Politics !

We’re right in the thick of it. And it has become more serious for many people in today’s times than it has been ever before. There is a spiritual factor unseen in the world, which also is having an influence. But, the spiritual factor is not what one might assume right off.

From the Spiritual perspective, everything requires looking “deeper into the waters” to understand the fullness of the circumstances and happenings in the world. If we only see things “as we always see things”, we are looking at the surface of circumstances. Rarely does the surface give any clues to what is in the depths where the spiritual forces and influences reside.

To begin with, anyone who has listened to my Nov. 2016 election reading which I’ve made available free of charge, here on the blogsite, knows that, contrary to popular beliefs and feelings right or left, “Things are happening the way they’re supposed to happen.”

How can I say this? I say this in this same way that Christ said to Pontuis Pilate as Christ stood waiting for his fate, “You have authority over me, because God gave it to you.”

This is true today just as much as 2000 years ago. The challenge then put to Pontius Pilate as it is put to all of us given authority or power of any kind – “Now, what are you going to do with this authority?”

All souls are given their turn to pursue that which they believe is their opportunity. This means that God holds no soul as more or less deserving to have a chance to pursue Earthly positions of authority or power. Everyone gets their chance – not all in the same lifetime – but, whether in a past life, the present or a future life, at some point, our turn comes up.

Because we tend to see the quality of work others do, and in turn, think we can do a better job, we put it in our soul to pursue “doing that better job”. Whether we’ve built a spiritual foundation within our hearts determines how we do in our turn.  By spiritual foundation, I mean living from that place which can never be touched by politics – the place from within us in which loving kindness, compassion, patience, forgiveness, mercy, understanding, brotherhood, gentleness, honesty, charity, and other fruits of the spirit come.

This spiritual foundation is based on Unselfishness at the deepest core within our very soul – the part of our soul that stands in front of the face of God and says whether we’re ready or not to move forward. We can choose to speak the truth to God of our readiness and desire, and in doing so, speak the truth to ourselves, or we can choose to lie to God and in doing so lie to ourselves.

FYI, God accepts our choice to lie and does not punish us for lying to God or to ourselves. This is because we have the opportunity then to learn from the results of our lying for ourselves. The saying, “God punishes souls by giving them what they want” plays out in this circumstance, although it’s not really punishment and in truth, comes from our own chosen actions.

This is relevant to politics in some obvious ways and some hidden ways. Politics is mostly a 3rd chakra arena – win/lose, fight/flight, control/controlled, and the like. Service for others, however, begins a movement into the 4th chakra. So, there is a potential for blending of the two chakras.

The individual ideals which we hold at the center of our journey into politics can guide us into either focusing on our 4th chakra energy or reverting back into our 3rd chakra energy.

Although politics tends to be viewed as one side against the other side, there are some that view it as trying to find ways to try to bring both sides together. Our ability to step back and observe our self determines which of these two is our self. Is there a middle ground we can meet in?

Some of us hold on to the “us vs. them” paradigm all the way through, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The Bible tells us, “Agree with thine adversary quickly.” This is because of the principles of perception – that we only know our own experiences – having only walked in our own shoes 24/7, 365 days a year for our entire life. We’ve never experienced living anyone else’s life.

This is why that “other” person’s experiences which has led them to develop their own particular paradigm, are relevant and worthy of being considered, and in turn, be recognized as having been learned – FOR THEM – with they having walked in their own shoes all their life. This is how others can “be right” and yet be 180 degrees opposite of our own “being right”.

We gain a “knowing” of our experiences and learning by walking in our own shoes. The other person gains a “knowing” of their experiences and learning by walking in their own shoes. It is the way of things. The heads side of the coin will never be the tail side of the coin and vice versa. But, yet, there is a way to bring both sides of the coin together.

All souls are valid in our path of learning. All of our paths are different and will teach us many different things. We value what we’ve learned more than what we haven’t yet learned, because we “know” it, and in the “knowing” of it, also know it is worthwhile to have learned it.

Christ’s words, “What does it benefit us to gain all we want if we lose our soul in the process?” are relevant in politics. There is a lot of “wanting” and “gain” and “us vs. them” in politics. The challenge is to pursue what we seek, but learn how to stay in the 4th chakra with regards to what we pursue, and hold on to that which is the most important factor involved in this arena – that quality and energy held within the 4th chakra.

