Hurricane Patricia and the 2nd of 3 Events

I spoke a lot about the energy of the 2nd of 3 events still needing to find a way to manifest.  What I’ve been studying and working to understand is the “how” and “what will it look like”.

It would be easy for me to jump on the band wagon and say hurricanes like Hurricane Patricia are the manifestation of this 2nd of 3 events, but I can’t and we can’t make that jump without examining the Akashic information and energy connections.

This is what I do see having potential and what we can watch for:

  1. A lot of the energy related to the 2nd of the 3 events is destined to manifest in the Atlantic area. The energy related to the 2nd of 3 events has attached itself to this area – i.e. created a vortex holding to this area through time, until the energy is rebalanced, dissolved, used up or healed.
  2. Some of the energy in the Atlantic area hasn’t yet found a channel through which to manifest, but some has which I’ll describe.
  3. Still – watch for social/political or other problems in the Venezuela area, because when energy like this doesn’t manifest through the Earth, it can manifest through people.  Venezuela is still a strong potential location for manifestation.
  4. There will be more smaller and localized natural disasters in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and Eastern Atlantic coastlines that are manifestations of this energy.
  5. Some of the energy will continue to be spread out in time – occurring over several years with most of it manifesting through to the end of this decade.  With this time span expanded there is also more that can be rebalanced thus making the manifested events less harmful.  (The purpose of all these events is to help raise vibrations in the Earth.  Prayer does that.  Calling out to God does that.  It’s better to raise the vibrations before the events manifest than afterwards.)
  6. Watch for a destructive natural event or a harmful human event in February or March, 2016 in this same area.  This would be an example of the energy manifesting through people via human’s freewill choices to cause a harmful/destructive act.
  7. I see the ocean bottom in the area of where Poseidia existed rising more – not surfacing, but the measured depth of that area (off the east coast of the Bahama and Bimini Islands) will become shallower.  This could take up to two years to be fulfilled.
  8. Related to this energy, I’m seeing an earthquake happening in the western Atlantic to the east of the Caribbean Sea in about 28-29 months.  Although this is an exact time frame now, this can be changed.  It will be in a deeper part of the Atlantic.
  9. All of our prayers for these areas will change things.  I’m becoming more and more aware that one of the strongest and most important messages coming from the Spirit Side of existence is that prayer changes energy, changes our lives and changes the world we live in.
  10. I still don’t see much of this energy being focused on the Eastern Coast of the US, because of its distance away from the vortex that this energy has come to create.
  11. All natural events, like disasters, have an energy source which seeks manifestation.  All of them.  The 2nd of 3 events was such a dramatic and huge amount of energy that I was able to see it as a distinct coalesced manifestation.  The very real prayers which people really did pray served to vibrate this coalesced energy in such a way as to make it into multiple smaller individual pockets of energy.
  12. Hurricane Patricia – as hard as it may be to believe this, I see Hurricane Patricia’s source energy coming from the consciousness of hatred and violence from the Mayans and others in the ancient area, beginning about 6000 years ago to about 2500 years ago.  There was much hatred in the peoples which led to vengeful and destructive warring on others and the disregard of human life leading to human sacrifice.  This consciousness of violent hatred coalesced and the Karmic processes of “returning to where it came from” then contributed to the forming of this hurricane here in 2015.  (I should have a “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” category.)  That’s all I’m going to say about this.

I’m ready for questions, if anyone has any.


“Having faith has always been God’s answer to a problem.
Not having faith has never been God’s answer to a problem.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1999-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

3 thoughts on “Hurricane Patricia and the 2nd of 3 Events

  1. Prayer and praying for the outcomes and envisioning the outcomes in a positive ,healing and loviing way , filling all that exisits with love , and asking for Holy Spirit , the Angels , and Love to infuse within all of our hearts, with Reiki Healing for forgiveness and healing from past lives and present lives seems to be where I focus now , LOVE is the healing aspect that can make a difference as well as prayers that are creating outcomes within the prayer and creating a vision for each of us to , feel and see , prayer is crucial ,powerful and can expand , the outcomes and the possabltiies and change , what is or what can or could be in the future , i feel that a strong prayer foundation is crucial for each of us and for each of us to start belieivng in the self , the power and what we have already manifested on earth ( yes focusing on the good ) love and light to all


  2. Before I knew about the hurricane I could feel it’s energy. I couldn’t sleep at all the night before last (10/22) and was having an influx of psychic visions and even channeling – I worked with soul regression on someone else and myself by way of automatic writing. I believe that storms somehow create energy, rather than them being manifested. However on Friday morning after having talked to a very close and also psychic friend of mine who was in Mexico vacationing with her entire family, the thought crossed my mind that this had been a manifestation of the widespread negative energy being passed throughout the people of the United States regarding immigration. Now, I know that could be taken as an opinion as I am very for immigration, but the hours leading up to finding out about the hurricane cause me to believe this. I felt compelled to write a piece about all the items around me being from all over the world as sort of my poetic version of immigration and how I feel.

    My spirit guides are consistent with their efforts to align me with my soul mission and my psychic path and I see and signs from them all the time. One of them is a woman named Jane Dumas who was a highly respected elder of the Kumeyaay tribe native to Baja California in Mexico and traveling up into parts of Southern California. The night before I knew about the hurricane, the night I couldn’t sleep, I started thinking about her and my connection to the native indigenous tribes of that area. I also started thinking about my friend (who was and still is in Mexico right now and is part Hispanic) and how she and I were/are connected by my spirit guides – primarily Jane Dumas. I am taking care of my friend’s pets and house while she’s away also, and am sleeping in her bed. (I mention that because it’s easier for me to know more about someone or some thing by spending time in their bedroom/home, and I think that helped my psychic awareness to be more pronounced)

    Friday morning I talked with my friend and then felt completely drained, but still awake with energy. I napped and then left the house to pick up my son (also psychic) and on the way I saw the number series “959” three times. The numbers “959” in numerology mean “get to work” if you’re a light worker, so that I did. For the next two hours my son and I held stones and prayed that the storm would move west and/or dissipate and also for the safety of the people in Mexico and Texas, etc. I tried to remove any negative racial thoughts and feelings I had during that time regarding my anger toward many racist people in the US. I told a few people I believed the Hurricane would stay inland. After I prayed and chatted with friends I felt completely exhausted after lack of sleep so I fell asleep quite early, around 7pm PST. It seemed as though I had taken drowsy medicine, that’s how tired I was.

    I woke up this morning the 24th quite early and looked at the news to find the information about the Hurricane. I quickly discovered that the hurricane went from a level 5 down to a level 1 once it hit inland. I cried with joy. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know if it was the prayer, the connection with my friends in Mexico, my connection with my Native American indigenous tribes, my guides, God, or what, but I TRULY believe that hurricane Patricia was in fact a negative manifestation brought upon Mexico by powerful modern day “rain-makers” all over the world.

    I do believe that this was a negative manifestation and the energy current was so swift and strong due to the storm that light workers and people of faith alike were able to dissipate the storm.


    • There is a similarity in what we see about the energy source – the anger, bitterness and/or hatred by a “warring” culture towards another different culture.


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