Asking for Anyone who Can Help

I’m posting this to ask for help for Ray and Brian Edwards, who live in northwest Austin, Texas (central Texas, like myself). They are asking for help and I’m asking you. Our efforts matter. Please help if you can.

Here is the GoFundMe page link.

Jodie Senkyrik

May God bless us, everyone.

Animal Rescue Efforts

Animal Rescue Efforts - Lucy
Lucy, when she arrived here. She loved to eat and loved to walk.

Any donations that anyone would like to make to my GoFundMe efforts for animal rescue, (see the notice at the top of the right hand column), will also count towards obtaining the password for the “Psychic Predictions for 2021”. (I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before.) Disclaimer: If you haven’t received the password within 24-36 hours, please email me. I have had a few of my password emails disappear (spam folders? or bad email addresses?), and I may need a different contact pathway.
May God bless everyone and stay safe.