Election results and impact on future events

When masses of people decide they want something, and they’re willing to do something to get it, things happen.  The future as I saw it changed.  One definitely could say that I got it wrong, and I won’t argue with anyone about it.  It was amazing to watch a certain (gargantuan) group of people tell the country and the world, “We’re sick and tired of this, and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

In essence, en masse, the consciousness of the majority of voters said, “We’re in the drivers seat, now.”  It really is true, ‘Control is not something we are given, it is something we take.”

When this much energy and determination is put into any venture, it changes the path that once was being taken.  Three years ago,  2005, I clearly saw the next 6 presidents being white men, with Joe Biden, having the strongest possibility for being the next president (in 2008).

I also saw Hillary Clinton not getting the Democratic nomination.  At that time and up to the beginning of the primaries, I still saw Barack Obama being considered too inexperienced by the majority of voters.   At that time, too, Joe Biden dropped out of the race.

What I see currently is that had Joe Biden stayed in the race, it would have been a 3 way battle and it would have caused the Democratic Party to become more divisive.  The convention would not have had as strong a unifying effort come out of it.

A few other things I saw psychically during the time.  President Obama’s pick of Joe Biden won him votes.  John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin lost him votes.  Regardless of what people feel and think about the candidates, this is what I saw psychically.  Joe Biden had a lot of energy behind him and added it to Obama’s candidacy.  Sarah Palin didn’t contribute much energy at all to John McCain’s ticket.  She contributed much but not psychic energy.

Enough looking back.  Everybody’s opinions who are different than stated here,  are just as valid as what I contribute.

As of today, looking forward…

The enthusiasm for Obama’s election will boost the country for about 4 months and then the natural forces that contribute to the economy and stockmarkets will reimpose themselves by May.  It will be a rocky road from May 2009 to October 2009.  In general, 2009 will not be the year the economy returns to normal, but by the Autumn of 2009, the economy will slowly be getting better.  2010 will see this progress continue.

This election has changed many of the things I’ve seen from the readings I’ve done in the past years.

1.  I’m now seeing a woman potentially becoming president as early as the mid 2020’s.  It won’t be Hillary Clinton.

2. If Obama wins in 2012, there could be a woman vice-president in 2016.

3. I still see another black man being president in the 2040’s.

4. While Toyota had a headstart with their Prius, and I previously had seen it take 6 years for the US automakers to catch up on market share and hence stock strength, I now see the time frame being reduced to 4 years for the US automakers to catch up to Toyota with regards to stock strength.

5. I’m seeing no change to the timeline for the new energy source which I see coming forth around 2050.  This whitish-blue energy source could be fusion but I don’t have enough context to be able to identify it.  The person who will develop a new way of looking at fusion is only now, (2009) in high school.  I see the timeline of 2014-16 still being on track for his dissertation process.  I see the timeline for further research being on track and beginning around 2021-2022. (only 12 years away.)

6.  From 2010 to 2015 will be the better half of the next decade.   From 2015 to 2020 currently appears to be a time of difficulty economically again.

7.  The Health care crisis in the U.S. will not get better during President Obama’s 1st 4 years.  There will be a few minor helping changes that are celebrated as if they were major changes, but these changes will help only a few.  The Insurance companies and Pharmaceutical companies are determining health care policy and this will change very little in the next decade.

8. We will see a slowly increasing number of resources for alternative energies.   The wind and solar technologies will continue to become prevalent.  These industries will grow all through the next decade and will be relied upon more and more.  By 2020, around 20-25% of electricity will be from solar and wind energies.

9. Electric cars are the future, but it will take a many decades.  In 40 years, the majority of cars on the road will be electric.  I’m still seeing flying cars come along, and starting to be more than just a news story in the late 2020’s.  By 2035, they will be “the new gadget on the block”.  They begin to be used in the 2030’s but won’t become the norm until the 2060’s.

10.  If you’d like me to cover a subject, send me a request.

8 thoughts on “Election results and impact on future events

  1. An international perspective: I don’t think we will have to wait til the second half of the 21st century for people to find a new peace. I think we are all settling into 2009 well.


  2. Maybe you’re right, but that’s not what I see. And having the prototypes is not having the vehicle. From what I “see,” what you are referring to is not a flying car, although called that, it’s a drivable plane. And it’s not what I see for the future. I see this particular item that you refer to, continuing to be in development for at least 3-4 years, when it can become available to pilots. . . . and not sell very well. What I see in 2 decades about, is the beginning of the entrance of a commuter vehicle – one for the masses. While the masses won’t buy it readily, like the automobile wasn’t bought readily, eventually, it will become the desired mode of transportation by the end of the century.
    They have a good product in the one you describe and I believe some will be sold eventually, but I see flying cars being way more than a decade away.


  3. I am scared as to social security. Husband’s I are both at the end of the baby boomers era. I didn’t realize till later years that it will not be there to cover us in old age. In my 40s I became disabled, so of course I don’t have anything to back me. We did immediately, upon my husband’s new job, after layoff and more issues, started 401k. Yet there are huge amounts of people, without jobs or starting New jobs, after long term unemployment, who are in a similar position. What are your views on social security and the elderly coming up in 2025 plus?
    Another question, I read recently of a young man coming up with a large device to clean the oceans. It’s an exciting revolutionary invention that protects ocean life as well, besides cleaning up all the pollution. Have you any visions or thoughts on this? I apologize I’m on a kindle and am unsure where to email. Lol my laptop is at the electronic hospital. Thank you.


  4. All the methods used to help the environment are worthwhile and helpful. What isn’t helpful is ignoring it. This person’s efforts will catch on, but remember, the dumping currently far outshadows the cleaning. It will take much time and effort.
    We also have a behavior pattern that manifests as “Those that will live in the future, are preparing and looking ahead to the future. Those that live in the past, (i.e. whether metaphorically or physically) don’t prepare for the future.” In addition, we’ll find that many who won’t be alive in the future years, are not concerned with it, since they won’t be here to face it.


  5. When you say you see an ‘event’ happening in 2015 and it’s man made and economic, do you mean a stock market crash? If it is, will it be global or isolated in a certain area?


  6. Hello Jodie,

    You said :
    * “The person who will develop a new way of looking at fusion is only now, (2009) in high school. I see the timeline of 2014-16 still being on track for his dissertation process.”
    In which country ?

    ” I see the timeline for further research being on track and beginning around 2021-2022. (only 12 years away.)”
    The first fusion generator that make electricity ?

    Any advice for people that want to study and next will help to design and build the first fusion generator that make electricity ?
    To stop all the coal thermal power station (climate change) and nuclear reactor that produce (people security) electricity in the world, this planet need nuclear fusion reactor.

    Thank you for your answer.


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