Questions for the New Year Predictions

I’m welcoming some questions for the Psychic Predictions for 2023. If anyone would like to submit a question, please post a comment and I’ll get it.

Please be specific with the questions. If you ask just a general question, I’ll post a general answer. If you ask as specific a question as you can, I’ll give as specific an answer as I can. Example of a general question is “What’s going to happen in [country]?” There are trillions of things that are going to happen in every country. An example of a more specific question is “What will we see with the price of gasoline in [country] and what can we watch for influencing this?” Be as specific as possible.

Thank you.

Jodie Senkyrik


11 thoughts on “Questions for the New Year Predictions

  1. 1. There’s been warnings that a recession is coming in USA and that lots of layoffs will be imminent. What do you see for that?

    2. Regarding Ukraine do you see them finally defeating russia? Also do you think Russa will use nuclear weapons in the ukraine conflict?

    Thanks and looking forward to your predictions!


    • Do you see our country going toward authoritarianism with the new MAGA minded politicians in control who refuse to concede elections?


  2. Do you see our country going toward authoritarianism with the new MAGA minded politicians in control who refuse to concede elections?


    • 1. What will happen with Iran protests in 2023? What will be the final result, looking a few more years out?

      2. Will a serious Taiwan crisis finally begin in 2023? What will be the reason it happens / does not happen?

      3. What is your forecast for Seattle metropolitan area real estate in 2023 (and 2024 if possible)?


  3. What do you see the weather like for the weather in western Texas. Two years ago we had the ice storms that left so many people with power since the power companies weren’t prepared for it. Last year was mild. How is this year’s going to look?


  4. Here are my questions…..
    1. What are you seeing in the Philippines (especially northern Luzon) in terms of weather? In general, what will be the political situation there? They elected a new president so some things will change.

    2. What are you seeing for Kuwait’s economy in 2023? We are still very heavily dependent upon oil though there is a push to diversify.

    3. For geopolitical events, are you seeing anything disruptive like Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, but in other parts of the world?

    4. For relations between Russia and the West, what are you seeing?

    5. Same as above but China and the West.


  5. Hello! I always look forward to your predictions here’s a few items that I have interest in. Pick what you feel is appropriate. 1) Growth of the space industry, do you see floridas ‘space cost, (near the Kennedy space center, becoming more important or the growth being in other areas of the country. 2)The housing crisis and real estate prices, do you see things being more affordable or less affordable for the middle class? 3) Hurricane weather, particularly florida, Orlando? 4) Homelessness in the US 5) job growth areas, with so many jobs disappearing to computers what areas of jobs will see growth in the next few years 5)any cities in our country that will have major growth in the upcoming years? Seems so many people have been moving lately and seems like it might continue, or vice versa any areas that will see significant people leaving? 6) Anything to do with interest rates and it’s affect on the economy and middle class and basic affordability of items 7)growth of electric cars and decline of gas powered cars as well as the whole auto shortage and crazy high prices cars are at at the moment 8)do you see any big events that will mark the year or will be a pivoting turn point in our consciousness (good or bad, 9) anything that will happen that will band people together to help each other?


  6. hello Jodie:

    I have one question :

    Do you see that in the near future people will unite as spiritual groups to move out of big cities and form their own communities close to the nature ?

    Thank you

    love terry from China


  7. Jodie, could you please add this to your predictions? I would like to know how the collapse of FTX and the dire struggles of other crypto asset brokerages is going to play out in 2023 and beyond. Over $1 trillion (with a “t”) has been lost.


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