Election 2020 Results

I’m going to be as straight as I can with everyone. On November 3rd/4th, for the 1st time EVER! (and I mean “EVER”), I was seeing the possible path (and results that would manifest) with Donald Trump as President for another 4 years. It would have manifested as the same as the last 4, of course. But, with Europe pulling further away from being a partner of the US. Worse relations here at home and worse relations with other countries. Canada would have seen a few people emigrating there.

I have not seen a “Donald Trump win” vision before, AT ALL, like I did in 2012 for 2016, but …

I still can see Biden winning. I’ve always seen it be close. I’ve had it happen before where I see an outcome that does not happen. In the past, it was because higher energy came in and healed it for the better. For this example, it isn’t over yet. It speaks to having faith in God’s will yet to be shown and not man’s will to stay in the darkness.

One day at a time. One day at a time. It is a time to decide one way or another whether we have faith in God or don’t have faith in God. As it says in Joshua, “As for me and mine, we will serve the Living God.” This is a decision about how we live, to be made every day and not a badge to wear to brag about.

It is faith in God that takes us through difficult and painful times. When I saw the path with Donald Trump as President, I knew I was needing to see this in order to see that even in this case, this path, God would lead us through. God would be with us and it would not be a time for giving up and throwing in the towel. While I also saw that the scenario didn’t match the energy of the times, I saw that a Joe Biden win is not an escape of difficult times. It is not a “savior” situation, and we are moving through all this that is manifesting in order to bring light to a dark-weary world – sometimes with the world kicking and screaming, and sometimes “through willingness” (our own willingness).

As of today, yes, I still see Joe Biden winning – standing at the podium, but again the vision of a Donald Trump win has not gone away.

There are many who are praying on both sides. The prayers don’t go to pushing someone to vote red or blue, but rather give help to make the voting process as clean and trustworthy as possible and for counting every vote. With these factors in place, we know that “WE DID THE BEST WE COULD WITH WHAT WE HAVE!” and it is then for us to continue to walk the walk of our paths of Loving God above all else and Loving our neighbor as ourselves. This is the real work – and not having one or the other be president.

Because of the court cases, we will not officially have a victor until sometime in the 3rd week of November. The Joe Biden win vision is the strongest vision, but remember we are sometimes shown what can happen if we don’t take action to make the desired outcome happen. There are people who did think, “I don’t need to vote, so-n-so is going to win without my needing to help him.” That happened in 2016 didn’t it. People didn’t go vote because their candidate, Hillary Clinton, was believed to win hands down.

Keep praying and meditating. It is in these that God and we spend time communing together.

So, God bless you all.


6 thoughts on “Election 2020 Results

  1. Thank you for sharing this with us. Very important for us to know. “It is faith in God that takes us through difficult and painful times.” “… it is then for us to continue to walk the walk of our paths of Loving God above all else and Loving our neighbor as ourselves. This is the real work.” I find it hardest to love my neighbor when they think so differently from me–THAT is my real work! The times have brought forth challenge for us all–collectively as well as individually–our own personal “stuff” coming back at us. Oh, boy….


    • We can all say what you mentioned – “I find it hardest to love my neighbor when they think so differently from me…” For myself, it is in these moments that I try to remember we are all in different places in our learning and our evolution of spiritual awareness. We are all united within the Consciousness of God, and together with the previous statement, we are all going to have different beliefs, different thoughts and different feelings while all being part of the One God. It’s good to hear from you, Nancy, and God bless you.


  2. This was beautiful. Thank you so much for this and sharing this with everyone. Each vote counts and I am hoping for some light at the end of a dark tunnel. God Bless!


    • Hi,
      As we already know, God’s ways are not Man’s ways. Pray that God’s will be fulfilled. Pray that we can help bring forth God’s will for us. We can say of both Trump’s presidency and Biden’s presidency – the words of Christ to Pontius Pilate (paraphrased here) “They both have authority, in their turns, because God has given it to them.”


    • Fairy GrandMere, may I ask what ways you see the world going for each candidate winning? I see only one path, just one taking longer to get there for one candidate winning versus the other and am curious as to what others are seeing in the energies going forward. Thanks for your response.


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