First 2016-2017 Weather Prediction

If you haven’t already become aware of this on your own, we’re in for a very hard winter in the next few months.  The signs are here.  The past patterns are here.  Common sense is here.  Warnings are here.  The writing is on the wall. We’ve established that we are on this road now.

What we’ve experienced in December, we’re going to get harder in January and much, much harder in February.

In general, across the nation, the remainder of December will look like “normal” winter weather that one would expect winter to be from past decades.  And I’m seeing January being more of the same only colder.  Then I see February being an “ice block” – frozen solid – nothing but cold – the whole month – with no relief whatsoever.

This is for pretty much the whole country – in general.  I can give some specifics if you’re interested – post a comment and I’ll answer it  when possible.  However, you’ll be able to extrapolate from what I’ve offered so far.

For Texas, a state that doesn’t do winter very well.  We’re going to be right in line with what I said above.   It will be a cold December, then in and out of freezing temperatures in January, then almost all freezing temperatures for all of February.  February will even be hard in the Rio Grande Valley – not as serious as the Texas area north of them, but cold enough to where they/you will need to take steps to protect people, plants, animals and pipes.

I’ve warned about this coming winter for many years.  It’s here and it’s going to be very cold, very difficult and very serious – and ALL ACROSS THE NATION.

AND…. regardless of what people say, this is a result of Global Warming.  Climate change is real.  Remember the words, “Anyone who tells you different, is selling something.”  Just because one may not understand how this is true, or doesn’t want it, doesn’t mean it’s not true.  The same scientific principles and laws of physics, chemistry and mathematics that go into understanding and building computers, go into understanding weather.  No one person completely understands how the whole computer works, but every human being in the United States uses or connects to computers.  Yet, no one questions if their computer is a hoax.

Finally, the difficult winter we’ll go through will ease up when we move into the beginning of March – in the southern half of the US.  The northern half of the US states, will have winter on through mid-March, and the most northern Northeastern states will have winter going to near the end of March.


I’m working on the Psychic Reading I did for the election results and will post it as an audio file real soon.  It will be controversial, but it is what I see psychically… (with a caveat that the future can change with prayer and meditation.)


“The teachings of many, many religions hold to “Do unto others, as you would want others to do unto you.”  The God of these religions gave all followers of these religions freewill, and will never take that freewill away.   That is why from time to time, we say ‘No’. ” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2016, Jodie Senkyrik)

“Pray for all those that are judged to be unworthy of prayers.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2014, Jodie Senkyrik)

28 thoughts on “First 2016-2017 Weather Prediction

    • Arizona has a variety of land types and so there are some differences in the weather. For the most part, the major area of populated Arizona will miss the brunt of the hard winter. I do see some close to freezing weather at some times during January and February in the lower elevation areas. The average of the coming February’s temperatures will be lower than January. I see the higher elevations in Northern Arizona facing cold winds and below freezing temps. In general, there will be lower than average for Arizona, but, not as severe as the rest of the nation.


    • The San Joaquin Valley will have most of its cold temperatures in January. This will affect food production, but February in the San Joaquin Valley will not be as hard as the rest of the nation. February will see a few warmer than average days in the S.J. Valley. The Sierras will see a lot of cold weather and not all of it will help the snow skiing, but whether it’s “hard” is based on perspective. Not a hard winter compared to the rest of the nation. Less than average precipitation.


  1. Hi Jodie, blessings of the festive season to you. I would be interested in what you see happening weather wise in south eastern Australia . Many thanks Caz


    • For this time of year, Australia is in summer. I see a typical summer for Aussies on the whole. The temperatures will be slightly hotter than the last 4 year average, though. I do see an anomalous weather/Earth pattern happening at the end of February/beginning of March in north central Australia. I’m not clear at the moment what it is, though. It could be a very large fire in that region.


  2. After experiencing part of my consciousness that is incarnated in other parallel timelines, I, of course, don’t know what’s going to happen in this one as what we see/know of the future is but one potential of many, but I have witnessed timelines where the election did not result the same way and it ended in nuclear war that destroyed most of life. I’m hoping we can avoid that in this one. It was hard seeing people be so scared and then come back to this timeline where we’re not experiencing that. Sometimes I wonder if people who saw and wrote about visions of end of the world as we know it scenes were tapping into timelines such as what I saw.


    • Possibly, but also the image of “The End” can also be symbolic of something ending within consciousness. With a rebirth happening on the other side. Humanity is not finished evolving on this planet and so we won’t see the end of the Earth for a long, long, long time. The Earth is now a planet where spiritual evolution can happen to those souls who choose it on this planet.


    • Lots of cold, freezing – lots of wind and snow this year, also. You shouldn’t be surprised. Expect the worst of it to be the 1st 3 weeks of February. Slowly it will warm up going into March with most of the horrible winter weather being finished after the 1st week in March. Tennessee will only be slightly warmer than Illinois. But, again, the 1st 3 weeks of February will be the worst of it.