As voters rather than someone running for office, our unselfish service can come in the form of praying for others, including our elected officials, or letting go of the “us vs. them” paradigm, while holding on to the awareness that our brotherhood/sisterhood/human-hood is more important than what we seek to gain in the 3rd chakra arena of politics. When we move into the 4th chakra, we move into an arena of service. We can then recognize that with this level of service, everybody can win, because we’re “all in this world together”. In turn, being aware that each opposing “side” holds only 1 part of the whole, and is not the whole by itself.

We have a lot to learn being human. Having walked in our own shoes in life, we have gained an understanding, and can share what we’ve gained, but there are so many other souls’ shoes we haven’t walked in, and can only gain that understanding when we listen to others share the stories of their walking in their own shoes.

PS.  Let there be no mistake – this takes a lot of work – to return ourselves to our spiritual center over and over, each time we stumble and close off our 4th chakra to those “others”.  But, each time we work to stay on or return to our spiritual path – to stay open to all life, we can feel our own return to our path and understand the importance of our efforts.  It is these efforts which will change the world far beyond anything politics can ever offer.


“The Infinite Spirit of Infinite Love, Kindness, Togetherness and Understanding, in other words, – God – can accomplish more in any open hearts and minds of people, than any politician ever could.”  (The Rainbow Cards, 2018, ©, Jodie Senkyrik)

“Christ never condemned any government or person in authority.  He condemned people who said one thing but did another.”  (The Rainbow Cards, 2018, ©, Jodie Senkyrik)

“What is worse, being someone whom others judge, condemn and criticize? or being the person that judges, condemns and criticizes others?” (The Rainbow Cards, 2018, ©, Jodie Senkyrik)

Previous Article: Love and Hate

The previous article was heavy.  It wasn’t very uplifting, inspirational, supportive or light.  Hatred is like that, isn’t it.

God’s gift to us isn’t hatred.  God’s gift to us, is that which we are made of – that which is our very essence – that which our spirit existence is based on – Love.  Love is our essence.  Love is our substance.  Love is the material of which we are made of.  God made us in His/Her own image and that image is Love.  We are made out of the spirit substance that is known and recognized to be Love.  For this reason, and from this substance, we live and exist.

We naturally gravitate to love, are attracted to love and long for love.  To all of us beings, love is the round peg finding a round hole – a square peg finding a square hole.

In contrast, we must struggle with all our might to avoid love, to disconnect from love and to push love away (and we do that.)  We must work hard to deny love, because our very own essence is what we are denying.

Many will say, “rubbish” to all this, in an effort to run away from love, in an effort to push away love, in an effort to say “no” to love – which in turn, is running away from ourselves, pushing our self away and saying no to our self.  We do this, because we’re so used to thinking this way – to say no to love.

Being True to Ourselves

We need not do anything to be true to Love.  We need not reach outward to find it, but rather settle into it.   We need not carry out any thought or activity in order to be the essence of love, because it is the substance of which our spirit is made of.  Even if we have shown very little of this essence of which we are, we were created at the beginning of existence as love, and we will exist as love – as our self and the true essence of our self – for all eternity.  Nothing will change this truth – no thought, no action, no behavior.  This is true for every living being.

The challenge is for us to choose how, and when we express the “true-ness” of our love existence.  At any moment, we can choose in that moment to express our true self, or on the other hand, express any of the other imagined necessary reactions to the experiences we consider not worthy of love or not worthy of a form of love.

God is the Consciousness of Love – the Infinite Consciousness of Infinite Love.  All the different levels of consciousness which we perceive in the Earth, from the “lowest” form of life to the highest form, are part of this Infiniteness and what is being referred to here.  Therefore, every action, thought, and behavior impacts God and therefore ripples out to Infinity and our self.

If we are unwilling to make these choice to express the truth of the substance of our essence – love – to be our self – our true self, how can we expect others around us or those we are aware of through the media or in positions of prominence to make these choices. If we choose to demonstrate expressions of “non-self/non-love”, how can we expect others to demonstrate the self that is love in return to us. If we are not willing to change our own expressing of that which is not love, how can we expect those who are learning from observing us – our personal example (of which their are many) to learn to change their ways of expressing.

From the essence of the substance of God that we call our individual self with our freewill, we choose how we express life in this world.  No one can force us to hate.  We can only agree to it.  Likewise no one can force anyone to love.  We can only decide to be willing and then carry love out.

