More on population growth

With population reaching 7 billion round 2022-2023, and  reaching 8 billion around 2043, “severe” (by some’s standards) population control methods, rules and regulations will be in effect by 2050.  These regulations will come in the 2030’s.  Europe will set up population control regulations is the 2020’s.  China already has pop. control regulations in place.  Russia will follow along with Europe at the same pace.  Africa has been trying and will continue to promote birth control more so in the 2010’s, with a push in 2012, 2013.

If the issue of population is dismissed and not dealt with realistically by the people of this planet moreso than the governments, there’s a possibility that we will reach 8 billion people in 2039, and the earliest being 2036.   But, with concerted effort, the 8 billion mark will happen around 2043.

6 thoughts on “More on population growth

  1. Population levels in the US have dropped considerably after the stock market crash. Population levels in Italy, Russia and Japan have dropped dramatically. So you still see 8 billion people on earth in the 2030s?


  2. Most definitely. By mid-2040’s, we will be around 8.3 – 8.4 billion people on the planet. That’s only 30 years away from when this blog is written (2013). (A second look in January, 2014, and still “Most definitely.)

    As I continue to “look” at the population levels in the planet, I am seeing that we will reach 8 billion in the second half of the 2030’s. 2036-2038. That’s only 23-25 years away.

    We will reach 7.5 billion people around 2027. There is some fluctuation with the date, but the intention of human consciousness is to continue with the status quo. This determines which road we go down.

    Individual choices will change but those that take the road less traveled will not be the vast majority who will in effect, keep doing what always has been done.

    Individuals can affect their individual lives. Individuals can change their individual lives. But, we all live on the planet together and that cannot be changed. Planetary changes come from planetary-wide human consciousnesses changing – which isn’t yet happening.
    (For the U.N.’s population projections, click here.)


  3. Won’t the population levels have more to do with people living longer than people having lots of children? What will be the average age of longevity during this time?


    • In the short time span we’re talking about, longevity will not change much from what it is now. No miraculous breakthroughs will come about in that time period. Think about that length of time but looking to the past. How much change or progress has been made since 10, 20, or 30 years ago? Man landed on the moon 45 years ago. Sure, some progress will be made, but not enough to make a significant impact. 10 years from now, 20 years from now, or 30 years from now – progress is made but in small steps.
      However, looking at the century as a whole, the progress made to extend life will be very significant and impactful compared to the last century.


  4. Also, China has just eased its population controls, allowing only children to have another child without penalizing the family. How will this effect what you see? In which countries do you see the food shortages being most severe?


  5. Currently, in China, the population numbers are known to the people of the country. The momentum to have more children from just the easing of population controls is not happening except to those higher income levels that feel they can afford another child. The vast majority of the Chinese will not participate in having a boom of children, but keep things as they are now. Affordability is one of the most important factors in the decision.


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