Attacks and Attackers – Part 1

“…what if the soul is so much attacked by others that the body becomes ill and they have no other option but to leave? I ask this because sometimes the soul is forced to leave not because they lived unhealthy or work was finished but because their cycle was cut short. Those who attack simply move on to the next victim. Therefore I would also like to ask what can be done for souls like these who have been decimated in their existence and died because of this? Thank you in advance for your reply and blessings.”  L. L.

As odd as this may sound, your question and view are both coming from a very human perspective within a very human paradigm.  In essence, you’re applying human standards and understanding to an issue that isn’t really what it seems.

As human beings on this Earth, we have a paradigm of experiencing “attacks”.  There are verbal attacks, physical attacks, emotional, psychological, financial, electronic, … etc.  even “self-attacks”.  As human beings, we have experiences of being attacked and being the ones doing the attacking.

As long as we continue with the way of thinking that we are humans in a physical world, attacks and attacking will be part of our human lives and human deaths.  As long as “attacking” is part of our perspective and paradigm, we will continue to participate in both sides of this “attack” issue for a long time.

However, to understand this issue more, let’s take a look at it in a different way.  Let’s take a look at the thought and belief of “attacking and being attacked”.  The “attack” paradigm sets one being against another.  This view can only exist in the human world.  This view is not the reality of what is referred to as the spiritual or non-physical world, because the spiritual/non-physical world doesn’t really work the way the human/physical world works.

The real issue here is who is the attacker and who are we attacking.  We, ourselves, our own personal selves – attack – ourselves.   We are the attackers and we are the attacked of our self as the attacker.  We do so while pointing the finger of blame at others – saying “You are attacking me” or words and thoughts to that effect.  (We do this for specific reasons which I won’t get into at this time.)


It is a true statement that the person who is 100% completely at peace with themselves is not attacked by anyone.  In other words, a person who does not attack themselves, in turn, does not attack others, and also in turn, does not hold the attack idea when dealing with others.  This is because “attacking” is not a part of this one’s paradigm.  Another person’s actions usually perceived as “attacking” become recognized only to be an attack upon themselves.  In this case, what do we do when we see someone attacking – beating up – harming themselves?

Who among us can say that any of us are completely at peace with ourselves?  And in asking this, who among us can say to ourselves, that we are 100% honest about how we treat ourselves – attacking or any other behavior towards ourselves?

Who among us never thinks anything critical and judgmental about ourselves?  Who among us never says anything critical and judgmental about ourselves – our bodies, our looks, our behavior, our stature, our culture, how we treat others, what we think about others or our place in society, or … anything?  Who among us doesn’t beat ourselves up, when we’re upset with ourselves or someone else?  Who among us looks in the mirror and completely accepts ourselves for who we are – with love in our hearts and the peace that passes understanding inside our souls? And can then know that this is true even deep within the subconscious, and the full consciousness of their full Self?

It is true for ourselves, as well, that “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone” applies to how we think, feel, and treat ourselves.  If you think it’s not true, then answer this question – When was the last time you carried on a conversation or thought up an argument or fight inside your own mind with someone (or yourself) in your mind with criticisms, judgment, anger or condemning insults being a part of this event in your mind? The conversation/fight/argument is happening in our own consciousness/mind between one part of our self and another part of our self.  Both sides of the conversation (the fight, argument, criticisms, etc.) are our self.  We are condemning ourselves, judging ourselves, criticizing ourselves, beating ourselves up, and all of this is 24/7, because we live with ourselves 24/7.

If we are attacking ourselves within our own subconscious or unconscious, then what does it matter if we stop someone else from attacking us – we will be continuing to do it to ourselves.  If we learn to stop attacking ourselves or anyone else, from deep within our own consciousness, via accepting, forgiving, being merciful, understanding, being patient and kind towards ourselves as well as towards others, then what does it matter what another soul chooses to do with their mind, heart and soul that appears to be against us.  In the end, our changes will bring in Light that will also be present for them, when they’re ready to choose Light.

As Christ said to Peter along the shore after Christ rose when Peter asked about others, “Peter, you don’t worry about them, I’ll worry about them.  You follow me.”  It is our task to follow in the footsteps of the One who is the Infinite Peace – who is the Infinite Loving Kindness.

I’m not saying don’t worry about those you see attacked.  I’m saying we are called to change in order to stop being the attackers of our self and others, and in turn, learn that as we let go of attacking ourselves, we are also letting go of attacking others.  In the human Earth, when we let go of attacking other humans or other beings of any kind, those other beings lose their illusions of attacking eventually, also.

And those that come forth into our presence for any reason who are lost in the illusion of attacking, we then can pray, “God Bless All Life in all forms, and all that are here with us for any reason, and in any context, and in Your Infinite awareness.  God Bless Us All in all ways, now and for all time.”

If we’re so busy attacking ourselves (and others) in our own mind, heart and subconscious, then no amount of “psychic kung fu” will do anything to protect us from anyone outside ourselves, when the real attack is coming from our self inside ourselves.

If we are intent on believing that we (and others) should be attacked, and then continuing to attack ourselves (and others) within our own consciousness, and seek to fulfill our own attack, then we will find and latch onto others that will carry this out alongside us.  Like attracts like – attackers attract attackers.

