God is Willing

God is more than willing to help us with our physical world and our physical life, if doing so will help us open more to the spiritual world and our spiritual life.  Opening to the spiritual world and our spiritual life refers to opening more to self”less”ness (unselfishness) rather than selfishness.  It refers to service also to those in need, rather than service only to ourselves.  It refers to recognizing the equality of all people and all souls, rather than the importance of any one person over another.  It refers to forgiveness as a path to peace, rather than vengeance; loving as a real choice we can make, rather than holding grudges as the path we choose; practicing patience and kindness, rather than habitually reacting with judgment and condemnation.  God’s help comes when we seek to grow and learn, not make things worse for ourselves and others.

God’s help also comes from God’s wisdom and awareness of what is needed, not from our opinions and desires.  Remember, there is a very real reason why God does not come to humans for advice.   But, He is willing to listen.

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