    • There’s not much out of the ordinary that I can say about Seattle and the surrounding areas. I’ll start by saying, this will NOT be a warm weather winter for Seattle. January will not bring as tough storms for Seattle, as much as February will. February, like so many other areas, will be when the hardest part of this winter will come for Seattle. Seattle will have a slow spring arrival. March will warm up some from February, as is expected. I see temperatures being chilly until April. Wait until the beginning of April to start planting outdoor gardens. By the time the seeds sprout and plants come up, the temperatures will be slowly rising, with what I call warmer weather happening in May. (Remember, I’m from Texas. FYI, I wore coats in San Francisco in the summer months.)


  3. So you really think global warming is causing the upcoming cold winter? All the old folks I know and those that have passed on have told me winters were colder back in their youth. Even I have noticed that back in the 70;s and early 80’s when I was a kid winters were colder. I haven’t noticed summers getting any hotter. It takes a lot more energy to heat up warm air than cold air. My opinion on global warming is that it’s a good thing. Food doesn’t grow well in colder climates. This last year our planet yielded the highest food production ever and it happened to be the warmest year in modern recorded history.


    • If it were like it looks on the surface of things, you’d be very right, if global warming/climate change were only about weather temperatures. Because you grew up in the 1970’s and 1980’s, you are young enough that you will see even more erratic weather patterns than we’ve had so far. Then, going into the mid-century, the generations that follow will see even more erratic weather with powerful extremes during summer and winter. Another great drought will happen yet in the Midwestern states in the 2020’s going into the 2030’s lasting from 5-7 years. In years ahead records will be broken in cold weather during the winter and hot weather during the summer. The extremes will become even more extreme. The extremes are caused by global warming/climate change and the extremes each year in turn set in motion the factors which cause the weather for the following year to be erratic.
      As a side note, it is this global warming that has caused many hurricanes to veer away from the Gulf of Mexico and instead go up the Eastern coast of the US. There is now possible potential in place, that as global warming gets worse, an intact hurricane could go up the Atlantic and hit the U.K. (key word is ‘intact’ because they usually are downgraded and become just windy storms by the time they reach Britain.)
      This is what I see psychically.


      • Well, I’m still skeptical that warming would increase weather extremes but think it would enhance rainfall and lead to more flooding. My reasoning, the polar regions heat up a lot but tropical regions temps remain about the same. That reduces the temperature gradient which would reduce energy available for severe storms to form. But I don’t think CO2 is causing the warming. It’s a trace gas, only 0.04 percent of the atmosphere. Something else bigger is going on that’s warming the climate. Anyway I really enjoy your website. You probably have the best spiritual messages out of all thy psychics online. Have a happy new year.


    • That area is in the middle of “Cold Central”. You’re going to have a lot of hard cold weather in 2017. The worst of it will start in the 2nd half of January and will go until near the end of February. March will still be cold, but not as bad as February. There will be snow and ice during this time. That’s not too unusual for your area, though, but this year will be hard because of the length of time it stays in the lower freezing temperatures. For the most part, going into the years ahead, this type of weather will be the normal winter for Ohio and the Northeast. Each winter, you’re going to see this type of weather with very few exceptions to this rule. The temperatures will go up and down a little at different times, but overall, this is what to expect.


    • Northern Florida is going to get some irregularly cold weather during February. Southern Florida won’t be impacted much by it.
      All of Florida is going through a time where the populous in general are going through a desire for change. The people of Florida are diverse and there is a desire, in general, for the diversity to be welcomed and celebrated rather than go unseen. The energy for bringing change is waking up. Watch for this over the next 7 years.


  4. Greetings Jodie

    Can you please post an update to your weather predictions including comments on the warm temps in so much of the country and the rains in Washington, Oregon, California?

    Thank you



    • I could spend hours covering the weather over so much of the country and not say much more than a weather forecaster. In general, as we come out of February, the worst of the winter is finished, although, the Northeast will come slower out of winter than the rest of the country. The Pacific Northwest rains are the pendulum swinging back the other way. They are within normal ranges and are not as abnormal as many would think. I see moderate warm temperatures continuing thru spring and summer, with the summer being “predictable” by anyone. I don’t see much out of the ordinary. I see the rains in the P.N. stopping by the end of March to mid-April. After that, a “normal” spring/summer will move in. In general, I see the weather being warmer than the decades of averaging that has occurred, with some abnormalcy happening from time to time. But, you don’t need a psychic to see this. The meteorologists are being very accurate.


  5. I’ve been keeping up with your weather predictions, but was wondering if you had any thought I’m the 2017/2018 winter for the United States? Ecspecially the Midwest (Illinois) and southeastern parts (Tennessee) areas.

    Thanks Stephanie


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