Regardless of how much we argue that we were forced to act a certain harmful way, we still know that we were not forced to feel the feelings that led to that harmful act.  We were not forced to think the thoughts that fed the feelings.  We were not forced to perceive the other as worthy of harmful acts.


What this means is the phrase, “Be yourself” has a bigger meaning.  For us to be ourselves, we need only to be willing to love and to be loved – in other words, to BE LOVE – to exist as our self – Love.

It’s not easy, but with desire, hope, practice, patience, forgiveness, mercy, compassion and effort one day at a time, we can let ourselves be ourselves, more and more.

The Fear and Violence part of the 3rd Chakra

We can look at the world and see violence happening all over the place. We can also look at the world and feel the fear which is within people all over the place. And both violence and fear seemingly grow, and seemingly grow and seemingly grow.

The 3rd Chakra Connection

The spiritual consciousness 3rd Chakra is connected to the physical Adrenaline Gland. This particular Chakra part of the whole consciousness activates the Adrenaline Gland. We all know what adrenaline is. We all feel it when we’re pumped up for an athletic event or the latest roller coaster ride, or a scary movie, or a James Bond movie or an X-men movie or Deadpool Movie or a war movie or any number of all the other movies which are designed, written, and purposed to give an adrenaline thrill ride. It is the “fight or flight” experience.  It is meant to be associated with personal power.  (Even reading this last paragraph brings back memories of these activities and triggers adrenaline.)

It is the adrenaline experience that fuels many actions including violence – the “fight” part of the coin. This is the thirst for blood – the rush of adrenaline that comes with violence.  Many seek this.  Fear is also the adrenaline experience – the “flight” part of the experience. We either “run like everything the other way” or we fight.  Many seek this, also.  Fight or flight are both the 2 sides of one coin.

Currently, in our world, our reaction to violence is to bring forth more violence, because the original violence triggers fear within us, and through our response of violence, we’re trying to no longer be afraid via overpowering the original fear and violence.

Put another way, in our world, our reaction to this type of 3rd Chakra experience is to bring forth more of these types of 3rd Chakra experiences, because the original 3rd Chakra experience triggers another 3rd Chakra experience within us, and through our responding with this type of 3rd Chakra experience we’re trying to no longer have these types of 3rd Chakra experiences by trying to overpower the original 3rd Chakra experience with another 3rd Chakra experience.

Do you kind of get where the problem is with fear and violence – fight or flight?

Einstein once said, “We can’t solve a problem at the level at which it was created.” We can’t solve the cycle of violence and fear – a type of 3rd Chakra cycle of experiences – by bringing forth more violence and fear – more of the same types of 3rd Chakra experiences.

Options for Something Different

However, we can step out of the cycles of these 3rd Chakra experiences with two different changes in consciousness.

The 2nd option for change is to move our awareness up to the 4th Chakra and begin practicing 4th Chakra experiences whenever we are aware that we are responding to our life situations, circumstances, and experiences with adrenaline.  It’s not always easy to do, because this act requires self-awareness.  The self-awareness also needs to include the knowledge and awareness of the difference between 3rd and 4th Chakra experiences.  This takes practice – months of practice added to years of practice added to one’s life path full of practicing.

This is a process of observing one’s self.  It is also referred to “stepping aside and watching one’s self pass by.”  Many times we can recall memories of our experiences easier, and this gives us the chance to “observe” how we reacted in the past.  It also can become possible then to remember the present and our current responses happening in the ‘now’ moment.

The 4th Chakra’s center of response can move us to much different responses.  It also can move us to many different choices available to us.  None of the choices are “to not feel the 3rd Chakra” or “to feel nothing at all”.  The 4th Chakra isn’t about “feeling nothing”.

Quite the opposite – the 4th Chakra is about feeling more than only what the 3rd Chakra offered.  The 4th Chakra, the heart Chakra, is the Chakra centered on Love and the many different forms which love can take.  Love can take many forms – compassion, mercy, forgiveness, patience, understanding, tolerance, etc.

In this topic, Love can come forth from the 4th Chakra in the form of compassion and understanding.  This is the 1st option which I skipped over previously.  The 1st change to the 3rd Chakra experiences from moving our response into the 4th Chakra is the compassion and understanding of the 3rd Chakra experiences of fight or flight – the compassion and understanding of the experiencing of fear and violence and why we experience these.

