Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill 2

I’m hearing of reports that a miracle may happen and they may completely contain the oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico.   I love this news.  It doesn’t mean it will stop spouting up from the ground but it may be contained.  I’m holding my breath, just like many others.  I think it could take a few more days to fully accomplish this and so this is good news.   Does this conflict with what I wrote earlier?  Some.   Still, containing something and stopping something are two different things.  Will it be contained 100%?  Can the container possibly leak all these miles down?  Will the media find out if it does?  Could what I saw as “September” actually be a few weeks?  Could I be wrong in what I see?

All things are possible, aren’t they.   Meanwhile, we continue to pray and meditate to help.  Remember, let’s not tell God what He can accomplish and what He can’t – even when through people.  Let’s also not tell God that He’s had nothing to do with efforts to help make the situation better.

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