Prediction for August, 2015

FYI:  I will not be making the blog article describing the event I see happening in August, 2015 available to the public at large until sometime in late Winter or early Spring of 2015.  Until then, I will continue to add to the “Protected: More of the 2nd of 3 events – A Call to Prayer” article, and it can be accessed with the password.  You can reach that article via the link above or by going to the homepage and scrolling down.

UPDATE:  The release date has been changed to Dec. 25.2014.  You may access all blog articles at the main page –

9 thoughts on “Prediction for August, 2015

    • Only in Africa are circumstances such that would allow an outbreak (hundreds and thousands infected). There is no outbreak outside of Africa, and there won’t be. The circumstances in Africa are that people are more afraid of medicines and doctors than an invisible, ‘not understood’ virus.


  1. Hi Jodie, I found your nice site few weeks ago, I’m writing from Italy… I like your sensibility in approaching the next world events. I’d like to receive your site password too, thanks for your precious work :)


  2. Hi Jodi, I feel at peace reading your posts. I’m not able to get the password. I’d appreciate your help. I’d also love to know who you are, where you came from and how did you know all those stuffs. It’s amazing revealing. I’d love to learn from you.


    • If we look for learning within ourselves, from the “still, small voice of God” within the heart and soul, we will learn from God. If we look for learning outside of ourselves, we might get lucky.
      We come to know that we learn from what others put forth in books and discussions, but others are not the source of that which is truly worth learning. God speaks to us within ourselves, and others merely are putting into words that which God is trying to teach us from within our own heart and soul. The source is God, but sometimes we need help from other people in “getting it put into concepts and words that we understand”. In these moments, we recognize the words of God within us, even though He used an “outside of us” translator in that moment.
      This also means that God will teach us with the help of many people. The Bible says that wisdom comes from having many teachers.


  3. Hi Jodie, Your site is rational & not at all hyperbolic. I had a precognition in a dream the morning of 9/11 which was so shocking. I described it in detail to my husband, who brushed it off. My dream was hideously accurate. I have deep foreboding about the next several years but no clear vision. I was guided to your site. I am a female doctor& have very grave concern. Thank you.


    • Use the foreboding to help remember to pray for all affected by that which triggers the foreboding. So many times, we experience sensing or intuitive “foreboding” because we are given the opportunity to do something for all affected. The time to help is not just when things happen, but long before things happen.


    • I don’t see any major natural disasters in India for 2015. I see political difficulty and strife in northwest quadrant of India. I also see in 2015, there will be the normal storms that India cyclically must face. I see the economy continuing to slowly progress in 2015. I see the poverty levels remaining the same. Major nationwide policy change for social progress to help with the poor, uneducated, and poverty-stricken won’t happen until around 2070-75. Then those generations will see policy sweep through that lifts the whole of the population.


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