The Ukraine Crisis

“Hello, I would like to know how you see the Ukraine crisis developing in 2015 from a psychic point of view. It seems that Russian President Putin is volatile and dangerous. Also, we don’t know what are the plans of the US-government really are. Please tell us, if possible, your point of view. Thank you!” P.

I promise you’re not going to be satisfied with my point of view.  I could comment greatly on politics and such, but I’m not going to.  The people in the midst of the political situations are only repeating scenarios that have been played out hundreds of time during human history – history repeating itself.  The only difference is that the names have changed and the locations have changed.  But, the scenarios are the same.

Politics, as we see today in our world, will come and go, like all the other political situations that have come and gone.  Empires will rise and fall as usual.  Therefore my response to you is as I’ve said many times in this blog.

Christ spoke to Peter when he asked the same question – “What about those other people?” Christ’s response was this, “You don’t worry about them.  I’ll worry about them.  You follow me.”

This response speaks volumes to those who would try to understand it’s implications.  What he is saying is this, ‘I know all about all that is happening.  You do not, and you don’t understand what I understand.  You follow the example I’ve given you and deal with what is in front of you.’

Our purpose on this Earth is to address aspects of our self – to change our responses to life’s experiences – to bring forth patience, understanding, hope, kindness, forgiveness, mercy, love, and all Fruits of the Spirit instead of hatred, prejudice, violence, vengeance, etc.  In bringing the Fruits of the Spirit forth, we are bringing forth the Consciousness of God into the Earth.  Bringing forth the Consciousness of God through our hearts is what changes all life on the planet – and for the better.

Politics’ purpose is to further the status quo.  Bringing forth the Consciousness of God via the Spirit that exists within the heart-felt acts of kindness, mercy, patience, etc, furthers the growth and evolution of humanity.

The issue isn’t “what is happening with President Putin and the Ukraine?”  The issue is “what is happening within your and my hearts and minds.”  If nothing is happening within your and my hearts, then it doesn’t matter what happens in Russia and the Ukraine, no evolution will happen in the Earth from anything done there.  However, if we do our inner work within our own hearts and minds, then it doesn’t matter what happens in Russia and the Ukraine, because the evolution of humanity has begun in the Earth and won’t be stopped not even in Russia and the Ukraine.  When we do our inner work on ourselves within our own hearts and minds, the Consciousness of God is present with us.

What will happen in the Ukraine?  The same thing that happened when this scenario played out all the other times in human history.  Except today, we have the opportunity to pray for all soul’s and all life involved with these events.

Those souls that are prayed for have God in their presence more than those not prayed for.  And if our prayers are for all life and all souls involved with these events, then all of them will have God’s presence more than if they were not prayed for.  With God’s presence ever growing stronger in the lives of people prayed for, as well as the Earth as a whole, then perhaps history won’t repeat itself.


“Some things we believe are true and some things we believe are false, and it doesn’t matter.  What matters is what we do with our beliefs.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©,2004, Jodie Senkyrik)

“We can be among the first ones to lead new ways into the future, or we can be among the last ones to follow the old ways of the past.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©,2007, Jodie Senkyrik)

“When God is involved, ANYTHING can happen!” (The Rainbow Cards, ©,1996-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

8 thoughts on “The Ukraine Crisis

  1. Jodie I agree with your observation. Didn’t Edgar Cauce once comment, “Watch Russia. As Russia goes so will go the world…” I think it was in one of his End Times or Earth Changes prophecies. That would align with your observation in that if the people of Ruska are unable to nourish the light within as their only hope for freedom neither will others. Your thoughts? Dick


    • I’m not familiar with your reference, but the readings do say, “out of Russia, you see, there may come that which may be the basis of a more world-wide religious thought or trend” Reading 3976-12.


  2. I will send love thoughts and peace energies to Your areas. When one person is hurt the whole world is hurt. We all are one. We do not need thoughts and actions that make pollution to our mother Earth. The Earth breaths too. So we must keep the nature clean. Love.


  3. Dear Jodie,
    thank you very much for your answer on my question about Russia and the Ukraine. Of course, I hoped for a more direct answer on this issue. Among other, you wrote:
    The issue isn’t “what is happening with President Putin and the Ukraine?” The issue is “what is happening within your and my hearts and minds.”
    I think I grasp what you want to say by this, because only through what is happening within us we might become able to be part of a change to a better world. Every action of every person matters (to the good or bad according to the nature of the action). I know a spiritual (psychic) master in Germany (where I am from) who always had a similar stance as you’ve expressed.
    However, this conflict is not just one of many similar conflicts in the world today or in the past of human history, but has the potential to develop towards a full-scale (and nuclear) war between Russia and NATO. That’s the background of my question.
    Anyway, thank you again for reminding me on what we all can do – working on a change in ourselves or our heart while praying for people involved in such horrible events.

    Kind regards from Tokyo,


    • You make a great point – “Every action of every person matters” and I look forward to the day that humanity fully is aware of this.
      The most powerful things we can do to help situations like this is continue to work on our self, and pray for the region. Both of these have very real influence and impact on our world. I also look forward to the day that people are aware of how powerful prayer is and how much change prayer brings forth. If people could see what I see.
      You’re right in that this conflict isn’t just another conflict, but not with regards to whether nuclear weapons would be used. Nuclear weapons have been considered having potential viability by many sides, for all the decades that they’ve existed.
      This conflict can either be one of the last major conflicts which will be resolved through military might and violence, or it can help usher in a time of resolving conflict via negotiation and diplomacy. Unfortunately, right now, the former has a higher chance of happening.


  4. If the people of the Ukraine receive our prayers, they will be able to fend off the destructive efforts of Putin. If the people of the Ukraine do not receive prayers or receive only few, then Putin will cause greater problems for them. They need our prayers continuously to fend off Putin’s aggression. This is what I see psychically.


    • And since this post the murder of the Ukraine leader ! With suggestion that Putin is responsible for his death!!! I do feel prayer works! Yet thus where I see that the disconnect happens with prayer- if we individually pray than we do yet if we pray as one – than I feel this is a stronger force? Do you see Jodie that can make a difference???


      • Praying is like rowing a boat. The more we individually row, the further we get, but if the boat is great in size, as an individual, it will be a slow and long journey. However when we join with others, together we can move greater things with more power. Just remember, that if we decide to stop praying (rowing), the ship will stop in place and move no further towards the destination.


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