economy tanked.  New ways of doing business for some big money players, and new businesses that spring forth because now is the time for them.
c.  More investing will come from Southern Calif in 2011.  Not as much yet as were during 2007 or 2008, but better than ’09 and ’10.
2012 will see a few delays in the recovery and some metaphorical “potholes”, but the year will not be considered worse than 2011, just about the same.
d.  2013 will bring new hope, and a renewed sense of “let’s get to work and do this.”
e.  Starting in 2013, the economic problems for Southern Cal will be behind them and steady progress and increase in the years ahead until some problems slow things in 2017 or 2018.
f.  Again, regular economic progress from 2013 to 2017 or 18 before a slow down.
g.  For Southern Cal, the economy will seem to be dragging from 2018 to about late 2021.


a. No real influential technological improvements for 2009 affecting Southern Cal.
b. 2011 will bring some technological improvements which will be innovations that enter the market.
c.  In 2012 the bugs come forth – technologically speaking.  I see much frustration with electronics  and supposed improvements – things not working on the personal level.  But, this is not so much technology but the natural forces acting upon the technology bringing out the vulnerabilities which our technology has.  This will pertain to cell phone problems, some major computer networking problems, some electricity overload problems.  Natural forces pushing stronger and greater magnetic fields into and influencing the systems and overloading them.  Not all systems everywhere, but a handful of major systems by some of the big companies.
d.  The problems will mostly be worked out by the end of the spring, 2013.
e.  These problems won’t be avoided because there is not an understanding of the forces that will be affecting these technological systems.

What did I forget?

In looking at this right now, I look for the events and their strength of energy level that would bring them about.  There are some events which have high/strong levels and some that have low/weak levels of energy for manifesting.  That is why the future can be changed by human beings.  Humans sent energy out in times past bringing or influencing events that happen today.  Human energy sent out today can influence the human energy coming from past sending out.  This is in the same vein and hence why it’s true when John 4:18 says, “Perfect love casteth out fear.”  The energy we send out now (best done via prayer and meditation) can influence the energy we sent out previously.

4 thoughts on “California – 1. Southern Cal.

  1. The potential 7 is no longer potential. The energy that would have contributed to it was mostly spent in 2012.

    For 2013, June, nothing in So. Cal.
    July, several 3’s and 4’s that get people’s attention, mostly between L.A. and San Diego. Nothing large.

    July will be the active month with lots of small noticeable earthquakes back to back.

    August, will quiet down again. Much less than July. Small ones – just like always.

    September, much like August.

    October, I see a deep earthquake north of Joshua Tree Nat. Park – deep in the earth.

    November, small ones like during August and September.

    December, very few earthquakes, but slowly getting colder than average.

    January, 2014, one reaching almost to 4, perhaps a 3.9.

    Colder than normal temperatures, but
    February, 2014 – a small 3-4 earthquake possibly north east of Escondido.

    What it looks like to me, in looking backwards, I see the energy of 2012 being what I saw for 2013.

    The cold, hard winter that is coming to much of the U.S. will not hit Southern California as drastically as much of the rest of the nation, but it will lower the average temperatures and keep the temps in the 30’s and 40’s for long periods of time. There may be a few days in February, 2014 that temps dip into the 20’s but very few.

    This is what I see at this moment.


    • Thanks for your reply, Jodie. I was wondering if you ever see the San Andreas fault ever erupting into the ‘Big One’ in the future. I know that it’s due, maybe even overdue. Also, do you see any hurricanes coming to the west coast of California? I know that this region doesn’t normally get them, but since the east coast of South America has gotten a few and that doesn’t normally happen either, I was wondering if weather changes will bring that about for So. Cal.


  2. The San Andreas is quiet and not under a lot of pressure to erupt. So, No to the big one in the near future. Pressure will build though, through this decade but some of the pressure will be released around 2019-2023 making the San Andreas fault quieter again. I don’t see potential for San Andreas until the 2030’s. However, there are so many other faults that exist in California.

    I don’t see Hurricanes coming to the west coast of California. The depth and cold temperatures of the Pacific “protect” the California coast. Hurricanes need warm waters and lots of it. The Atlantic coastline is the coastline that can now expect to get hurricane after hurricane.

    The temperatures on the eastern side have risen so much that many hurricanes that would have gone into the Gulf of Mexico are now being pushed up the Eastern Coast. They are now the newest hurricane alley and with the warming happening as predicted by psychics and scientists, the East Coast will be hit over and over and over and over and over again. The 2020’s will literally see people moving away from the coast, continued destruction of the coast lines, and hurricane after hurricane beating the coast line to a pulp. This I see clearly. What Florida faces now and has faced in the past decades, almost the entire eastern coastline is now facing and will face.

    This planetary change has occurred because of so many factors and includes so many human influenced factors – including the effect of the deforestation of the Brazil/South American rainforest. This isn’t conjecture. This is visible in the Akashic records as a contributing cause. And ironically, it is the destructive actions of another country on another continent that is destructively affecting the U.S. on it’s eastern coast line.

    This change is now the norm and will not go back to the way it was until late this century when mankind’s effect on the planet will diminish because of big changes in energy use, pollution, and resource development eventually to happen. The planet and people on it are not doomed but people today yet are still helping to make things worse. With new innovation and persisted efforts, those that don’t want change will eventually be overwhelmed by the unstoppable energy of change that exists. Those that embrace change will be supported and in effect, surf the waves of change in their accomplishments – if you know what I mean.


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