Alternate Life for John F. Kennedy

I’m going to put this information online.  I do know that it will bring some pro and con opinions and feelings.  I add it here because it came in a reading.

In psychically examining the life of President John F. Kennedy, I was able to see an alternate life for him.  The pivot point was in his joining the military and participating in the war in the Pacific.

I saw psychically that if he had NOT been a part of the war in the Pacific via not entering the military, he still could have achieved the presidency, but he would not have been assassinated.  However, he would only have lived one to two more years.  His illnesses would have overtaken him.  I saw psychically that in the most likely alternative path, he would have been in bed for the last six months of his one term.  He would not have been able to physically hold office any more than the one term.

History doesn’t speak much about his illnesses, but he suffered from several.  These illnesses were taking their toll on him physically.

I think sometimes the time we have to spend on this planet for this particular life may be flexible somewhat but not necessarily in great ways.

In doing the reading for JFK, I didn’t see an alternative path that would have allowed him to have a full second term.  I did see a few alternative paths in which he would have lived to as late as 1967 or the beginning of 1968, but in a wheelchair for the last few years.

I didn’t examine the controversy around Oswald, nor do I have any plan to.  I can add little here that would be considered physical evidence and anything I add here concerning Oswald would only add to the fire, not to a resolution.

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