Truth and Enlightenment

It is the worker bees that will bring this transformation about. It is the laborers.  It isn’t about spouting the enlightenment language or thinking the enlightenment thoughts or reading the enlightenment books or hiring psychics or eating macrobiotically.  It isn’t about being vegetarian or going to church or doing yoga or anything else.

It’s about going into the septic tank and cleaning out the feces and urine that has been inside our own self for lifetime after lifetime.  It’s about going into our own subconscious that we’re deathly afraid of and vehemently denying, and looking face to face with our own prejudice and hatred of others, dishonesty and contempt, judgement and bitterness, lies and deceit, violence and harm to ourselves and others.  It’s about looking at our self in the mirror and knowing that we’ve contributed to the suffering, pain, and death in our lives and other’s lives….
and then deciding to hold all that manure and sewage in our hands, take it to the sink and start washing.

This is because our love for God, our love for our self and our love for others is what it is that is underneath the sewage as we wash it.

If we’re not willing to do this, instead if we’re telling ourselves that we are an enlightened being, if we’re speaking the language but not working on the sewage inside ourselves (including telling ourselves it doesn’t exist), and believe me, there are many people who fit this description, we will return our next life and not have this so called enlightenment with us.  Instead, we’ll be back living from our own prejudice and hatred, dishonesty and contempt, judgement and bitterness, lies and deceit, violence and harm to others.  We will be once more the ones who cause suffering, pain and death to others, because we chose not to go into our own selves – into our own subconscious and self-centeredness to clean up the sewage that is shunted aside.

Anyone who says this is not the case, is selling something.  Enlightenment has no shortcuts – none.  Evolving has no shortcuts.  We face our self or we don’t grow.  We face our selfishness, our self-centeredness, our suffering and pain, we labor, we work, or else we accomplish nothing that will last beyond this particular life.  We face these by offering patience, by forgiving, by understanding, by extending mercy, by letting go of criticism and condemning others and ourselves.  We face these by responding with fruits of the Spirit rather than inflicting the same harm and selfishness, impatience, judgement, resentment, bitterness and attacks.

The sewage we do wash inside ourselves now – this life – will have been washed and not be with us the next life, and instead will serve as stepping stones and foundations to climb higher.

However, that which we do not clean up, will not go away.  We may not admit it to ourselves.  It may be buried deep within us.  We may think our own shit smells okay.  We may decide we’ll live with it.  And this will ensure that we will have it again with us and act on it our next life, and our next life and our next life and our next life and our next life and our next life and on and on, until we face that we lie even to ourselves, and it has not served us as we told ourselves it would.

It behooves us to work to be honest about what we have stuffed away in our own subconscious closet, and even to go searching for it.  And believe it or not, this includes recognizing that part of what we’re here to clean up is the guilt, shame, judgment, “casting of stones”, at our self.  So, to those who decide to labor, to those who choose to be worker bees, to those who will work, to those of us who love ourselves enough to be honest with ourselves, I leave this beginning consideration.  “Let he, who is without sin, cast the first stone.” also applies to how we treat ourselves.

If we don’t face our self – even digging deep into our own subconscious, we’re not doing the real work of transformation.  If we don’t do our work of transforming our subconscious and everything within it, our world will not transform .   The only world then to transform is somebody else’s world – transformed by the work of that someone else, who is willing to dig deeper into their own subconscious to face themselves.

Dig deep.  Though the journey within is fraught with the shadows of dragons, the reward is wonders and jewels of our self that we’ve never known before.

Let’s go to work.


Because we cannot bring forth kindness when we have violence and contempt within us hidden in our subconscious.  We cannot bring forth compassion, when we have judgement and condemnation entrenched deep inside.  We cannot be patient, or loving, or understanding towards others, if bitterness and resentment still come forth in how we live in our life.  We won’t bring peace to others’ lives if we don’t bring peace to our own deepest levels within.  We cannot demonstrate or express any fruits of the spirit towards others if we haven’t resolved the conflict within that hinders us expressing these even to ourselves.

Remember, nothing anyone has done to us – nothing we have done to others – has separated God from us.  But with our own actions, thoughts, beliefs and feelings to ourselves and others, some of which we’ve stuffed deep into our subconscious closet, we have, in effect, separated our self from God in our own hearts and minds.


Just because we see nothing but darkness, doesn’t necessarily mean the light has gone out.  Sometimes, it’s because we’ve closed our eyes.   (from The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2013)

God’s forgiveness is not up to us to decide.  God’s forgiveness is up to God to decide.  And it’s always been the easiest of decisions for Him/Her.   (from The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2013)

Remember, we’ve been given eternity to accomplish our healing and  growth.   (from The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2013)

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