Speaking Engagement

April 13, 2015:  Finally, I’ve made available the presentation I gave at the A.R.E. Spring Retreat during March, 2015.  To listen to the 85 minute presentation, select the Download tab at the top of this page.  You’ll find the presentation near the top of the listings.  You can listen to it by clicking the presentation title or you can download it for listening to it later.  It is an .mp3 file.


I will be giving a presentation at the Palestine, TX A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) retreat/conference on March 13, 2015.  I will be sharing what I’ve written about regarding August, 2015, the Ukraine, many other topics, plus answering audience questions.  I plan to audio record the presentation and if it is a good quality, will post the audio recording on the download page.

13 thoughts on “Speaking Engagement

  1. That us wonderful great news Jodie so happy to hear this and very pleased for you!! Look forward to hear the audio!!!!!! Diane Collett Greenblatt


  2. That’s wonderful news. All the best to you, and we.appreciate your sharing insights with us. I am especially interested in your input regarding the Ukraine. I am part Ukrainian, and have family in the area.


  3. REally looking forward to listening to it. My thoughts and prayers are with the Palestinians and also the Ukrainians caught in the crossfire.


    • I’ll have the audio recording uploaded soon. Thank you. As to whether it went well – you’d have to ask the audience. They are the judge of that, aren’t they.


  4. Jodie , with the heightened energies , I am just wondering , whether you are receiving any information with regard to grounding and clearing , and if you are receiving nay messages with regard to any new ways that would be beneficial for us ? Thank you .


    • Grounding and clearing: The act of grounding isn’t really a grounding to the Earth. The true grounding is to our inner self, our real self, our whole self, our higher self. This grounding only comes from removing that which we inwardly use to run away from our body (human) experiences in the Earth.

      There are many aspects hidden within our subconscious which we use to help us “escape” our life in the Earth. In doing this, we “remove” ourselves from our body in various ways and at various levels and amounts. This we call being out of our body. Being grounded then, comes from reconnecting with our lives and our subconscious.

      While we use mental methods to “ground” ourselves, these are only temporary and serve to help us ground to our physical Earth body in that moment of meditation or other. Even this is helpful, though, as these experiences help us to eventually face that which we have previously used to push us out of the body.

      Clearing is just that – the resolving of issues and feelings of those experiences which we’ve not yet resolved, and which are usually kept deep in the subconscious. What we call clearing is called many other things, as well. What is termed “clearing” in new age terminology can sometimes only be moving the subconscious issues from one closet to another. When we are able to come face to face with that which we’ve placed deep in our subconscious and accept the experience as part of us, then integrate it with understanding as to it’s relevance and need to our whole soul evolutionary understanding and consciousness, then truly it is cleared from the subconscious and integrated into our whole consciousness as part of the total experience of our soul evolution. Do you understand?


  5. Hi Jodie,
    Thanks you so much for your insights. Do you see any connection with the New Madrid fault and the 2nd event coming in Aug/Sept 2015. I have thought of leaving Ohio and moving to Colorado but my intuition tells me to stay where I am. This is where I need to be, that this is a safe haven and people will migrate to this area and I need to be here to help. Thanks for any comments your may have.


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