Radiation from Japan

Many are talking about future disasters, including radioactive fallout from Japan.  I’m not seeing radioactive fallout from Japan being the bear others are saying it is or will be.  If you look back, though, on my blogs, I do see radiation high in the atmosphere.  However, I don’t see the amount in the atmosphere causing widespread harm to people in the US.  Those few at very high sea levels – above 9000 ft, will get some of the radiation, but again, the amount is not at a level that would cause widespread harm.  In the US, I see more fear than reality regarding people who will come into harm from radiation, and then it’s exacerbated – the people made vulnerable – from the high altitude and the sun’s effects.  The amounts will be measurable, but the harm to U.S. citizens will be negligible.

I see some of the western Pacific waters around Japan being harmed by the radioactivity, but I also see this being dissipated by the wide oceanic expanse eventually.  Will this harm the waters off Japan?  Yes, and it already has.  But, this part of the mess does have the ocean’s size helping it dissipate.  It will eventually be resolved.

Still, I will also admit that it’s prudent to stay alert to potential harm.

4 thoughts on “Radiation from Japan

  1. I live in San Diego, and there has been a great deal of concern about the radioactive “junk” being carried by the ocean currents to our coast. Scientients from the Ocenaographic Institute are testing the kelp beds off of our coastline to determine if the radioactivity is cause for alarm. I only hope that your prediction is true.


    • The kelp beds will absorb a small and measurable amount, but a small amount is repairable in nature in time. I look at the long term effects more than the short term. However, I’m not a Oceanographic scientist and am not able to present a comprehensive report on the effects. I see radioactivity in the ocean at a low level because of what I’ve mentioned, and some harm will happen to the some of the smaller of the organisms in the area in the short term.


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