Electronic Chip

2090-91 will begin the steps the US government will take to require all people to wear a computerized chip within their bodies for identification purposes.  All will be mandated to have it.  The people within the government do not have the most sincerest of intentions and mean for this to be a way of controlling population.  This will last for 40 years until better minds and hearts are in authority and make better decisions.

6 thoughts on “Electronic Chip

  1. Glad I won’t be around to see this one. Hopefully, I won’t be on one of my subsequent trips around either. Not my idea of “life” in America.


  2. Some countries will, but many won’t. Remember, one doesn’t need electronic chips to try to control one’s citizens. We see examples all through history with one of the most recent being the Soviet Union – its beginnings and its endings. In the United States, many will oppose this, but many will support it. Right now, I’m seeing it last (as a requirement with no options) for about 45 years. 2080 give or take a few years to 2025 give or take a few years.


    • No. The mark of the beast is that which lies in the consciousness, heart and mind of the individual. It refers to the perspective and attitude of individuals who prefer hatred and vengeance to love and mercy.


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