A transformation can take place by moving our responses into the 4th Chakra.  As human beings, holding on to our compassion, we can begin to understand just how difficult and confusing it is to be a human being.  We can understand what human beings go through to struggle and live on this planet.  We can understand how our thinking styles, our ways of responding to experiences, and our chosen ways of believing can be so difficult to step out of, that it is any wonder that we’re able to find peace at all.

Being a human being is hard.  We try to latch onto some way of living that may possibly lead us to something better.  But, as human beings we can only do the best we can.  Sometimes, we can only do the best we can at doing the best we can.  Hence why responding from the 4th Chakra can be so important and helpful.  It is from our heart that we offer compassion for the struggles of life that people face.  It is from our heart that we find patience to extend to someone else who needs just that.  It is from our heart that we find it within ourselves to live in some form of peace with others, allowing all the different ways of being human to try to coexist.

It is from our heart that we can transform the experience of fear and violence to one of compassion and understanding which in turn, can lead to acceptance and tolerance.  Love is possible, when we move our consciousness from our adrenaline experiences to our heart – the center of love experiences and all the different forms that love could manifest.

As humans and spirits, we are all our Chakras and all our experiences – the sum total of all experiences we’ve ever had, plus the sum of all our potential possibilities for the future.  That’s a lot, so, no experience or response we’ve ever had, is not “not part of us”.  Nor should they be.

But, we have choices that we can make.  We are more than automatic responses of fear and violence.  We can make choices of healing and learning.  We can make choices of compassion and understanding.  We can make choices of growing in our awareness of our self and our being a human being.  These choices can help us heal our self, our relationship, our communities, and even, our world.  “With God, all is possible” no longer are just fancy words, but can become a new way of living.

The transformation of the 3rd Chakra by moving into the 4th, is a transformation of fear and violence to one of learning, understanding, compassion, and patience.   In turn, these can also lead to mercy, forgiveness, and a healing of our Family of Man.


“Never underestimate the Infinite possibilities of the Infinite Consciousness of God bringing forth Infinite Love.  Infinite things can happen.”  (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2016, Jodie Senkyrik)

Deuteronomy 30:19

When in human history has there not been conflict among each other, hatred, war and killing of people by other people. And yet, we human beings are still alive and living our lives. We have 7 billion people on the planet, and I know why.

It’s because “he” loves “her,” and “she” loves “that guy,” and “they” love “somebody,” and “he” loves “somebody” and “we” love, and “she” loves, and “different people” love and “children” love and on and on and on and on. Any planet where “many people loving other people” exists, is a planet worth living on. Any planet where a person or many people express their love through all the different forms that love gets expressed – support, kindness, patience, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, more kindness, etc, – for other people, is a planet where God is among us and active through our choice to manifest love to other people through support, kindness, patience, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, more kindness, etc.

God and Love and God and Love

Where love exists, God exists. Where people love, God’s love gets through to us.  When we love any person and any life that God has created, we bring God’s Presence, Kindness, Patience, Compassion and Love onto the surface of this planet, mixing into the lives of the people we contact and with whom we connect.  We bring God’s active involvement into our personal lives and our lives as a planet full of people.

The Choosing

If any person or group of people wants to bring more conflict with other people, more condemning of another group of people, more war among different groups, more killing of men, women and children – more hatred and fear of someone who is different – into the world, we can choose this activity simply by harming, judging, condemning, fearing, abusing, or hating the person we see either in front of us, next to us, far from us, or someone on the news channel.  This then becomes the act we add to our children’s lives, to our family member’s lives, to the lives of the people in our community, to the people of our nation and to the people on the planet.

At any time, we can choose to condemn different people more, judge different people more, kill different people more, be more violent to people we don’t want near us.  We can do this more and more, not just through our actions, but through the words we speak and write, through our beliefs about other people and our actions born from our attitudes which then become our real treatment of other people.

We can fear and hate, either the person sitting next to us on the plane who looks different, or the person who looks different on the other side of the planet that we only see on TV – all at the drop of a hat.  We can inspire others to hate through our written words and our spoken words in any avenue of writing (and now social media.)  We can return hatred to those people that already hate thereby increasing the hatred among more and more people in the world.  Look at the world and see how we have chosen the easy way of hating and fearing the person that is different.  No one of us is innocent of doing this.  And as Dr. Phil says, “And how has that worked out for you?”

