August 2015: The 2nd of 3 Events – June thru August

As time continues, I examine what I’ve previously psychically seen.  Sometimes I get a little bit more information.

I’m seeing in more detail the massive underground shifting that will trigger the disaster that I’m seeing in August 2015.  This massive shifting will move water in all directions.  I still see the most destruction going southward, but I am also seeing a less powerful tsunami wave moving northward.

The people of the islands in the Caribbean are no strangers to hurricanes and higher waves washing in with storms.  The answer to this event is to prepare for the predicted potential earthquake, tsunami wave and volcanic activity.

There will be many who won’t have any preparation made.  However, if anyone knows people in the areas that I refer to, do tell them that predictions are coming out about their region being the location of the next world disaster.  They may dismiss it or laugh, but isn’t that better than never hearing their laughter again?

This potential is so great that I have stopped looking for any way for it to NOT happen.  Every time I look psychically, I see it.  Every time I look psychically, I see a little bit more and different details.

The steps to take now are preparation.  We were at 1 year last August with the predictions I made then.  Now, we are at 6 months until August, 2015.  In a blink of an eye, June will be here and the “signs” I’m seeing, will begin – on or around June 13 – perhaps June 10 to June 15.  Then another similar “sign” in the 1st half of July – on or around July 11 – or from July 7 to July 15.

I’m putting these dates down, so that if these signs do happen, it will help us to prepare ourselves in whatever way we can – even if it’s just to pray, or support the Red Cross, or donate, or warn our friends and relatives in the areas – regardless of whether we are in the area that will go through this.


“God is not found in destructive events – even though they’re called ‘Acts of God’.  God is found in the response of people rushing in to help those who are in need.  God lives in the heart and acts from the heart.”  (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2015, Jodie Senkyrik)


5 thoughts on “August 2015: The 2nd of 3 Events – June thru August

  1. Hello, I would like to know how you see the Ukraine crisis developing in 2015 from a psychic point of view. It seems that Russian President Putin is volatile and dangerous. Also, we don’t know what are the plans of the US-government really are. Please tell us, if possible, your point of view. Thank you!


  2. I had some visions of myself ( I had the visions about 4 or 5 years ago) that I was with a group of people
    It was group of 12 or15 and we were traveling together as a group- we were flying and we got to a specific area and we were picked up by personnel in very plain jumpers of sorts in a platoon boat on water I was part of a team to bring healing comfort and support to a mass group of people and there was water everywhere – so we had to travel in these platoon boats on water!!! It feels like to be what you are suggesting is what I had a vision of!!!!! Is this anything you can associate with? Diane Collett Gteenblatt


    • Not right off, but I encourage you to study this dream for it’s metaphors and symbols, and relationship to your everyday life. If you haven’t studied dreams, yet, there are many wonderful books to help. Dream study is an extremely rich undertaking.


      • Jodie I asked this question (above ) regarding this dream I had approximately 4 or 5 years ago and you responded. on March 1, 2015 to me . You said this did not sound like anything you can relate to right off. In reading alot about your predictions for 2015 and the upcoming summer months this year and your thoughts about a major volcanic or meteorite and inner (earth ) perhaps earthquake all at once ..i felt vibrationally that perhaps , my dream could ahve been a premotion “of ” sorts in one way or another corrolated with your predictions ..since; I was going and traveling in a platoon boat go to help and support and assist for healing and wellness to almost war torn areas where there was water everywhere ..could this dream I had (re: be a premontion ) and could that be something conneted to what you are speaking about regarding this summer 2015 and what you are sharing and have been seeing ? Diane Collett Greenblatt


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