Sleep, the Body, and Recovery from Illness

When we work physically and mentally, we insert our spirit – our energy, that vibrates at a higher rate, more-so into the body in order to manipulate the body the way we need to accomplish what we choose.  Because the body can only handle this energy for a certain amount of time, before it overwhelms the body’s recuperating ability and causes the body to break down, the body therefore needs time free from this higher vibration spirit energy in order to recuperate.  This free time is called rest and sleep.

During physical healing times, the insertion of the spirit energy can require the body to attend to the body recovery needs associated with the spirit energy insertion instead of attending to the healing process of the damaged body.   The body has limited capabilities sometimes, and needs to allow for appropriate direction of the healing forces.  It’s better if we channel these capabilities into the needs that are needed most at that moment.  Hence why sleep and rest are important for a recovering body.

As we move through 2012, and then beyond this unique time, many will experience being sleepy or needing a nap more often.  Do not necessarily consider this a bad thing.  There are very real soul activities happening during times of sleep.  Many of these activities involve helping others on the soul plane or integrating greater energies and understandings – while asleep.  So, go ahead and take that “power” nap.  Einstein did.  I suggest hold in your mind – a willingness to help or learn – as you drift off.

8 thoughts on “Sleep, the Body, and Recovery from Illness

  1. The “body recovery needs associated with the spirit energy insertion” are in every cell of the body. Since this is normal existence, all areas of the body need time to rest and recover. The needs of a damaged body are area specific. In this case, inner healing resources are sent to the damaged part of the body or the area fighting infection or disease.

    While the body is recovering from damage or illness, much of the healing mechanisms are focused on this. When awake, this then adds the effects from the spirit insertion itself. This is why sleep is helpful for those with illness and disease. It allows more healing system resources to be focused on the illness, etc. To be active and awake while we are ill or injured means there are less physical healing resources available to fight the illness. The body is fighting an uphill battle, and the situation can get worse.

    But, rest of every kind reduces the physical impact because of the reduction of the presence of the spirit in the body, and therefore reduces the overall need of healing resources, allowing the focusing of resources onto the illness or damage.

    Parts of this may not be recognized in the field of medicine, but the need for rest and sleep sure is.


  2. I must say this is a good analysis of the human body. I have to admit you are 100% on the increase of energy to focus on any task, and you are 100% on the body needs rest for repair and gain. Well done!!


  3. Oh my gosh, Jodi you answered some really strong issues for me. I was having horrible dreams of people dying, legs being amputated excerpts, like I was witnessing war scenes. I had rarely dreamed up to this point, due to a disease,long story. (I’m clairvoyant and empathic) so it was extremely visual. I would wake up totally exhausted. After about a month I talked to a friend who thought I was helping souls, in Iraq, and yes this resonated as to the description of people. She suggested that if I needed a break, to ask God to give me such as it was too much at that time due to health. So I prayed and asked. And I was released from this honor at that time and thankful for the experience yet allowing me to fully rest then. I never connected the exhaustion till what you wrote.the visual was really hard on me then, gory actually. But I do remember being totally wiped out like I was working nights. Now I can relate what you are saying to that and feel no I wasn’t crazy lol.


  4. As an aside, give yourself an opportunity to study the dreams symbolically, also. Deeper messages and learning come from all God gives us, even our dreams and experiences in the dreams.


  5. Regarding the horrible outbreaks of the Ebola virus in parts of Africa: How did this get started? Will it be contained or will it spread to other continents?


    • An Ebola Virus vaccine will be developed in the late 2020’s. It will not cure the virus, but will aid in containing it a great deal much more. The virus itself started from a mutation of another virus. This is how many viruses start. It will not be contained 100%, but each country it spreads to will have different levels of ability to contain it.


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