The Summer of 2013 is Ending

I have watched and examined weather patterns all summer long to be able to offer as accurate information as possible regarding the coming 2014 winter.  As we enter into the Autumn now, the stage is being set.  I still see February, 2014 as being almost as severe as I mentioned in my previous blogs.  I say almost, because I’ve seen counter patterns be applied to influence the results.  By this I mean, we did have some high temperatures during the summer which help to influence and bring the following winter temperatures up.   This was not enough to negate the winter, 2014 experience completely, but anything that helps is welcome.

The effects of the hotter summer will mostly benefit the southeastern states, by the cumulative effects weakening the fronts that will bring the temperatures and storms down to that area.  Just don’t breathe a sigh of relief, yet.   At this point, I see our prayers more helping people be able to go through the situations than changing the weather during this time.

5 thoughts on “The Summer of 2013 is Ending

    • I don’t see much out of the ordinary for the Northeastern states with regards to winter. The northeast is built for cold weather and for the most part can expect that as part of the normal and abnormal weather patterns for the area. There will be some severe winters in that area, but again, the Northeastern states will face nothing that it hasn’t faced before. Do expect it to be cold and snowy, – colder than the average, but again, this is a normal harsh winter for that area. It won’t cause serious disruption of life.


  1. What kind of winter do you see for the Central California San Joaquin Valley and Sierra foothills?

    Can you please revisit earth changes and.or major earthquakes for California?

    Thank you. Have a blessed day.


    • For Colorado, check out the previous articles on the weather for 2014. 2014 is way out of the ordinary for our current times and hence why I’ve written about it. If the previous articles don’t answer enough, let me know your specifics here.


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