When we fear and hate, our hatred and our fear within our hearts and minds, go hand in hand. They are two sides of the same coin. They are the right hand and the left hand to a body of living that we can choose simply by believing our own words of fear and our own words of hate.   Our fear feeds our hatred and our hatred feeds our fear. Anyone who fears and says they don’t hate is selling more fear and more hatred to any buyers.

Is Christ a real option?

Jesus was/is a real person.  Regardless of what the Bible tells us, we don’t know that much about Him.  We fill in the details with whatever we come up with in our minds, and from what other people come up with in their minds.   We even remake Jesus in our own image and likeness, sometimes.

Other times, we put Him so high on a pedestal that He becomes unreal.  When He becomes unreal, His guidance becomes unrealistic.  His teachings become unrealistic, and our beliefs about Him become unusable for any real-life situations.   We live day to day, and we don’t practice any of His teachings and guidance.

He was a real human being.  Perhaps not the human being that we’ve imagined, though.  He died from physical wounds and the blood loss.  Real people die from physical wounds and blood loss.  There were no EMT’s or Surgeon’s.  If we were in the same situation – a knife, a sword (not too many any more) a gun, a bomb, or the like, we also would possibly die from the blood loss  from wounds.

We may yet think of Him as an imaginary person.  Imaginary people don’t suffer or physically die.  Imaginary people go away and don’t come back.  Imaginary people aren’t around when you need real help.

But, to better choose Christ, we can start with entertaining the idea that He is a real person, like you and I – “one of us” – with Him walking down the street, or next to us, or waving as we walk by.  As a regular real person, His statement – “For man, it is impossible, but with God, all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26) gives us the room for something better to be hoped for and chosen.  This statement can give us hope that we can find it within ourselves to choose something better – with help from within – with God, a better choice can be chosen, from within.

Real people can act with kindness, gentleness and tenderness.  Real people can act with patience and compassion.  Real people, like you and I – “if God was one of us” – can choose forgiveness and mercy.  This is how we can choose Christ.  He chose to extend forgiveness, patience and mercy and still does.

Making a Choice

We can focus on continuing to choose to love-which takes making a decision, and then following up that decision with prayer asking for help to manifest the decision, and then following up that prayer for help with hard work – as anyone who is married, (one of many examples of an expression of love,) will tell you – continuing to love takes hard work.

On the other hand, in any one moment, in any one second, we can choose to hate and express that hatred through violence, through vengeance, through killing,…

or we can choose to love and express that love through patience, through faith, through kindness, through mercy, through more patience, through understanding, through prayer, through more prayer, and through the examples that we have already learned.  We can choose through any method that brings our minds and hearts back to the better side of human beings and away from the worst side of human beings – fear, hatred, and the like.

It is so, so easy to become just like those we condemn, those we hate, those we fear or those that are different. All we have to do is condemn others and justify the condemnation, hate others and justify the hatred, fear others and justify the fear.  The other side does exactly the same thing.

Deep within ourselves, we don’t want to be hate-filled and fear-filled. But, we choose that when we choose to return hatred for hatred – when we choose to return condemning of others with more condemning of others.

There will never be a day that we can stop hatred and violence in the world by opposing it using hatred and violence. We cannot add to the cooperation and unity among different people by adding more conflict and separation.  Whether it’s felt towards people next to us in the grocery line or someone on the opposite side of the planet – it is the same.  Thoughts of hatred and of condemning other people as well as thoughts of fear of those other people, find their way into how we treat the people in our own presence – the people sitting next to us on a plane or standing next to us in line.


There is no difference between the violence of one person and the violence of another person.  There is no difference between the hatred and condemnation that one person has, and the hatred and condemnation that another person has.  Both people justify their own and both people say “God is on our side.”


While the title refers to a “strict or strong” stance – sometimes an interpreted judgmental stance – in the Bible, I list it because it recognizes that we have freewill.   We will always have freewill.  We will always be able to choose.  Our response to all things in life is up to us.  We can choose life.


The real God is the God of Infinite Love – the Love that existed before time, and which will exist beyond any imagined future.  The real Jesus Christ is the Christ of Infinite Love.  The real Spirit within all of us is the Spirit of Infinite Love.  We have within us more capacity for love than we currently choose to imagine and manifest.  When the time comes that we choose to imagine Infinite Love and choose to manifest Infinite Love, this world and all other worlds, as well, will change to One of Infinite Love, Infinite Kindness, Infinite Patience, and…


“Those we pray for have God available in their lives in stronger ways than those we don’t pray for.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2016, Jodie Senkyrik)