A Call for Unceasing Prayer

A psychic view of optional time lines with the war.

We are 9 months away from being in 2024 – the final and worse of the dark years. Many don’t want to think that P is capable of using nuclear weapons. But he is, because he has reached a desperate state of mind. Nothing has gone according to his plan. Using nuclear weapons is not smart, safe, sane or consequence free. Nothing good will come from it. Nothing. He wants to make Ukraine “no longer a country.”

I see that he has stepped past a line where his mind is no longer healthy. He is capable of using nuclear weapons. Make no mistake about it – prayers help whomever is prayed for.

The question is no longer whether he will or not, but when. He is preparing now for a scenario of using them. While it could be argued that he is playing a game of bluff poker, make no mistake. At this point, he is slipping into a distorted mental state in which he is capable because he is thinking it will help convince the world that he intends to get what he wants.

But, those days of using violence to get what one wants are coming to an end.

I’m remembering a dream now of seeing these particular two Asian presidents who met – with the world coming to this place in history. The President of the East is okay with the other’s use of nuclear weapons. He does not oppose it because it would serve the purpose for him to see how far the west is willing to go. The President of the East is betting that the west will be preoccupied with his nuclear weapons. The PotE can lose very little. But it won’t go according to PotE’s plans either. To PotE, either P uses nuclear weapons or he doesn’t, and it doesn’t matter. By not stopping P, using P like this, PotE allows the focus to be in Europe. Meanwhile, PotE will look at moving on the tiny Pacific island.

The scenario that is presented to the world – by the recent presidents who met to discuss opposing the west – their presentation does not reveal the truth of their intentions.

The PotE is using P to distract the west from the Pacific area.

Every person chooses. Elected officials choose. People with their fingers on the buttons choose. No one has freewill taken away. People who give orders choose. Each of us chooses.

I look for which timeline we will go down, and I’m seeing a dozen and more.
We can choose to pray that God surround, help, support and shine Light for all who must choose. For many, this is all we are in positions to do, but praying is one of the strongest and most powerful things to do. For if many do pray for help, the world will be helped. Many are praying, but many more are needed. It is only Spirit that can bring us out of this.

Many times, predictions are made, because we can see a person choosing 99 times out of 100. Right now, I’m seeing people all over the “spectrum” of choosing. I am not able to make a prediction about the people and what they will choose. It is a time of desperation. When people are desperate, they are not themselves.

What I AM seeing : I am seeing a handful of people standing at a crossroads. I see more destruction. I interpret the images of this destruction as an image from a use of a nuclear weapon. I see it in the area of Kyiv.

As I continue to look, I only see results – not which choices are made.

But, I can also see that another path is available – for it to be the path that is chosen – another path from the ones described above.


“There is never a time, there is never a place, there is never an event, …
in which God is not present already at work, …
with our praying simply making it a “taking it to the next level” thing.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2023, by Jodie Senkyrik)

8 thoughts on “A Call for Unceasing Prayer

  1. Dear Jodie,

    Thank you so much for the update. This really sounds terrifying!

    But I have always believed Putin to be capable of anything, long before this war began. His character is deeply wrong. I felt that 20 years ago when he was still making friendly visits to Germany.

    He has already given many orders to kill. At the core, it’s the same.
    Just the scale is quite different.

    Do you have any recommendation for the best prayer in this situation?
    If we use the same words, maybe it seems more focused?

    Cordially yours,



    • Hi Lorenz,
      Always, the best prayer is the one from our hearts. Words sometimes just get in the way. We are the voices crying out in the wilderness. And no matter what we cry out, the most important thing is that we do. If this were not true, I would say so.


  2. P.S. In your view, if he will use nuclear weapons, would that lead to a direct confrontation with the U.S., thus nuclear war?


    • This is one of a number of timelines which can be chosen. I don’t see a guarantee that it would be nuclear war. I do see direct confrontation increasing, but not just from the US. Yet, again, these are some of the number of timelines which can be chosen.


    • Hi Joey,
      I do see Ukraine surviving like Japan and all the other nations survived all the wars and all the weapons of the 20th century. I see that this war will end but the “when” is now even less set in rock.


    • Hi Melba,
      It is some of the last death rattles of an age of humankind in which violence and destruction have been used as ways to gain what one wants. The evolutionary change will be slow if measured by an individual’s idea of time, but very quickly if measured by looking at human evolution. Our prayers and efforts bring forth help for what is showing itself to be a painful birth for the next age of mankind.

      Of the next age, like any planted garden – some will see the seeds sprout (examples starting to come forth of what the next age of mankind is about), some will see the plants grow (the learning to incorporate better ways of relating to each other) and some will see the harvesting of the fruit (a world where higher awareness guides our living, interactions and relationships.)


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