Is this going to take some time to heal?  Oh, my God, Yes!  But, the axiom is true – “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”  How do we change this?  Forgiveness – of ourselves and others for the things over which we assign guilt.  Letting go of judgment – of ourselves and others for the things we’ve decided to judge.  Being aware when we criticize others and ourselves over things that we heretofore considered worthy of criticizing.  Patience – towards ourselves and others while knowing that with God all things are possible … even forgiving, letting go, being patient and kind, and changing ourselves.

We are called to know ourselves.  This includes knowing our own subconscious, so that we may let go of attack thoughts and attack behaviors.  We are a cosmos unto ourselves, and as such have much to learn about who we are within ourselves.  But, we have eternity to do this.

“We can escape from the world that we see by giving up attack thoughts.” The Course in Miracles

“Remember, those that are prayed for have God in their presence more than those that are not prayed for.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1995-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

PS.  I expect questions with this topic.  It is vast in its scope and not comprehensively explained in only one article.  I left a lot of loose ends untied.

Truth and Enlightenment

It is the worker bees that will bring this transformation about. It is the laborers.  It isn’t about spouting the enlightenment language or thinking the enlightenment thoughts or reading the enlightenment books or hiring psychics or eating macrobiotically.  It isn’t about being vegetarian or going to church or doing yoga or anything else.

It’s about going into the septic tank and cleaning out the feces and urine that has been inside our own self for lifetime after lifetime.  It’s about going into our own subconscious that we’re deathly afraid of and vehemently denying, and looking face to face with our own prejudice and hatred of others, dishonesty and contempt, judgement and bitterness, lies and deceit, violence and harm to ourselves and others.  It’s about looking at our self in the mirror and knowing that we’ve contributed to the suffering, pain, and death in our lives and other’s lives….
and then deciding to hold all that manure and sewage in our hands, take it to the sink and start washing.

This is because our love for God, our love for our self and our love for others is what it is that is underneath the sewage as we wash it.

If we’re not willing to do this, instead if we’re telling ourselves that we are an enlightened being, if we’re speaking the language but not working on the sewage inside ourselves (including telling ourselves it doesn’t exist), and believe me, there are many people who fit this description, we will return our next life and not have this so called enlightenment with us.  Instead, we’ll be back living from our own prejudice and hatred, dishonesty and contempt, judgement and bitterness, lies and deceit, violence and harm to others.  We will be once more the ones who cause suffering, pain and death to others, because we chose not to go into our own selves – into our own subconscious and self-centeredness to clean up the sewage that is shunted aside.

Anyone who says this is not the case, is selling something.  Enlightenment has no shortcuts – none.  Evolving has no shortcuts.  We face our self or we don’t grow.  We face our selfishness, our self-centeredness, our suffering and pain, we labor, we work, or else we accomplish nothing that will last beyond this particular life.  We face these by offering patience, by forgiving, by understanding, by extending mercy, by letting go of criticism and condemning others and ourselves.  We face these by responding with fruits of the Spirit rather than inflicting the same harm and selfishness, impatience, judgement, resentment, bitterness and attacks.

The sewage we do wash inside ourselves now – this life – will have been washed and not be with us the next life, and instead will serve as stepping stones and foundations to climb higher.

However, that which we do not clean up, will not go away.  We may not admit it to ourselves.  It may be buried deep within us.  We may think our own shit smells okay.  We may decide we’ll live with it.  And this will ensure that we will have it again with us and act on it our next life, and our next life and our next life and our next life and our next life and our next life and on and on, until we face that we lie even to ourselves, and it has not served us as we told ourselves it would.

It behooves us to work to be honest about what we have stuffed away in our own subconscious closet, and even to go searching for it.  And believe it or not, this includes recognizing that part of what we’re here to clean up is the guilt, shame, judgment, “casting of stones”, at our self.  So, to those who decide to labor, to those who choose to be worker bees, to those who will work, to those of us who love ourselves enough to be honest with ourselves, I leave this beginning consideration.  “Let he, who is without sin, cast the first stone.” also applies to how we treat ourselves.

If we don’t face our self – even digging deep into our own subconscious, we’re not doing the real work of transformation.  If we don’t do our work of transforming our subconscious and everything within it, our world will not transform .   The only world then to transform is somebody else’s world – transformed by the work of that someone else, who is willing to dig deeper into their own subconscious to face themselves.

Dig deep.  Though the journey within is fraught with the shadows of dragons, the reward is wonders and jewels of our self that we’ve never known before.

Let’s go to work.


Because we cannot bring forth kindness when we have violence and contempt within us hidden in our subconscious.  We cannot bring forth compassion, when we have judgement and condemnation entrenched deep inside.  We cannot be patient, or loving, or understanding towards others, if bitterness and resentment still come forth in how we live in our life.  We won’t bring peace to others’ lives if we don’t bring peace to our own deepest levels within.  We cannot demonstrate or express any fruits of the spirit towards others if we haven’t resolved the conflict within that hinders us expressing these even to ourselves.

Remember, nothing anyone has done to us – nothing we have done to others – has separated God from us.  But with our own actions, thoughts, beliefs and feelings to ourselves and others, some of which we’ve stuffed deep into our subconscious closet, we have, in effect, separated our self from God in our own hearts and minds.


Just because we see nothing but darkness, doesn’t necessarily mean the light has gone out.  Sometimes, it’s because we’ve closed our eyes.   (from The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2013)

God’s forgiveness is not up to us to decide.  God’s forgiveness is up to God to decide.  And it’s always been the easiest of decisions for Him/Her.   (from The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2013)

Remember, we’ve been given eternity to accomplish our healing and  growth.   (from The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2013)